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Enchanted Wave of the Blue Night September 28 to October 10, 2020

(Retrospective of the previous wave: White Dog)

How have you experienced unconditional love in the last 13 days?

During these 13 days we have had experiences that have accompanied us, to reconnect to the space of the heart, to find this loyalty to our heart...

The white dog is the archetype of the spiritual master.

Choosing love as your spiritual master

The dance that was performed invited us to purify the places where we were not aligned to ourselves, to observe the places where in our actions, our relationships, we could go against our heart. This wave invited us to experience love in us and around us, to observe how we could create more and more love, and where we could still be afraid to open ourselves.

By choosing love and the way of the heart as a spiritual master, as a guide, we open ourselves to the possibility of reconnecting to our essence, reintegrating the other as a part of ourselves ... In order to access new spaces of clarity, and let ourselves be guided with fluidity ...

In the integration of this energy, we learn to nourish ourselves before we nourish the other, to fill ourselves fully before making water gush forth from this energy like a fountain to which others can come to nourish themselves ... The fuller I am, the more I strengthen my stability and confidence, the more I nourish my center, and the more the energy unfolds, centered and balanced in the center of the mandala.

Love is the energy of life ... it is in everything, in every action, in every experience, in every movement ...

The universe is tirelessly conspiring for the best for me ... To lead us towards trust and love, towards what is most beautiful ... Would I know how to accept everything that presents itself to me with love?


believe that the universe is conspiring in our favour

Let's dare to love, let's dare to express and say that we love, let's dare to communicate with the heart ... In the silence of the heart are hidden words of great accuracy ... Love is a sweet balance between giving and receiving, between verbalization and listening ... Listening and receiving the other in what he offers us, sharing us ... In what he is ... Receiving the other at every moment as part of ourselves ...

When I communicate with the heart ... Then I unfold in front of me ... The possibility to materialize the dreams of my heart ...

Enchanted Wave of the Blue Night - Waking Up In The Dream

Where is the dream?

And if the imaginary (image - in - air) ... gave us the keys to the creation of worlds ...

And if everything is frequency and vibration ... Then the image that I project on my mental screen, propagates a vibration in the quantum field ... This vibration moves the atoms ... And we create our reality ...

The energy of the blue night invites us to close our eyes, and to connect to the dream space within us ... To observe our thoughts and what we manifest in our reality ...

What are my childhood dreams? What feeds me? What makes me want to fulfill myself? What makes me want to move forward?

The blue night speaks to us about the space of abundance of our dreams, where everything is allowed or everything is possible ... It also brings us to the discovery of our intuition ... Of that little voice that in the silence and darkness of the night shows us the direction ...

Sometimes we can observe in us irrational desires ... The desire to move, the dream to travel to such and such a place ... Or small simple things of everyday life ... This impulse to go for an ice cream in town, or to take a street we never took ... Intuitions, desires ... Which bring synchronicity ... Maybe during this trip you will meet an important person in your life ... Or simply by taking another path you will see an ad for the job of your dreams ...

When we leave room for magic ... when we open ourselves to the power of our dreams ... The universe vibrates and responds in order to place on our roads the necessary elements to make our dreams come true ...

The 3D matrix answers our thoughts ... Since when did we stop dreaming? Since when did we resign ourselves? Let's observe what we accept, tolerate, what we co-create together ...

At what point did we limit our dreams?

Are we living or tolerating our reality?

KIN 183 - 28/09

Magnetic Blue Night

Tone 1: Initiation: What is my goal?

I attract to me the experiences in order to experience the space of the dream.

Tone 1, Magnetic, is the tone of the vibration of the creative heart, it is the energy that informs the quantum field, it is the starting point, the return to unity, it is the perfect moment to place your intentions. The magnetic tonality brings us curiosity, the ability to gather and condense energy through magnetization, to make a new start, to make choices and take new initiatives. It can also spread dispersion and impatience in its shadow, raise fear of moving forward, reflect places where we lack will and determination.

It all starts with a dream ... an impulse ... an intention ...

blue night, invites us to the exit of illusion, from the inside connected to the dream space in me, I can visualize how I wish to live, what I wish to materialize, the dream space is an unlimited space, where we can draw, test, visualize the sketches of what we wish to see materialize in the 3D plane.

The blue night contains the mysteries of the inner journey, it contains all the potentials. The Mayans and Toltecs used to call what we consider our reality "the dream"... If it is possible to awaken in the dream, then we can take control of it.

The blue night is the symbol of mystery, introspection, the field of potential beyond all emotions ... The space of the eternal present ... Everything is possible, and everything is constantly being created ...

Guided by herself: Her power is doubled, we are accompanied to reflection, what are the dreams of abundance of the soul? What are the dreams of the ego? The blue night accompanies us to connect to the desires of the soul, after all the ego also only wants to be happy, tirelessly trying to satisfy material needs, the ego works for us ... To our happiness ... And if we connect to the heart, then the true dream appears, the divine intention of the heart ... The impulse to create, to connect ...

KIN 184 - 29/09

Yellow Seed Lunar

Tone 2: What will be the challenge?

To live the experiences in order to experience the space of the dream

In tonality 2, Lunar, we experience duality, the challenge of matter, the polarisation that reveals our inner conflicts, the places that need to be balanced. We will be led to face extremes, and to consider the challenge as a new adventure. Be careful not to fight or refuse the obstacles of duality, it will be necessary to observe our shadows and to learn how to position ourselves in balance .

“True stability results when presumed order and presumed disorder are balanced. A truly stable system expects the unexpected, is prepared to be disrupted, waits to be transformed.”

~ Tom Robbins

La Graine Jaune will confront our need for anchoring and security ... What are the places where I leave my dreams aside? Or do I choose comfort? Ease of use?

In the shadows, the seed ignores its true aspirations, we can sometimes have this impression of lack of energy, determination ... It invites us to observe what gives us energy, the strength to move forward ...

You know, those moments when you can spend hours on a project, completely losing track of time ... What takes you away? What makes your projects grow ?

The seed invites us to come back to the centre, to the heart, to connect with this energy of life, of desire ...

It also invites us to observe what are the places where we do not dare to come out of our shell? Out of our comfort zone? What decisions do we make to keep ourselves safe? Are they really appropriate, aligned with our deepest desires?

The art of manifestation is the art of making our inner value, our potential, blossom... From what space does the manifestation emerge in us? From the ego? From the I want? Or from being ... When we leave aside the mind, the I want, or I don't want ... When we go to experience life ... From this space of absolute emptiness, the soul passes through and manifests itself through us ...

It is difficult to conceive for the mind that we have nothing to do ... and yet like the seed, the only thing we have to do is to let our barriers, our mind soften, in order to let life spring forth ...

Accepting what is ... With confidence, detaching oneself from when, how ... With the certainty of trust, that at the right moment everything will open up, everything will blossom ...

The seed contains the hologram of its completion, the process of manifestation follows a natural order. In this process of gestation, our intention is accelerated by the Spirit. The charged seed, of our true desire or vision, becomes the centre of germination.

When the feeling that "it is possible" comes over us ... the seed receives the invitation to open, to grow, to blossom ... Our highest aspirations and dreams come from an innate wisdom that goes far beyond the hard ground of our belief systems.

The creative process calls upon this life force within us that is just waiting to be tapped, and the uneasiness, sadness, depression that we may feel is nothing more than the manifestation, the repression of this potential, of who we are.

Guided by the Yellow Warrior: We are invited to go beyond our comfort zone, questioning ourselves with wisdom and courage by putting ourselves at the service of the values of the heart.

KIN 185 - 30/09

Red Electric Snake

Tone 3: How do I improve what I do? I identify solutions...

To live the experiences in order to experience the space of the dream

In tone 3, Electric, the energy is diffused, it is the creative principle, the trinity, the passage from immobility to movement. It accompanies us in the activation of our creativity in order to identify the solutions at our disposal. In the shadows we may tend to forget ourselves, or not to respect our inner rhythms, or to want to get into action too quickly, pushed by an electric dimension of hyperactivity.

The red serpent is the divine spark of the sacred fire, the spark that ignites the fire of the kundalini and activates purification, it invites us to reconnect to the body, to the flow of energy within us.

The red serpent invites us to the innate fullness within us, to leave the skin of the past, and the alchemical transmutation takes place, this innate intense desire encoded in the depths of our being.

The body possesses its own consciousness which demands to be awakened...

The body is like a ship, with an advanced navigation system, I observe the opening and closing places in my body, in order to move forward at the right time.

Recovering the connection to the body is one of the doors to awakening, the alignment between the ecstatic state and the initiation to awakening through the body, which we find in tantric practices that honours and integrates all parts of our being, both physical and spiritual.

Using the body as a tool for transformation. Learning to use passion and the senses as a means of access and alignment to a higher consciousness. Follow your intuition and instincts to make choices in the moment.

Here the red snake, linked to the challenge of the white mirror, invites us to reconnect with our body, with our inner signals, in order to find the lighthouse that shines inside, and no longer look for light outside, reconnecting us to our inner compass.

Guided by the red moon: The transformation and release of energy in the body takes place when I let the flow of emotions flow through me.

KIN 186 - 01/10

Self Existing World-Bridger

Tone 4: How do I shape the process? What form will my action take?

To live the experiences in order to experience the space of the dream

Tonality 4, Self-existent, speaks to us of alignment, of foundations, of a solid base, it is the moment to manifest, to create, to develop our projects. On these solid foundations, this tone accompanies us to regain autonomy and efficiency by demonstrating practicality and determination. Beware of places where, in the shadows, I could show self-examination, where sometimes stuck in my old patterns, my need for control could manifest itself.

What still needs to be let go? Are we ready to let the old one die in order to move forward? To leave the past behind?

Sometimes we want to see changes in our lives, but we are not ready to let go, to make room. Letting go means having full confidence in life, trusting that the universe is taking care of everything.

Especially when things don't turn out the way we planned.

We are often afraid of the unknown, afraid of renewal, afraid of change, and even if our hearts yearn for these changes, for a better life, we sometimes settle for mediocre situations, for fear of letting go...

Renewal requires a space to flourish, we cannot stay forever in the corridor of a thousand doors... it is up to us to open some doors and close some, in order to access a new space, a new world.

I remind you that we are caught in the year of the blue storm, everything is accelerating, the sooner we let go of what is no longer suitable, the sooner we will achieve our transformation process.

Guided by the white wind: I am reminded that the verb is creator (Creator-Actor) I observe how I create my reality through the verb I use, I am invited to communicate my desires from the space of the heart.

KIN 187 - 02/10

Blue Harmonic Hand

Tone 5: How to choose the best? What are my resources? My potential?

To live the experiences in order to experience the dream space

The blue hand invites us to take action, to let our creativity express itself.

The blue hand brings the concretisation of our projects, they give them shape in the material ...

People who are used to working with energetics, know that they can become a channel for cosmic energy, which passes through their hands and allows them to come and heal the subtle bodies and by resonance the physical body.

The blue hand invites us to heal illusionary limitations, to let our fears of being sidelined to unfold the energy. To put ourselves in action

Connected to the present moment, I observe what I manifest around me, am I supporting the programmes of the mind and the ego? Am I creating my highest reality? Or am I conforming to the encoding of the old matrix?

I am creating my reality from my beliefs, some beliefs come from my family, and some come from the social system in which I live ... It can be beliefs like "you're not smart enough to do this" or "you need a degree to succeed" or "to earn a living you have to work hard". All of these phrases make up the code of our limiting beliefs, if we can observe them, and realise that we create our reality from them, then it will be possible for us to transmute our codes.

To act, to decide, to take action, to heal and to get out of our old patterns and ways of functioning.

Guided by the blue eagle: I am invited to take a step up to see things from a higher point of view, from the soul, each event, each encounter has been planned, in the game of illusion to help us remember the hidden potential hidden within us.

KIN 188 - 03/10

Rhythmic Yellow Star

Tone 6: How do I find balance and organise my resources?

To live the experiences in order to experience the space of the dream

Tonality 6, Rhythmic speaks to us of dynamic balance, how to find our centre, it is the stability of being in movement. This tonality allows us to fulfil our wishes, as long as we do not fall into the shadow of the restless mind, which can overwhelm us and make us lose our balance.

The star as the tipping point of this wave, observe how the beauty of the dream unfolds around you ...

(E)^t = Art - Energy Time Factor = Art

Everything is perfect, and beyond the judgements of time, the star teaches us to see beauty and rightness in all that is.

In our world of matter, 3D, the energy that passes through everything needs time to unfold and create art and beauty, like a flower that blooms in spring, like mountains, canyons, ... Storms polish the surface of the ego, like the work of art already present in the heart of the marble, the artist breaks the raw envelope afterwards, to reveal the masterpiece, the divine being already present in the heart.

The guide is present in everything that is ...

In lak'esh - I am another you

Namaste: The master and the pupil in me, recognise the master and the pupil in you.

It reminds us that without a black sky, it is difficult for us to see the star shining, it reminds us of the beauty of our shadows, it reminds us to thank the times of darkness, because they are the times that bring us closer to the star... That allow us to experience everything that is not love in order to find the direction of the heart.

Guided by itself its power is doubled, I inspire the energy of the visionary, the guide ... I find my direction in the expansion of beauty.

KIN 189 - 04/10

Resonant Red Moon

Tone 7: How do I enter into resonance and open my perceptions?

To live the experiences in order to experience the space of the dream

Tonality 7 brings something mystical, which goes far beyond the boundaries of matter, a resonance in the field of informational creation. This tone connects us to our intuition and resonates with the needs of the heart. In its shadow we can be blinded and not see the signs by disconnecting ourselves from our real needs under the influence of our expectations.

I open my perceptions by finding the balance of my emotions by letting them cross over, without resistance, you will observe that they are waves, that come and go gently, if I don't erect a barrier they will not break violently in me, they will not hit me, they will continue their way, gently.

The moon causes the tides to rise and fall within us, to accompany us in the purification of our being, overflowing the overflows, lifting our shadows, sending back to the beach the wounds that need to be healed.

In the inhalation and exhalation of the tides, I accept my vulnerability and sensitivity, in order to regain the flexibility and fluidity to move forward.

Guided by the red dragon: I observe what feeds my emotions.

KIN 190- 05/10

Galactic White Dog

Tone 8: How do I integrate this learning to live my reality?

To live the experiences in order to experience the space of the dream

the tone 8 invites me to find my energy flow, just like breathing in and out, how does this flow allow me to live my reality and radiate who I really am? Infinity ... I act with coherence and integrity, when my heart and mind are aligned towards a common goal. In the shadows I could cut off the flow by a feeling of injustice, or suffering that pushes me to stop listening to my heart or to act selfishly. By letting love flow through with confidence I maintain my connection with the source.

Everything is more fluid when I live from the space of the heart, from the love within me ...

Connected to the rhythm of my heart, I find my centre. The White Dog speaks to us of unconditional love, of our partners of destiny, of loyalty to the heart.

Scientifically our body has 3 brains

(These are the 3 centres in which we have neurons)

The first is located in the head is the analytical brain (the mind).

The second is located in our intestines, the emotional brain.

The third one is located in our heart...

Which of these three brains is the one that guides our lives?

The white dog reminds us, that within our heart is all the answers ... I come back to the centre ... Not too high in my head, nor too low in my belly ... I come back to my heart ...

I find my place in the flow of life with my partners of destiny, sometimes we advocate solitude, for fear of being hurt, for fear of hurting, for fear that if we let someone in, they will take advantage of us, or they will abandon us ... to experience lasting relationships in love I learn to open my heart ... My heart brings energy balance to the flow of energy that passes through me ... It is the door between matter and the cosmos ...

Guided by the white magician: I am guided to manifest my desires by the loyalty of the heart.

KIN 191 - 06/10

Solar Blue Monkey

Tone 9: How do I give the impulse to realise my vision? Are my intentions clear?

To live the experiences in order to experience the space of the dream

the solar tone 9, is the tone of incorporation, it is a moment of fulfilment where we finally bring learning to light, what is it that manifests itself to us on this day? It invites us to align ourselves to our will with motivation to set the movement in motion. In the shadows it can bring out the places of impatience, anxiety and impulsiveness, if our intentions are not clear before we set into action.

The monkey is the archetype of our inner child... it invites us to reconnect to the innocence within us, to stop taking this game too seriously, to stop playing the adult game...

the invitation to rediscover our childlike soul, to rediscover our innocence. Reminding us that all this is just a game...

The blue monkey is the representation, of the conscious self, beyond matter, the one who plays life with simplicity, confidence, fluidity, who marvels at the magic it accomplishes ...

What we are struggling to conceive ... is that the illusion of matter, however tenacious it may be, is nothing less than an illusion.... To recover our innocence is to leave behind us all grounds for judgment, and to open the door to life... To open ourselves to receive all that we deserve ...

The passage from childhood to adulthood is sowed with learnings and events that condition our reality. The loss of innocence is one of the most impacting conditioning factors, the injured child will go from a state of absolute trust, to a state of fear and mistrust, conditioned by adults, will begin to take each event far too seriously.

Guided by the blue hand: I am accompanied to heal the wounds of the child within me.

KIN 192 - 07/10

Human Yellow Planetary

Tone 10: How do I do my best?

To live the experiences in order to experience the space of the dream

Tonality 10, planetary, is the reliance between two worlds that align, between intention and manifestation, what the essence 1 wishes to manifest in the field of possibilities 0. This tonality allows me to anchor myself firmly and to go beyond the duality of judgements, of good and evil, it invites us to enter a space of acceptance. In the shadows I observe that places of demand and search for perfection could take me away from inner harmony.

I create the best of the dream by using my free will wisely.

What if we really had the possibility to choose? What if by a simple choice we could completely change our reality? I can already hear the mind getting restless ... no it is not possible, it would be too easy ...

To whom have we entrusted our decision-making power? Where is there a lack of love for ourselves, a lack of self-confidence, which has led us to let others make decisions for us?

For far too long humans have handed over the keys to their power and their ability to decide to masters, wise men, priests, churches, kings, governments ...

Today we complain that we live in a world that does not suit us, even though we prefer to leave the responsibility for running our lives to others.

It would be unwelcome for us to feel guilty, to simply acknowledge that we refuse to take our responsibilities... That we are afraid to make decisions, to make mistakes...

The yellow human teaches us the power of free will, the power of the human, the universe has a total respect for this law ... "asks and receives" ...

By his free will, Midas, the golden human, transforms everything into gold, he becomes the philosopher's stone of his life, by our choices, our actions, our decisions, our thoughts, we create a new reality, a new dream ...

Guided by the yellow sun: The sun activates the decision centre at the solar plexus ... What if it was enough to choose and believe? To spread the solar energy of love and trust in our decisions ... And simply to move forward with joy ...

KIN 193 - 08/10

Spectral Red Sky Traveller

Tone 11: How do I transform difficulties into simplicity?

To live the experiences in order to experience the space of the dream

The spectral tonality catalyses energy in the letting go, it is the moment when we send energy to the universe, transforming the last resistances, with lightness and simplicity. This tonality accompanies us to open-mindedness and allows us to live the changes with greater ease, accompanying us to release blockages. In the shadows we may feel lost in the face of change or loss of control.

Our life is similar to a journey, we take to the road, arrive at a crossroads, have to make choices ... On the road we learn a lot of things, we pick up things that we come to put in our bag, as they may well be useful for later.

These objects are our beliefs, our attitudes, our opinions, our judgements, our knowledge ... They are all the information we have received at a given moment and which allow us to analyse and understand what is around us.

Everything we have put in our bag has been useful to us at one time, they are tools that have allowed us to move forward, to experience, our reality, at a given moment.

To empty our bag is to thank our old patterns, to observe which are the attitudes and beliefs that allow us to move forward and those that keep us in characters that we no longer want to play.

The traveller has this adventurous energy, and this taste for the unknown, we never know what will happen on the way, are we ready to move towards the invisible? To take risks? To go beyond the barriers of our limitations? Of the mind?

Guided by Himself his power is doubled: I take to the road, light in confidence, my dream unfolds on the path ... My dream unfolds in resonance with the energy that I deploy around me ...

KIN 194 - 09/10

Magician Crystal White

Tone 12: How do I enter into cooperation and interact with the other?

To live the experiences in order to experience the space of the dream

tonality 12, Cristal, energy of union, of the community of connectivity ... By recognising the other as part of me, I learn to integrate myself into the collective, to put myself at my service through service to the other. In the shadows I could isolate myself, withdraw into myself, losing confidence in the other and in myself.

The white magician is the archetype of the shaman, of the creator, of consciousness, calling us to the discovery of the self, of the soul to recover confidence, and explore the sacred dimension of our being.

What kind of magician am I? What do I manifest in my reality? Am I a white magician? Or Black Magician? I observe the situations I manifest to myself, do I manifest my dream? Or my fears?

I take responsibility for my power, I take responsibility for my illusion ...

Connected to the present moment, I observe what I manifest around me, am I supporting the programmes of the mind and the ego? Am I creating my highest reality? Or am I conforming to the encoding of the old matrix?

I am creating my reality from my beliefs, some beliefs come from my family, and some come from the social system in which I live ... It can be beliefs like "you're not smart enough to do this" or "you need a degree to succeed" or "to earn a living you have to work hard". All of these phrases make up the code of our limiting beliefs, if we can observe them, and realise that we create our reality from them, then it will be possible for us to transmute our codes.

How does my dream enter into cooperation with global consciousness? Am I creating from a narcissistic point, or am I creating the best for the collective?

Guided by the white worlds interlacer: I am accompanied to let go, to no longer make resistance and to let the magic unfold.

KIN 195 - 10/10

Cosmic Blue Eagle

Tone 13: How do I transcend the experience? To increase my joy and love?

To live the experiences in order to experience the space of the dream

The cosmic tonality reconnects us to the present.

Through the blue eagle we are invited to take a step up, to observe the dream space from an expanding point of view ... to observe the field of possibility ...

If everything is possible? Then what gives shape to the dream?

Here the eagle reminds us of the importance of our power of vision that transcends experience ... It reminds us of the importance of the commitment required to create the dream ... To dream is to be visionary (vision - era)...

The invitation here is to take flight, to try everything for everything, to believe in your dreams and hang on to the end, don't give up now, don't leave before the end ... Whatever happens now your vision, with faith, with confidence ... And let your wings spread ... Spread the dream ...

I wish you all a marvellous cosmic flight and the materialization of your dreams.

In lak’esh

(Mayan greeting: I am another you)

Alison - Magnetic Yellow Warrior

: Galactic Activation Portal, days represented in green in the tzolkin, these days draw the pattern of the DNA helix present in the center of the tzolkin, they are considered as days where energies flow from different dimensions.

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