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Enchanted Wave of the Blue Storm 05 to 17 August 2022

Kin 66 - What is my goal? I welcome chaos as an opportunity for growth

Kin 67 - What are the obstacles? What are the places where I no longer feed my light, my inner sun and feel helpless, lifeless?

Kin 68 - Which energies should I activate? I observe what feeds me, what feeds my reality, my ideas, my projects, my matrix.

Kin 69 - What form will my action take? I communicate with authenticity, in order to dispel any misunderstandings, and clear up storms.

Kin 70 - How do I decide what is best for myself? I rely on my imagination, on the power of my dreams, in order to connect to the field of possibilities and manifest abundance.

Kin 71 - How can I organise myself to find my balance? I dare to get out of my comfort zone, with patience and confidence I deploy myself at every moment.

Kin 72 - How can I adapt and resonate? I listen to my body's messages, I am guided by my instinct, my desires and what I am passionate about.

Kin 73 - How can I live my truth? I let go and let the old one die in order to perceive new possibilities.

Kin 74 - How do I achieve my vision? I act to heal my illusory limitations

Kin 75 - How can I improve everything I do? I direct my gaze towards the star, towards the light, towards beauty at every moment.

Kin 76 - How can I free myself and let go? I allow myself to live, feel and express my emotions fully.

Kin 77 - How can I dedicate myself to everything that lives? I accept to love and to open my heart to everything around me.

Kin 78 - How can I be present to all that is? I take a step back from the experiences lived in the storm, I move forward with fluidity and humour connected to the joy of my inner child.

Pulsars 1D Life

I connect to the solar force within me, which activates the seed of who I really am, which activates my DNA and my full potential, I am guided at every moment to express the unique beauty of who I really am, by deploying art I honour the beauty of who I am and everything that is.

Pulsars 2D The Senses - The Essence

Connected to my essence, I observe the way I nourish, my matrix, how I nourish my reality, and the vibration that this creates in me, I observe what depletes the energy in me, what makes me want to move forward, what fascinates me, I listen to my body, to my desires, and I allow myself to express and fully feel the energetic flows that pass through me through my emotions.

3D Pulsars The Mind

I observe the winds of the mind, the winds of my thoughts, I learn to communicate, to give and receive information, I let go of my need to be right, I let go of my limiting patterns and learn to make room to deploy more and more love in my relationships by aligning head, body and soul, in the heart.

Pulsar 4D: Space Time

To reach my goal of accessing the space of transformation beyond chaos, I rely on the power of my dreams that unfolds the field of possibilities, I find solutions by taking actions, making healing decisions and finally I reconnect with the wisdom of my inner child, who plays life with fluidity freed from the illusions of the adult mind.

Enchanted Wave of the Blue Storm - Chaos as a Transformative Opportunity

Take a deep breath...

And let yourself slide ...

Carried by the current...

Close your eyes ...

Feels ...

Feel the power of the wind that carries you away and lifts you up ...

Stay Centred ...

Concentrated ...

In you ...

In your heart ...

Have confidence ...

Don't look back, don't look down ...

Let the storm take the past with it ...

Let the fire of alchemical transformation penetrate you ...

And like the phoenix ...


When the storm rises, it creates two spaces within us, a space where water and winds rage, and ravage ... It takes with it everything that no longer has reason to be, and shows us the places of our attachments ... But in the centre of the storm ... In the eye of the cyclone reigns a space of peace and absolute silence, from which I can observe in confidence, this great cleaning, in gratitude ...

In spite of the apparent chaos... It is a space of rebirth...

And what is chaos? If not a point of view of the ego... The ego, the mind... That part of us that thinks we know... Who thinks we know what is best... for us... for the planet?

Just as our planet knows how to generate a storm, an eruption to regain its rights ... This vibrant and living universe within us knows how to do the same ... To sweep away our beliefs, to strip us of our attachments, to break our expectations, to end our old patterns of functioning ...

This period marks a turning point ... How do you wish to experience this transformation? Are you going to resist the flames, or will you let yourself be sucked in to be reborn as a phoenix regaining its strength and freedom ...

Events and changes that are taking place are only just beginning ...

KIN 79 - 05/08

Blue Magnetic Storm

Tone 1: Initiation: What is my goal?

I draw experiences to myself, to learn how to remain centred in the storm, to welcome what is without resistance in order to access transformation.

Tone 1, Magnetic, is the tone of the vibration of the creative heart, it is the energy that informs the quantum field, it is the starting point, the return to unity, it is the perfect moment to place your intentions.

It's gone? Buckle up? Or not!

Jump on, let yourself be carried!

The winds, torrents, storms of life only take with them what no longer has reason to be ... They are opportunities to make room, to destroy our patterns, to start again, to rewrite ourselves, to be reborn ... and even if I am not conscious of it, I am protected at every moment, carried by the love of the source...

Remember who you really are ... Let the storm take away your masks, your illusions ...

I observe the places of resistance, I draw to myself the experiences that will liberate everything that chains me, I remain centred in me, in my heart, in my conscience, in confidence ...

KIN 80 - 06/08

Yellow Lunar Sun

Tone 2: What will be the challenge?

To learn how to stay centred in the storm, to welcome what is without resistance to access transformation

In tonality 2, Lunar, we experience duality, the challenge of matter, the polarisation that reveals our inner conflicts, the places that need to be balanced.

The challenge will be to make our inner sun shine, lean the storm, how do I preserve my radiance?

What is the energy I deploy around me? Whether I project outside, in those moments when the storm can raise our emotions, would I project my anger, my fear, my uncertainty onto the other, or would I be able in all circumstances to connect to my Heart to increase my radiance?

The solar plexus is the chakra of the relationship to the other, of the opening, but it can also be the chakra of control, of manipulation... What energies do I feed my radiation with? Have you ever noticed that when you smile at a person this person changes his or her attitude? Have you ever felt tension when entering a room where someone was angry? Our radiance has a direct impact on people nearby. What is the energy we want to emanate? In the same way that light always prevails over shadow, I remain anchored in my solar centre, in joy and unconditional love, in order to face all the situations that will present themselves to me?

"If you have decided to focus on your pain, then at least enjoy it.

If not,

Do Something Different".

Alison B.

Guided by the yellow human, I use my free will with wisdom, I take back the responsibility of my creation, I make the choices that elevate me, that increase my radiance... I descend from the mind to the heart...

"How much hatred and bitterness must we tolerate before we surrender and open ourselves to love? The love that has been waiting there from the beginning, waiting to be simply admitted. »


KIN 81 - 07/08

Electric Red Dragon

Tone 3: How do I improve what I do? I identify solutions...

To learn how to stay centred in the storm, to welcome what is without resistance to access transformation

In tone 3, Electric, the energy is diffused, it is the creative principle, the trinity, the passage from immobility to movement.

How can I pass this period smoothly by making my inner sun shine? I find solutions by becoming aware that this chaos is the opportunity to make room in me, to my multidimensional being, I observe what I feed this energy in me, what is it that believes? I observe how I feed situations, storms and torments, and how I could make all this lighter ...

Guided by the red snake : I connect to my senses ... What are the desires, the desires of my being, I let the cosmic energy pass through me, through my seven chakras, I let the burning flows pass through me ... To stop feeding my lies ... I disconnect to the source of divine love in me ...

KIN 82 - 08/08

White Self Existing Wind

Tone 4: How do I shape the process? What form will my action take?

To learn how to stay centred in the storm, to welcome what is without resistance in order to access transformation.

Tonality 4, Self-existent, speaks to us of alignment, of foundations, of a solid base, it is the moment to manifest, to create, to develop our projects.

When I breathe in, the universe breathes out in me ... When I breathe out, the universe breathes in ...

In the inhalation and the exhalation, I activate the transformation by placing a right communication, by taking the time to catalyze my energies, by taking the time to observe from which place in me I express myself...

Thought and words are creative ... Whether it's my inner monologue, or what I express outside, whether it's the way I talk to myself, or the way I interact with others ... I take the time to breathe in and out ... to let the flows flow through me, for my life is more like the wind than the storm ...

The wind carries within it the laughter of the spirit that lightens all that is, it carries within it a playful dimension, let yourself be carried ...

Guided by the White Mirror: I observe the gift of the mirror which allows me to detect through each being, each situation, the places of non-love of myself, in order to clean the canvas, clarify the space, and let the wind blow on the leaves of a new space ...

KIN 83 - 09/08

Harmonic Blue Night

Tone 5: How to choose the best? What are my resources? My potential?

To learn how to stay centred in the storm, to welcome what is without resistance to access transformation.

The 5 harmonic tone, the first bar, it talks to us about stability, what can we rely on to move forward?

I connect to my inner world, to the dream space within me, I can visualise how I wish to live, what I wish to materialise, the dream space is an unlimited space, where we can draw, test, visualise sketches of what we wish to see materialise in the 3D plane.

I visualise how I wish to live these experiences, I visualise the transformation of my being in the image of the phoenix.

Guided by the blue monkey: I am accompanied, to wake up, to laugh together about the dream I have created from scratch, the game I have come to experience so far, so what do you want to play now?

KIN 84 - 10/08

Rhythmic Yellow Seed

Tone 6: How do I find balance and organise my resources?

To learn how to stay centred in the storm, to welcome what is without resistance in order to access transformation.

Tonality 6, Rhythmic speaks to us of dynamic balance, how to find our centre, it is the stability of being in movement.

When I lose my balance, I am invited to connect to my roots, to anchor myself, in me lies the full unexploited potential, at any moment I can regain this confidence and security, even when the wind of the storm takes me away, I just have to look within myself, my resources, my balance...

Guided by himself his power is doubled, I connect to the star seed that I am in reality ... through the pineal gland, the seed of life revealing my true nature ... Divine and cosmic ...

KIN 85 - 11/08

Red Resonant Snake

Tone 7: How do I enter into resonance and open my perceptions?

To learn how to remain centred in the storm, to welcome what is without resistance to access transformation.

Tonality 7 brings something mystical, which goes far beyond the boundaries of matter, a resonance in the field of informational creation.

To access this transformation, I let energy pass through me, through my body, through my bodies, aligning my mind, my being, my soul, my divinity ...

I let love, the fire of transformation take me with it, to finally vibrate who I really am, I open my senses, I go down from the head to the heart, without any more resistance...

There is a moment in our lives, when love has consumed us, and we have closed ourselves off so that we never feel that again ... When we experience for the first time after years a kundalini rise, it is sometimes painful, we can have the impression that we are burning from the inside ... This energy is none other than the energy of love that crosses us, overturns us, upsets us ...

But also that which animates us, that makes us stronger, more alive, that fills us with joy, with happiness, this energy lives in us at every moment ... It only asks to be released ...

Guided by the red earth: I observe the synchronicities, the messages of love that lead me to the discovery of my highest vibration.

KIN 86 - 12/08

Galactic White Worlds Embracer

Tone 8: How do I integrate this learning to live my reality?

To learn how to remain centred in the storm, to welcome what is without resistance in order to access transformation.

the tone 8 invites me to find my energy flow, just like breathing in and out, how does this flow allow me to live my reality and radiate who I really am? Infinity ...

I integrate the learning and I let go and let the old one die. This is the energy that preceded the blue storm surge, through letting go, I offer forgiveness to myself by realising that everything is right, I step outside my limiting patterns and lightly accept the events that present themselves to me. I let go of control and ego fears.

Guided by the white dog: I embrace situations with a loving gaze, realising that each person at my side is a partner of destiny who has come to accompany me to grow and help me free myself.

True freedom, that of the soul, is when the chains that keep us out of love have been broken.

KIN 87 - 13/08

Blue Solar Hand

Tone 9: How do I give the impulse to realise my vision? Are my intentions clear?

To learn to stay centred in the storm, to welcome what is without resistance to access transformation

the solar tone 9, is the tone of incorporation, it is a moment of fulfilment where we finally bring learning to light, what is it that manifests itself to us on this day?

The blue hand pushes us to the healing action, what at the moment T. allows me to remain centred, what raises my vibration? What is it that allows me to heal, to move towards transformation? My hands allow me to put my ideas into practice, they allow us to open ourselves to the world, in giving and receiving.

Guided by the blue night: what thoughts do I create in matter? What is the dream I deploy? Am I living my dream? Or am I dreaming my life?

KIN 88 - 14/08

Yellow Planetary Star

Tone 10: How do I do my best?

To learn how to stay centred in the storm, to welcome what is without resistance in order to access transformation.

Tonality 10, planetary, is the reliance between two worlds that align, between intention and manifestation, what the essence 1 wishes to manifest in the field of possibilities 0.

In the tumult of the winds that carry me away I place my gaze on the star, guide of all times, it reminds me that without a black sky it would be impossible for me to see the star shine ...

(E)^t = Art - Energy Time Factor = Art

In our world of matter, 3D, the energy that passes through everything needs time to unfold and create art and beauty, like a flower that blooms in spring, like mountains and canyons, ... Storms polish the surface of the ego, like the work of art already present in the heart of the marble, the artist breaks the raw envelope afterwards, to reveal the masterpiece, the divine being already present in the heart.

Guided by the yellow warrior: I move forward with courage, asking myself the right questions to find the way (voice) of the heart.

KIN 89 - 15/08

Spectral Red Moon

Tone 11: How do I transform difficulties into simplicity?

To learn how to remain centred in the storm, to welcome what is without resistance to access transformation.

The spectral tonality catalyses energy in the letting go, it is the moment when we send energy to the universe, transforming the last resistances, with lightness and simplicity.

The moon lifts the tides, but also the waters of the body, our emotions. It accompanies us to free the mind, to cleanse our wounds, to let it flow, in order to connect us to our intuition, to our feelings, deeply.

In the calm of the night, or with our eyes closed during a meditation, the moon illuminates and opens the door of understanding, it reminds us that things are not what they seem, because in the night everything seems different.

Guided by itself its power is doubled, connected to my being, I let the storm pass... Things become simpler when I let the tides of the mind calm down and connect to my intuition.

KIN 90 - 16/08

Terre Rouge crystal

Tone 12: How do I enter into cooperation and interact with the other?

To learn how to stay centred in the storm, to welcome what is without resistance in order to access transformation.

tone 12, crystal, energy of union, community of connectivity ...

If sometimes everything collapses around us, there are bonds that remain immutable, because if the material or relationships based on old patterns can fall apart, some partners of destiny remind us that unconditional love is possible, those people who accompany us and accept us above all, who will be there whatever our decisions.

Guided by the white wind: I am invited to communicate in order to keep the clouds away, to dispel misunderstandings, but also to communicate my needs to the other. Communication is always an act of giving and receiving.

KIN 91 - 17/08

Cosmic Blue Monkey

Tone 13: How do I transcend the experience? To increase my joy and love?

Cosmic Comic Monkey. In the midst of the fire of transmutation, bring back a little lightness and stop taking things too seriously, remember that all this is just a game, and that at any moment you can make things lighter and more fluid. And if this energy is present in the astral guided by the blue eagle, which offers us the possibility to see the whole game. In the matter we remind you that the ultimate goal is to discover what unconditional love is, through all the experiences of transformation, through which we pass, we get closer and closer to our essence ...

Message of the soul

And the monkey appears after the storm

Hanging by its tail, head upside down ...

and reaches out to you...

Its laughter echoes around you ...

He laughs again and again ...

And says to you:

"You've been well washed this time... so? Is it good now? Did you get it? You choose the rules for the next game ... Do you still want to play the unconscious human? Playing war? Hate? To play your horror movie? Playing to scare you? To play stress? To play anxiety ? Looking for solutions to imaginary problems? To underestimate yourself? To victimize you? To complain? To doubt?

Or do you want to play at being divine, do you want to play at being a god on earth? Choose your character?

How about playing love yourself?

Come on, let's play glow?

Let's play love?

Come, let's love each other and sow together the seeds of a new reality".

What will be your choice ... What will be the rules of the game ... For the next wave ... Yellow human wave ... It's time to take responsibility, to choose ... to use your free will wisely ...

"Taking responsibility

Means recognising that our soul has chosen all the experiences we go through...

It means taking responsibility for our free will, for our choices, and for welcoming every situation, from love (the soul) or from fear (ego)".

Alison B.

In awareness of who I really am

In lak’esh

(Mayan greeting: I am another you)

Alison - Magnetic Yellow Warrior

: Galactic Activation Portal, days represented in green in the tzolkin, these days draw the pattern of the DNA helix present in the center of the tzolkin, they are considered as days where energies flow from different dimensions.

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