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The Mayan year does indeed 365 Days, spread over 13 Moons, just like the enchanted waves of 13 days, its fractals intermingle in a cosmic, synchronic, perfectly balanced dance.

The Out Of Time day is considered as the day of the quantum leap between two years. It activates the energy of the +1 factor, the energy that allows movement.

The factor +1, is the mathematical principle of movement and time, between the here and now and the +1, not linear as we perceive it on our chronological friezes, the factor +1 would give a double impulse forward and upward, which takes us to the representation of time in a spiral. We also talk about the passage from the Circle to the spiral, because although the movements of synchronic time are cyclic, we never return to exactly the same place.

The word "Synchronicity" for the Maya is the equivalent of the notion of time and space. We are always in the right place - space - at the right time - time - and this resonates with the union of heart and mind.

JULY 25, 2020


KIN 118 - White Magnetic Mirror

Tone 1: Initiation: What is my goal? 

Finalizing the year of 2019/2020, Year of the White Magnetic Wizard. The mirror invites us to observe, the result of our creations. What have we manifested?

In magnetic tonality, we have attracted to us during this year, the necessary experiences to awaken our gifts, our inner wisdom, we have been pushed to take the initiative, but also to face our impatience and the places where we still lack of will, in order to find again the impulse and the determination that allows us to realize our projects.

The White Magician's apprenticeship has revealed our capacities of creation, of manifestation, connecting us to the space of the heart and in the here and now, we have been able to become aware of the way we create our reality, but above all to take responsibility for it. We create our reality at every moment, by our thoughts and by the way we look at what surrounds us, at the world, this year has been able to be confrontational, because the manifestations have accelerated, if before we had time to wander, to swim in our shadows, today we are put in front of our creation.

The year of the white magician was the year of learning, of living in consciousness, calling for self-discovery in order to regain confidence and explore the sacred dimension of our being. In the fractal of time, this year marked the beginning of a 13-year cycle, named by many the voice of the shaman, which invites us to become aware and honour our connection with the worlds.

On this day out of time, magnetic white mirror, Observe yourself in the mirror of your reality, Face yourself ... Face your own reflection, in each situation, in the other ... What have you created? What did you create? Whether it is truth, beauty or illusion ... The mirror will show you the places where you need to be discerning, to clean the web of illusion, to leave more room for truth, for love, in your reality. 

The trap of the mirror, is to project on the other, judging, criticizing, what we observe, forgetting that the other does not exist, that there is nothing outside but the reflection of what lives inside.

26 JULY 2020 - Day 1 Year 2020/2021


Tone 2: What will be the challenge?

In tonality 2, Lunar, we experience duality, the challenge of matter, the polarization that reveals our inner conflicts, the places that need to be balanced. We will be led to face extremes, and to consider the challenge as a new adventure. Be careful not to fight or refuse the obstacles of duality, it will be necessary to observe our shadows and to learn how to position ourselves in the balance...

In the enchanted wave of the white mirror, this blue storm year carries all the codes of a year that promises movement and confrontation. The lunar tone of the challenge gives the impulse and the dynamics to the storm, which already carries within it the jostling energy of transformation.

When the storm rises, it creates two spaces within us, a space where water and winds rage and ravage ... It takes with it everything that no longer has a reason to exist, and shows us the places of our attachments ... But in the center of the storm... In the eye of the cyclone reigns a space of absolute peace and silence, from where I can confidently observe this space of purification ... 

Chaos as an opportunity for rebirth...

Sweeping away our beliefs, stripping us of our attachments, breaking our expectations, putting an end to our old patterns, taking away the past ... with violence or with gentleness ... The fire of transformation can ravage as well as uplift us... Will you resist the flames, or will you let yourself be sucked in like a phoenix regaining its strength and freedom ...

How does the fire manifest itself in me? I observe how I react to the experiences that come to me, when the fire rises, does it give me the impulse to rise through acceptance and trust without resistance to what is? Or terrorized by change, I would cling to my old patterns, letting anger, frustration and anxiety explode within me ...

"Thunder that shatters the systems of your world."

"illuminate the truth behind your illusions"

José Argüelles - Valum Votan

Chronicles Of Cosmic History

In the observation of the present time, we can all feel the transformation in progress, time is accelerating and the changes are becoming more and more pressing, it is time to find our center, this year we are reminded of it in many ways, between tone 2 and its invitation to find the center in duality, the storm and its serene space in its center, but also the entry in the central column of the tzolkin, on the 3rd day of the year.

This year may be emotionally confrontational, but it also represents an opportunity to move away from our limiting and negative ego, in order to alchemise the different layers of our being. Surrounded by the red moon and the yellow sun, we observe once again the balance brought by the storm between water and fire, feeling and acting, masculine and feminine.

It is time to act, to heal, to deprogram, our limiting systems, leaving our fears aside to deploy energy, to let ourselves be guided by our extrasensory capacities, more than by our mind.

In matter, when we let ourselves be carried away, the storm gives way to the breeze, which lifts us up, lifts us up...

I breathe in, I breathe out, when the mind is calmed, and the wind no longer blows on the surface of the water, I can finally observe my reflection on the icy lake, I can now express my truth, by taking the time to catalyze my energies, by taking the time to observe from which place in me I express myself. The wind, blows to disperse the clouds, in the inspiration and the expiration I find my center to let pass the waves of the emotions.

I learn to express myself with my heart. The white wind also embodies the concept of presence. Presence is an expression of being, a creator of intimacy. It is about being wise in its simplicity. It is from simplicity that our true identity is born. Presence is being open, conscious and in the present. Presence is "being there" for what is.

Let Who You Are Express Who You Really Are

I wish you all a happy New Year's Eve blue lunar storm

In awareness of who I really am

In lak'esh

(Mayan greeting: I'm another you)

Alison - Yellow Magnetic Warrior

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