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Enchanted Wave of the Blue Eagle from 06 to 18 August 2021

Kin 222 - What is my goal? I take a step back to see the big picture

Kin 223 - What are the obstacles? Am I afraid to ask the right questions? To question myself with righteousness and courage?

Kin 224 - What energies should I activate? I connect to the earth, I follow the flow of synchronicities, taking care not to over-interpret everything

Kin 225 - What form will my action take? I observe in the mirror the way I create my reality

Kin 226 - How do I decide what is best for myself? I welcome chaos as an opportunity for transformation

Kin 227 - How do I organize myself to find my balance? I let myself be guided by the solar energy of joy and love, towards everything that contributes to my well-being.

Kin 228 - How do I adapt and resonate? I observe what feeds me and what I feed, what do I listen to, what do I feed? What emotions? What conversations? What point of view?

Kin 229 - How to live my truth? I communicate in order to clear the clouds, the misunderstandings and to clarify my field of vision.

Kin 230 - How do I realize my vision? I connect to the power of dreams, to my ability to create my reality from nothing.

Kin 231 - How can I improve everything I do? I dare to leave my comfort zone, to experience different points of view, I reveal myself to myself, with patience and confidence.

Kin 232 - How do I release and let go? I listen to my body, in order to find the place where my life energy circulates the best, what animates me? What makes me vibrate?

Kin 233 - How to dedicate myself to all that lives? I let go and let the old die, to let go of old ways of living and old patterns, and to get closer to people vibrating on a similar frequency.

Kin 234 - How to be present to all that is? I heal my limitations, I open myself to understand the other, I act in consciousness from this new point of view.

Enchanted Wave of the Blue Eagle - Gain height, sharpen our ability to see ...

Vision ... Focus ... Target ... Aiming

What is the look created? following the wave of the white wind, where we observed the subtle energy of words, thought, our vibration on the quantum field of creation ...

It is now time to take a step up, to observe our creation as a whole, to look from higher up ...

What are the conditioning conditions that parameterize my vision? What are the places where I refuse to see? To believe? What are the places where my point of view is distorted by a too narrow vision?

Do I believe what I see?

Or do I see what I believe?

From the material to the subtle ... What do I perceive (perceive and see) ...

We are the Creators of everything we think, see, hear or perceive. In other words, all life as we know it exists through our consciousness.

Do we live in the consciousness of separation, fear, doubts, insecurity? Or do we live in the consciousness of union, of trust, of love?

From what place in us do we create our reality? From what point of view?

the magnetic blue eagle, reminds us of the creative power of our vision.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are always creating, observing the observer, observing the thinker ... we discover the way we create our reality ...

The more we understand all the aspects of our interiority, the easier it becomes to manifest the world we dream of from the deepest center of our Heart, because we realize the abundance of all that is ...

And if you feel helpless and uncertain in the face of a situation, remember that you are the center of the wave, of the vibration, which unfolds and draws the divine mandala, which manifests itself in physical form, experience, the expression of a drop of consciousness that enjoys creating ...

KIN 235 - 06/08

Magnetic Blue Eagle

Tone 1: Initiation: What is my goal?

I attract to myself the experiences that allow me to take height and create my reality from a higher perspective.

Tone 1, Magnetic, is the tone of the vibration of the creative heart, it is the energy that informs the quantum field, it is the starting point, the return to unity, it is the perfect moment to place your intentions. The magnetic tonality brings us curiosity, the ability to gather and condense energy through magnetization, to make a new start, to make choices and take new initiatives. It can also spread dispersion and impatience in its shadow, raise fear of moving forward, reflect places where we lack will and determination.

The blue eagle reminds us of the impact of our vision on the globality, I observe what I create to understand, the fractals of what vibrates in me...

We have nothing else to do but to return to the center, within ourselves, to let our essence spring forth and offer it to the planet. By choosing what we decide to see in our reality, by believing in ourselves, by believing in our dreams, to weave the matrix of the crystalline network connected to the heart of light.

I gain height, I observe situations, paths, the map of my life, from a higher point, everything becomes simpler when I observe myself without identifying myself.

Guided by himself his power is doubled, to open the way to a new vision.

KIN 236 - 07/08

Yellow Lunar Warrior

Tone 2: What will be the challenge?

To live the experiences that will allow me to gain height and create my reality from a higher point of view.

In tonality 2, Lunar, we experience duality, the challenge of matter, the polarization that reveals our inner conflicts, the places that need to be balanced. We will be led to face extremes, and to consider the challenge as a new adventure. Be careful not to fight or refuse the obstacles of duality, it will be necessary to observe our shadows and to learn how to position ourselves in balance .

What are the places where I am afraid to open my eyes? to see things clearly? Am I asking myself the right questions? Am I ready to observe all the points of view available to me?

It is easy to keep faith and courage to move forward when everything is going well ... The energy of the warrior brings questioning, questioning, it is an energy that can sometimes shake, but it is necessary to accompany us to realign ourselves ...

Lately we are pushed, to get out of illusion, duality ... to go to the waves of life ... in confidence ....

A new consciousness that opens, everything becomes clearer, a wind of change, hope and the call of a higher reality ...

The warrior takes us into his cosmic vortex of questioning, in order to go to the source of the answers.

The Yellow Warrior embodies the capacity for cosmic communication, offering access to the universal web of consciousness. He is the spider on the mystical web of consciousness that weaves the threads, leading to interconnected consciousness. Each thread is a channel of communication.

The warrior, receives his strength and inspiration, through his righteousness, energy descends along his spine, to embody the balance guided by the values of the heart.

Let yourself be guided by the heart, even if sometimes we are afraid to commit ourselves ... emotions can become allies of a deep transformation ... when we drop our resistances and open ourselves to receive ...

Trust is the central key to the mystery, trust your inner voice...

It's time to break the old patterns, do things differently, without fear, destroy the tower that kept us in illusion, open our eyes and change our point of view ... to reach a new destiny ...

It means being ready to question ourselves, it is an invitation, to fight for what vibrates in us, our ideas, our ideals. to allow ourselves to be respected.

The yellow warrior questions our values, and our integrity. Dare to question yourself, to question yourself, honestly, for yourself (loves me). Are there still places where you don't dare to be yourself? What are the places of insecurity in you? What are the places where you are not yet aligned with your heart?

Through questioning, I regain the courage to move forward, by regaining my integrity, my righteousness, I dissolve the lies by the sacred verb (it creates), I denounce my limiting characters.

I center myself in self-confidence, I dare to move forward with courage, beyond the mind, the ego ... Beyond my emotions ... connected to my heart.

Guided by the yellow star: I choose where I place my gaze ... on the shadow ... or on the light?

KIN 237 - 08/08

Electric Red Earth

Tone 3: How do I improve what I do? I identify solutions...

To live the experiences that allow me to gain height and create my reality from a higher point of view.

In tone 3, Electric, the energy is diffused, it is the creative principle, the trinity, the passage from immobility to movement. It accompanies us in the activation of our creativity in order to identify the solutions at our disposal. In the shadows, we may tend to forget ourselves, or not to respect our inner rhythms, to want to put ourselves into action too quickly pushed by an electric dimension of hyperactivity.

I use red earth learning, I synchronize myself to the cosmic and galactic rhythm, to the rhythm of the heart to receive synchronicity, to understand the cosmic rhythms of creation ...

The red earth tells us about the thread of synchronicity ... Who creates synchronicity?

We have often tended to trivialize the incredible, reducing synchronicities to mere coincidences, luck, Murphy's law and others.

If we have the capacity to create our reality, wouldn't it also be possible that a part of us is at the origin of these synchronicities? A superior "I" ? an inner guide ...

I connect to the earth, to matter ...

Guided by the red dragon: I observe what feeds me, what feeds me, like a plug, plugged into the mains ... What is the current? The energy that feeds me? am I connected to the robotic matrix? the matrix of fear? or am I connected to the earth? to trust? to love?

KIN 238 - 09/08

White Self Existing Mirror

Tone 4: How do I shape the process? What form will my action take?

To live the experiences that allow me to gain height and create my reality from a higher perspective.

Tone 4, Self-Existent, speaks to us of alignment, of foundations, of a solid base, it is the moment to manifest, to create, to develop our projects. On these solid foundations, this tone accompanies us to regain autonomy and efficiency by demonstrating practicality and determination. Beware of places where in the shadows I could be self-exempt, where sometimes stuck in my old patterns, my need for control could manifest itself.

I observe what is reflected in my reality?

By observing everything as part of ourselves, we take back power over our creation, we take responsibility, realizing with compassion that we are the cause of everything we manifest, what surrounds us is only the effect of the energy we are spreading around us. The trap of the mirror, is to project on the other, judging, criticizing, what we observe, holding the other or situations responsible, for the cause, for what lives inside us, forgetting that the other does not exist, that there is nothing outside but the reflection of what lives inside.

Face yourself ... Face your own reflection, in each situation, in the other ... What are you creating? Truth, beauty, love or illusion ... The mirror will show you the places where you need to be discerning, to clean the web of illusion, to leave more room for truth, love, in your reality.

Guided by the Yellow Warrior: We are invited to use our free will with wisdom and courage in the service of the values of the heart.

I observe the mirror, what is reflected back to me by the other and what surrounds me, I observe events, how I create my reality, what is happening around me, am I satisfied with my reality?

The mirror invites me to clean the canvas, becoming aware of my responsibility, what I see in the mirror is none other than the reflection of my own thoughts. The mirror is a gift, a powerful tool to observe and improve what surrounds me.

The mirror allows me to observe and question myself, what are the places where I do not feel aligned with myself, the places or situations that still lack love, or anchoring, so that I can align myself with the path of life, the most peaceful for me.

Guided by the white magician: I remember that I am the one who creates in the mirror.

KIN 239 - 10/08

Harmonic Blue Storm

Tone 5: How to choose the best? What are my resources? My potential?

To live the experiences that allow me to gain height and create my reality from a higher point of view.

The 5 harmonic tone, the first bar, it speaks to us about stability, what can we rely on to move forward? This tone invites us to grow, to have confidence in ourselves. It can also awaken our doubts or the abandonment of our power of decision that we may tend to entrust to the other.

The blue eagle invites us to fly away with him ... But if we refuse he will come and push us to force the take-off ... Grab us from his claws and plunge us into the storm to clean our vision.

The storm will come to confront us, asking us once again to let go of what is no longer necessary in order to access this space of transmutation within us.

In the observation of our exterior and when we understand that it is a reflection of our interior, it is sometimes necessary to dare to say stop, stop to the mind, stop to external manifestations, to learn to set our limits.

The storm rises, and creates two spaces within us, a space where water and winds rage, and ravage ... And a space in the center of the storm ... Where in the eye of the storm reigns a space of peace and absolute silence, from which I can observe in confidence, this great cleaning, in gratitude ...

It reminds us to remain centered so as not to be caught in illusion, doubts, fears, attachments, it also accompanies us to observe our limits.

Despite the apparent chaos... It is a space of rebirth...

And what is chaos? If not a point of view of the ego ... The ego, the mind ... That part of us, who thinks he knows ... Who thinks he knows what is best ... for us ... for the planet?

Guided by the blue hand: I achieve transformation through action, healing intention.

KIN 240 - 11/08

Rhythmic Yellow Sun

Tone 6: How do I find balance and organize my resources?

To live the experiences that allow me to gain height and create my reality from a higher point of view.

Tonality 6, Rhythmic speaks to us of dynamic balance, how to find our center, it is the stability of the being in movement. This tonality allows us the realization of our wishes, provided we do not fall into the shadow of the restless mind, which can overwhelm us and make us lose our balance.

I observe my mechanisms, the places where I need to feel superior in order to radiate, or on the contrary to erase myself, in each dynamic balance, if we wear one polarity we wear the other... I do not need to dominate the other or to hide my radiance... I allow myself to be to radiate my vision of the world.

What am I radiating? What is the energy that emanates from me? What deprives me of my light? How do I restore the balance within me to move forward each day?

If I observe my energy, I can see how my posture impacts my energy, how a smile can change my vibration.

The highest energy and the highest radiance that I can emanate through the presence "I AM" is the energy of love, through my radiance and the energy of love that I deploy, I activate the transmutation of energy in me and around me.

The sun reminds us that if I see a shadow cast, it is because I am not looking in the right direction. What is it in me that still prevents me from radiating? What are my shadows? What are my fears?

It is interesting to observe the places where I don't want to radiate or give love to someone, where I still have to forgive the other person? The other being only the mirror of me loves me, it is a part of me that asks to be brought to light.

Guided by itself its power is doubled, I bring to light the shadowy areas, in order to create my reality.

KIN 241 - 12/08

Resonant Red Dragon

Tone 7: How do I resonate and open my perceptions?

To live the experiences that allow me to gain height and create my reality from a higher perspective.

Tonality 7 brings something mystical, which goes far beyond the boundaries of matter, a resonance in the field of informational creation. This tone connects us to our intuition and resonates with the needs of the heart. In its shadow we can be blinded and not see the signs by disconnecting ourselves from our real needs under the influence of our expectations.

Observe what feeds you, choose what you choose to see, choose what you choose to believe, choose what you choose to nourish.

The dragon is the representation of the primordial matrix ... How do I feed myself, how do I feed the other, how do I feed my projects? What is the energy I offer myself to advance on my path ?

What do I nourish around me ? à What do I give my energy ?

Do I nourish joy and love within me? or do I nourish fear, anger, sadness?

Do I feed my fears? Or my dreams?

Just like certain foods that make us heavy and prevent us from moving forward physically, I observe the way I nourish my body and my psyche, what really gives me the energy, the desire to move forward?

Do I use my energy to co-create in love and peace? or do I co-create through defiance, revenge, strategy, protection and fear?

Consciously or unconsciously, we nourish the manifestation of every situation, every relationship that presents itself to us, we create our way step by step. We can make the choice at any moment to continue to nourish our old patterns, these characters in our lives. Whether we are for or against, something or someone, we feed the pendulum movement that keeps the system in place. The only way to stop the movement is to consciously choose what we want to nourish, and no longer give our energy to the parts we want to see disappear.

Guided by the traveler of the red sky, I empty my bag, of my beliefs, my doubts, my fears, in order to advance lighter, freer, a pillar between heaven and earth, in recognition of my stellar nature.

KIN 242 - 13/08

Galactic White Wind

Tone 8: How do I integrate this learning to live my reality?

To live the experiences that allow me to gain height and create my reality from a higher point of view.

the tone 8 invites me to find my energy flow, just like the inhalation and exhalation, how does this flow allow me to live my reality and radiate who I really am? Infinity ... I act with coherence and integrity, when my heart and mind are aligned towards a common goal. In the shadows I could cut off the flow by a feeling of injustice, or suffering that pushes me to stop listening to my heart or to act selfishly. By letting love flow through with confidence I maintain my connection to the source.

Reflecting the previous wave, the wind brings us back to communication, if I calm the mind, I can speak from a peaceful place and communicate my vision.

When the wind blows the surface of the water undulates, distorts, reflecting a distorted reality ... like the sound of the mind's thoughts distorting the vision.

Through the white wind I release my capacity of expression. When I breathe in, the universe expires in me ... When I breathe out, the universe breathes in ...

In the inhalation and exhalation, I activate the transformation by placing a right communication, by taking the time to catalyze my energies, by taking the time to observe from which place in me I express myself ...

I observe and question the way I communicate, what I send and what I receive.

Thought and words are creative (creator-actor) ... Whether it's my inner monologue, or what I express outside, whether it's the way I talk to myself, or the way I interact with others ... I take the time to breathe in and out ... to let the flows flow through me, so that my life is more like the wind than the storm ...

The wind carries within it the laughter of the spirit that lightens all that is, it carries within it a playful dimension, let yourself be carried ...

Guided by the interlacing of the white worlds, I let go and let die the old, the old forms of thought, to free my vision.

KIN 243 - 14/08

Solar Blue Night

Tone 9: How do I give the impulse to realize my vision? Are my intentions clear?

To live the experiences that allow me to gain height and create my reality from a higher point of view

the solar 9 tone, is the tone of incorporation, it is a moment of fulfillment where we finally bring learning to light, what is manifesting itself to us on this day? It invites us to align ourselves to our will with motivation to set the movement in motion. In the shadows it can bring out the places of impatience, anxiety and impulsivity, if our intentions are not clear before we put ourselves into action.

What gives impetus to my vision?

The space of the dream

Where do I create my fears? My nightmares? My reality is the reflection of my thoughts and emotions, which informs the quantum field by vibration, this vibration creates my reality ...

What do I see? What do I believe? What am I creating?

The laws of manifestation are part of learning, in a constructed world of infinite abundance, our dreams are in the quantum field of possibilities, during this wave I would be challenged to observe the way I create my dream, to observe my language, to highlight areas of shadow.

The dream also invites us to observe the shadow as an opportunity to bring light into focus, the shadow working in the service of the light, in order to come and highlight the places where we still lack alignment to our dream.

Whether through events or communication received from the outside, we can observe how we create our reality... Waking up in the dream, becoming the creator (creator-actor) again, no longer being a victim of events.

Guided by the blue storm: I activate the transformation, centered within me I deploy the energy to create my reality.

KIN 244 - 15/08

Planetary Yellow Seed

Tone 10: How do I do my best?

To live the experiences that allow me to gain height and create my reality from a higher point of view.

The tonality 10, planetary (Planet Earth), is the reliance between two worlds that align, between intention and manifestation, what the essence 1 wishes to manifest in the field of the possible 0. This tonality allows me to anchor myself solidly and to go beyond the duality of judgments, of good and evil, it invites us to enter a space of acceptance. In the shadows I observe that the places of requirement and search for perfection, could take me away from the inner harmony.

The universe is the garden of consciousness and our intentions are the seeds ready to germinate ...

I observe how, as if by magic, I sow the seeds of my reality... I take root in fertile soil, in confidence and awareness, and deploy energy through my power of vision.

With Patience and Confidence the energy grows and the wonderful unfolds ...

I observe the places where I still create situations, which are not aligned with my highest aspirations, the places of my fears that push me to remain frozen, to navigate in the field of my comfort zone...

On our journey to the heart of ourselves ... There comes a moment when the shell around us becomes too narrow ... And life pushes us and expels us out of the egg ... This moment when our life seems to explode into a thousand pieces ... Or we break the glass ceiling ... to access a new reality ...

A new field of possibilities ...

I visualize the seeds that I wish to see germinate ...

Guided by the Yellow Human: I make aligned decisions, use my free will wisely, to manifest my highest reality.

KIN 245 - 16/08

Red Spectral Snake

Tone 11: How do I turn difficulties into simplicity?

To live the experiences that allow me to gain height and create my reality from a higher point of view

The spectral tonality catalyzes energy in the letting go, it is the moment when we send energy to the universe, transforming the last resistances, with lightness and simplicity. This tonality accompanies us to open-mindedness and allows us to live the changes with greater ease, accompanying us to release blockages. In the shadows we may feel lost in the face of change or loss of control.

Free the vision of the body ... The feeling, which allows you to observe what is happening inside you, the places of resistance, the places of joy ... What are you creating? Why? What are the places that unfold the love in you ? And the fears?

Connecting to the body ... to the heart ... to disconnect from the mind ... to come back to the presence ...

I realize myself through the body, through movement, in order to advance on my path, I listen to the messages of my body.

My body is like a ship, with an advanced navigation system, I observe the places of opening and closing in my body, in order to move forward at the right time.

In this wave of the red earth, where we talk about navigation, the red snake takes a very special place ... Who is at the helm of the ship? Have we given the commands of our life to an external source? We function since childhood with the belief that the other knows better than we do, that Mom or Dad knows better than we do, then we transfer this power to our teachers, or other sources of inspiration, tirelessly seeking this validation from the outside.

The fear of making a mistake paralyzes us, making decisions becomes a burden.

What are the places where it is more convenient to let ourselves be carried than to take the responsibility to move forward by ourselves?

Sometimes we follow a shining lighthouse in the distance... Listening to the siren song that tirelessly draws us in... It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between signals from the body, signals from the heart, and signals from the ego, from the mind, from our fears that lead us to rocky cliffs.

Guided by himself, his power is doubled: we reconnect with our body, with our inner signals, in order to find the lighthouse shining inside, and no longer seek the light outside, reconnect to our inner compass.

KIN 246 - 17/08

Crystal White Worlds Enlacer

Tone 12: How do I cooperate and interact with the other?

To live the experiences that allow me to rediscover authentic communication aligned with the heart.

Tonality 12, Cristal, the energy of union, of the collectivity of connectivity ... By recognizing the other as part of me, I learn to integrate myself into the collective, to put myself at my service through service to the other. In the shadows I could isolate myself, withdraw into myself, losing confidence in the other and in myself.

Curious synchronicity that the full moon / eclipse of November, described as a full moon coming to confront our conditioning, raise the places of anxiety of doubt remaining in us, an eclipse by definition is the opposition of the moon and the sun, of duality ...

Here it will be accompanied by the invitation of the embracer of the white worlds, to let the old, the old wounds, the old resentment die, for me and for the world, I realize that there is nothing to forgive or to be forgiven, I let go of the judgments, of me from the other, in order to free my vision ...

I put an end to the visions that no longer correspond to me ...

What still needs to be let go? Are we ready to let the old die in order to move forward? To leave the past behind us?

Sometimes we want to see changes in our lives, but we are not ready to let go, to make room. To let go is to have full confidence in life, to trust that the universe is taking care of everything.

We are often afraid of the unknown, afraid of renewal, afraid of change, and even if our hearts yearn for these changes, for a better life, we sometimes settle for mediocre situations, for fear of letting go...

Renewal requires a space to flourish, we cannot stay forever in the corridor of a thousand doors ... it is up to us to open some doors and close some, in order to access a new space, a new world.

I remind you that we are caught in the year of the blue storm, everything is accelerating, the sooner we let go of what is no longer suitable, the sooner we will realize our process of transformation.

Guided by the white mirror: I observe in the mirror of my reality what still needs to be let go.

KIN 247 - 18/08

Blue Cosmic Hand

Tone 13: How do I transcend the experience? To increase my joy and love?

To live the experiences that allow me to rediscover authentic communication aligned with the heart.

The cosmic tone reconnects us to the present ...

On the first day of December, this energy will accompany the whole month ... The blue hand representing the healing action ... It looks promising after a colorful year 2020, would there be a wind of change? Of liberation?

And now that I have gained height and refined my gaze, my vision capacity ...

I act to heal ...

In all traditions, East and West, the state of awakening and well-being is achieved through a certain discipline ... A putting into action, in practice of the learnings, received until they become a habit, until reprogramming our system to a new mode of operation.

And if we have been able to observe our programs and sometimes the reasons for them, in order to bring them to light, to bring them back to consciousness, and if we have become aware that our gaze creates our reality, then it is time to act, to put ourselves in action, and to start the change, to monitor our thoughts, what we create...

I create my reality based on my beliefs, some beliefs come from my family, and others come from the social system I live in... It can be beliefs like "you're not smart enough to do this" or "you need a degree to succeed" or "to earn a living you have to work hard". All of these phrases make up the code of our limiting beliefs, if we can observe them, and realize that we create our reality from them, then we will be able to transmute our codes.

Observation and action

Who, what controls us? What are the thoughts that control us? Are they preventing us from moving forward?

The blue hand also invites us in this passage to action, to let our creativity express itself.

The blue hand brings the concretization of our projects, they give them shape in the material ...

People who are used to working with energetics, know that they can become a channel for cosmic energy, which passes through their hands and allows them to come and heal the subtle bodies and by resonance the physical body.

The blue hand invites us to heal illusory limitations, to let our fears of being sidelined to deploy the energy. To create the vision...

I wish you all a beautiful cosmic flight

In consciousness of who I really am

In lak’esh

(Mayan greeting: I am another you)

Alison - Magnetic Yellow Warrior

: Galactic Activation Portal, days represented in green in the tzolkin, these days draw the pattern of the DNA helix present in the center of the tzolkin, they are considered as days where energies flow from different dimensions.

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