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Conscious and unconscious experiences of violence

Some of you will have already experienced some of the questioning and understanding that comes when we realize that we have chosen this life, each experience, each moment, from the most painful, violent to the most wonderful.

In this experimentation, we realize that at a subtle level, souls have sealed pacts before our incarnation, like the roles of a play that we will experience together.

For a few months now, the theme of violence has been recurring in the discussions I have had. I have begun to observe the reactions of an adult, beaten by his father as a child, and the way he recreated situations in order to confront his fears. It seems that the personality of the traumatized child will have two choices in adulthood, either to reproduce the pattern, or to bury all feelings in order not to reproduce it. In the vocabulary we will hear phrases like "if I ever hit a woman, or my children, I would cut my hand off".

On the other hand, the traumatized personality will have a tendency to become an executioner (by becoming violent), to recreate situations where he will reproduce this victim pattern (physical and verbal violence). In both cases, we observe the same energy manifesting itself, one inside, one outside.

Other wounds of the being will produce the same effect, like betrayal or humiliation. The personality can close in on itself, a perpetual victim of humiliation, or become an executioner whose game is to humiliate in turn.

What has recently become apparent to me is how our modern society has evolved so that this "Game", this "Play", can take place in a consenting environment.

Many couples to different degrees have started to play these games of domination and submission, going more or less far in the experimentation. By giving consent, each of the partners grants the other the possibility of going more or less far in their actions. Here it is not a question of making a judgment on these practices, if not of observing what we come to manifest through these games.

It is a question of taking responsibility, since there is consent, it is not possible to project the fault on the other, this consent puts us in front of ourselves.

By asking the right questions, it becomes possible to observe the internal dynamics in a more concrete way.

What is going on inside? Why do we feel the need to dominate or to submit? What does this reflect in us? What is the desired emotion?

It has been studied that certain groups of neurons in the brain are responsible for the dominant or dominated attitude, primary reflexes of a rather old area of the brain linked to social fear. These attitudes would therefore be linked to primary survival instincts. Eat or be eaten.

Let's take the case of a person who has suffered from the wound of humiliation (this model could be deployed for all types of wounds)

He or she may seek to relive that humiliation (submission)

Or begin to inflict the humiliation (Domination)

In both cases it is a conscious or unconscious experience of what we want to feel.

All these situations, allow us to observe what is happening in us, and our gregarious positioning, reflecting what we perceive to be more or less than us, in our pyramidal conception.

As in all processes of evolution of consciousness, we will tend to go more or less far in the experimentation before saying stop, before realizing the psychological and sometimes self-destructive dynamics in our actions. This is the search for the limit, or the breaking point.

We often tend to want to go to the end of things, to a point of no return where something breaks in us, and it is this break that initiates the change. It is a realization, an understanding, which comes more or less gently or violently, and which in a second changes our perception and our way of functioning.

The search for the death of something in us, of a pattern, of a program.

In the games of domination, I believe that what we must not lose sight of is that what we are looking for is the consented experimentation of violence, physical and/or moral, through a "play performed and consented to by the actors". If we don't take a broader look at it, then we lose the opportunity to heal this pattern. To observe what is going on within us, to understand and harmonize our consciousness on a higher vibration.

Any form of violence, even if it is consensual, is still violence. Everything we came to experience has a meaning, why do we seek pain? Why do we seek to hurt? Why do we want to feel inferior? Superior? It is necessary to get out of all judgment, to simply observe.

It is by allowing ourselves to experiment that we learn who we are, what our limits are. To experiment with extremes, to return to the center, to the being.

In lak’esh

(Mayan greeting: I am another you)

Alison-Sarah Magnetic Yellow Warrior

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