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Enchanted Wave of the Red Snake from 18 to 30 May

Kin 105 - What is my goal? I moult, transform myself, connected to the body I follow my instinct, which awakens passion in me.

Kin 106 - What are the obstacles? Am I ready to let the old die? To abandon my old patterns and ways of thinking?

Kin 107 - What energies do I need to activate? I act to heal my illusory limitations

Kin 108 - What form will my action take? I unfold my creativity, and focus on the star, on the beauty of all that is.

Kin 109 - How do I decide what is best for myself? I allow myself to feel and let my emotions flow

Kin 110 - How do I organize myself to find my balance? I accept to open my heart in confidence

Kin 111 - How do I adapt and resonate? I stop taking things too seriously and use the humor of my inner child who reminds me that all this is just an illusion

Kin 112 - How to live my truth? I use my free will wisely

Kin 113 - How do I realize my vision? I empty my bag in order to move forward lightly connected, between heaven and earth.

Kin 114 - How can I improve everything I do? Connected to the present moment I unfold the magic

Kin 115 - How do I release and let go? I take the height to observe the map as a whole.

Kin 116 - How do I dedicate myself to all that lives? I move forward with righteousness, true to my values, I move forward with courage and ask myself the right questions. What is best for me and for the other?

Kin 117 - How to be present to all that is? Connected to the earth I receive synchronicities that indicate me the direction to follow.

Pulsars 1D Life

I let go and let the old die, I free myself from the illusions of the ego, I accept to open my Heart in confidence in order to experience true relationships, connected to the present moment, to my senses, I take confidence in my ability to manifest and to receive.

Pulsars 2D The Senses - The Essence

Connected to my senses, to my essence, I act to heal my limitations, I learn to see life with more humor, in order to move forward with flexibility, I take height in order to see the game as a whole.

Pulsars 3D The Mind

I realize that in a dark sky, shines the beauty of the star, the contrast reveals the art, the magic in all that is, it is up to me to use my free will wisely and to question what I choose to observe. The values of the heart are always the ones that shine the brightest.

Pulsar 4D: Space Time

To reach my goal and to move towards a new reality by deploying the energy which crosses the body I take support on the guide that are my emotions, I authorize the release of all the flows to find my good to be and my fluidity I find solutions by emptying my bag of my old diagrams and belief and finally I receive the signs which enable me to take the good direction.

Enchanted Wave of the Red Snake - Through our seven chakras the kundalini unfolds, clearing the way for love.

We are entering a strong period of DNA activation, since we have 10 days of galactic activation portal, this cosmic energy will come through us in order to support this process of cleansing our chakras, our bodies (etheric and physical), just like the snake's moult, making a new skin, we refine our perceptions a little more in order to get closer and closer to the heart.

It is quite possible to feel rushed during this time, as the life energy activates and rises in the body, the process of transformation releases an inner fire that cleanses what still prevents the energy from flowing.

The red snake, represents this sacred energy within us, often misinterpreted, the energy of sexuality and desire have often been used to satisfy the needs of the ego. But when I am aligned with myself (love myself), I can deploy this energy through me to find inspiration, towards the realization of the desires of my higher self, my divinity.

The ascent of kundalini, has often been described as a fire that sets the chakras ablaze, connected to the earth we receive the energy of transmutation, which awakens our senses, the cleansing by the sacred fire allows us to clean our channel, to finally clear the way, and let the cosmic energy infuse in us...

What is this divine energy? If not love? Love is in everything, in everything, we find in many religiosn "God is love", yes he is love, he is this energy, he is in us, and in everything around us, he is the energy that puts in perpetual motion everything that exist... Have you noticed, when you are in love? You would be able to move mountains, because this energy allows us to reach our highest potential.

It's interesting to observe that over the centuries, religions have been built on the fear of divine punishment. What we can easily relate today to the fear of love we experience.

We have learned to place our choices, to use our free will wisely in the previous wave, it is now time to choose, do we choose fear? or do we choose love?

A person close to me said to me lately about love, "I'd rather be alone than relive what I've experienced".

The human functions like a computer, encoded by our beliefs, our experiences, because we have lived through certain traumatic situations, we have anchored reaction codes, like the binary code of a computer.

0111000 If - I open myself up to love

1000110 Alert 1 - I'm gonna get hurt.

0110111 Alert 2 - I'm going to lose my freedom

1110010 So - I have to run away so I don't take any risks...

This code anchored in us, sets the parameters of our reality, because all our beliefs, come from these codes, we create our reality from them. Imagine that everything you see, or experience, is a binary sequence of numbers, anchored in you, as long as you are not aware of these codes, unconsciously you will continue to create your reality based on erroneous codes.

We can place the choice to rewrite these codes.

0111000 If - Je m’ouvre à l’amour

1000110 Opening - I'm going to have an extraordinary experience

1110010 Alors - I'm taking the leap

Love is the energy that allows us to deploy the maximum potential in everything we do, it is absolutely not to be relegated to the relational framework.

Let's take another example of code

0111000 If - I wish to live from my passion

1000110 Alert 1 - I'm gonna be out of money

0110111 Alert 2 - I'm not smart enough to do it

1110010 So - I have to keep my old job so I don't take any risks.

If we place the choice to rewrite these codes.

0111000 If - I wish to live from my passion

1000110 Opening - I'm confident in my ability to attract abundance

0110111 Opening - I trust myself and anyway i know that i will be happier doing what i love

1110010 So - The universe puts everything in place for my project to go as smoothly as possible.

Every external experience, which we consider negative, is nothing more than a magical opportunity to realign ourselves, if we become fully aware that we are the masters of our lives, that we have the ability to create absolutely everything we desire, then when that experience presents itself, we can simply observe that it is because something is out of alignment in our inner code, and we can choose to rewrite it.

The energy of transmutation by the sacred fire of the kundalini, accompanies us to release these blocks, to change these codes. And to return to our essence, to let the energies unfold within us, to stop blocking our dreams out of fear.

When I put down my arms and stop fighting against the outside, I stop fighting against myself.

The magic works (the Soul Acts - FBL)

And my body becomes the precious ally, the tool that channels energy and deploys it to create a new reality.

Beyond the veil of illusion, our body, our desires (in life - FBL) lead us to deploy the energy of sacred sexuality (it creates - FBL), by the union of the feminine and the masculine, in the matter unfolds the true possibility to create a world in perfect balance.

The woman is the cup, she is the Grail, she is the receptacle of the divine cosmic energy, she is the muse, the one who inspires, and naturally the man tends towards her to come and seek between her hips the inspiration, and the energy that will allow him to create, aligned.

Each of the two polarities has the power to create as well as to destroy ... Woman will know how to use her charms, going from goddess, muse, to rattlesnake, manipulator and vile, selling her charms to the devil to satisfy the needs of the ego.

As Man has the power of the body, the power to enslave woman, by force, by matter, by threat, by violence ... Each of the two polarities can choose to use his power, for or against the other ... Each of the two polarities can continue to envy the power of the other and seek to obtain it by enslavement …

Today women are afraid of men and men are afraid of women...

We can choose...

Choosing to return to balance, each one taking is true place, the woman is by nature more fragile and subtle, this can be felt in the fineness of her skin, the man for his part is built in a more solid way, his skin is thicker, giving him a natural predisposition to create.

Recovering the balance of the Polarity means also regaining access to sacred sexuality, to a sacred dimension of orgasm in the subtle bodies and through the seven chakras, this powerful energy is the one that inspires us, exalts us, gives us the desire to live, to move forward...

Because deep inside us something knows that it's possible... Like Yin and Yang, two complementary opposites, man and woman, after having purified the different wounds of the soul, of the ego, will become again the sacred couple they came to incarnate.

Let us take advantage of these 13 days to observe the places within us, the resistances, the fears, which still block the circulation of our life energies.

By letting love flow through

sexuality is a bridge to consciousness

KIN 105 - 18/05

Red Snake Magnetic

Tone 1 : Initiation: What is my goal?

I draw to myself the experiences, of purification, in order to experience in my body the energy of love that unfolds through my seven chakras.

Tone 1, Magnetic, is the tone of the vibration of the creative heart, it's the energy that informs the quantum field, it is the starting point, the return to unity, it's the perfect moment to place your intentions.

The energy of the snake, through the ascent of kundalini, tells us about the sacred fire that awakens within us, cleaning our chakras to allow us to highlight our divine essence.

This powerful vibratory ascent allows us to observe and feel the places where our chakras still need to be cleaned.

This period invites us to a process of purification of our energies, our patterns, our unconscious encodings, in order to release the sacred fire within us and allow us to access our divine potential.

Guided by himself: The red snake, invites me to reconnect with the intuitive wisdom of my body, with my senses (my essence), I let the energy of love unfold through my seven chakras.

This process of energetic purification will take place in the subtle as well as in the material, stay tuned to your body's needs during all this period.

KIN 106 - 19/05

White Worlds Bridger Lunar

Tone 2: What will be the challenge?

To live the experiences, of purification, in order to experience in my body the energy of love that unfolds through my seven chakras.

In Tonality 2, Lunar, we experience duality, the challenge of matter, the polarization that reveals our inner conflicts, the places that need to be balanced.

I would be challenged to let go and let the old one die, like the snake leaving behind its moult, some things will ask to be let go, to be liberated during this period.

Sometimes we want to see changes in our lives, but we are not ready to let go of certain things, letting go means having full confidence in life, having confidence that the universe takes care of everything.

We are often afraid of the unknown, afraid of renewal, afraid of change, and even if our hearts yearn for these changes, for a better life, we sometimes settle for mediocre situations, for fear of letting go...

We wrote our wishes on balloons that we still hold firmly in our hands to keep our lives under control, it's time to loosen our fingers and let the wind take our wishes with it.

When we wish to welcome a newcomer in our house, we make room, we give or throw away what is no longer useful, when we wish to move to the other side of the world we do the same, or simply to put a new table in our dining room ...

Renewal requires a space to flourish ... it is up to us to create that space.

Guided by the white mirror, I observe in the mirror of each situation, the places where I still find it difficult to let go, I observe my resistances, I observe the resistances of the other, because the other does not exist, it's a part of me, learning to observe, the other me (in lak'esh), I learn to observe my own places of resistance.

KIN 107 - 20/05

Blue Hand Electric

Tone 3: How do I improve what I do? I identify solutions...

To live the experiences, of purification, in order to experience in my body the energy of love that unfolds through my seven chakras.

In tone 3, Electric, the energy is diffused, it's the creative principle, the trinity, the passage from immobility to movement.

Our hands allow us to take action, to light the fire within us, they also serve to capture, receive and give energy.

By reconnecting ourselves to the body, to touch, we can also perceive the subtle dimension of this sense.

We have two secondary chakras on the palms of our hands, these chakras are connected directly to the heart and throat chakra, our hands allow us to give and receive love, and we also use them to express ourselves.

People who are used to work with energy, know that they can become a channel for cosmic energy, which passes through their hands and allows them to come and heal the subtle bodies and by resonance the physical body.

The blue hand invites us to heal illusory limitations, to let our fears of being sidelined to deploy the energy.

Guided by the blue monkey, I use humour as a healing support, I find light and become light again. I connect with my inner child, to remind myself that all this is just a game.

KIN 108 - 21/05

Yellow Star Self Existing

Tone 4: How do I shape the process? What form will my action take?

To live the experiences, of purification, in order to experience in my body the energy of love that unfolds through my seven chakras.

Tonality 4, Self-Existent, speaks to us of alignment, of foundations, of solid base, it is the moment to manifest, to create, to develop our projects.

How do I unfold the beauty within me, how do I connect to my divinity?

(E)^t = Art - Energy Time Factor = Art

In our world of matter, 3D, the energy that passes through everything needs time to unfold and create art and beauty, like a flower blooming in spring, like mountains, canyons, ... Storms polish the surface of the ego, like the work of art already present in the heart of the marble, the artist breaks afterwards, the raw envelope, to let appear the masterpiece, the divine being already present in the heart.

I observe in my body, what makes me vibrate, what increases my energy, what inspires me, what motivates me, what awakens love in me. I let myself be guided by beauty, by creativity, by art.

The star also reminds us that it's in a dark sky that she is most visible, seeking beauty even in the shadows, is part of our learning.

Guided by the Yellow Seed: I take root in myself (love myself - FBL ) to dare to flower and unfold my beauty by leaving my comfort zone.

KIN 109 - 22/05

Red Moon Overtone

Tone 5: How to choose the best? What are my resources? My potential?

To live the experiences, of purification, in order to experience in my body the energy of love that unfolds through my seven chakras.

The 5 harmonic tone, the first bar, speaks to us of stability, what can we rely on to move forward?

Observe the flow of energy that crosses your body, let your emotions pass through you, without resistance, you will observe that they are waves, that come and go with gentleness, if I do not raise a barrier they will not break violently in me, they will not hit me, they will continue on their way, with gentleness.

The moon makes the tides rise and fall in us, to accompany us in the purification of our being, making the overflows overflow, raising our shadows, sending back to the beach the wounds that need to be healed.

In the inhalation and exhalation of the tides, I accept my vulnerability and sensitivity, in order to regain the flexibility and fluidity to move forward.

Guided by the red earth: I observe synchronicities, a sign of the direction in which I look, I deploy in front of me these codes, which allow me to take the right direction, the right road. And to move forward with fluidity

KIN 110 - 23/05

White Dog Rhythmic

Tone 6: How do I find balance and organize my resources?

To live the experiences, of purification, in order to experience in my body the energy of love that unfolds through my seven chakras.

Tonality 6, Rhythmic speaks to us of dynamic balance, how to find our center, it is the stability of the being in movement.

Connected to the rhythm of my heart, I find my center. The White Dog speaks to us of unconditional love, of our partners of destiny, of loyalty to the heart.

Scientifically our body has 3 brains

(These are the 3 centers where we have neurons)

The first is located in the head is the analytical brain (the mind).

The second is located in our intestines, the emotional brain.

The third is located in our heart...

Which of these three brains is the one that guides our lives?

The white dog reminds us, that within our heart are all the answers ... I come back to the center ... Not too high in my head, not too low in my belly ... I come back in my heart ...

I find balance with my partners of destiny, sometimes we preach loneliness, for fear of being hurt, for fear of hurting, for fear that if we let someone in, they will take advantage of us, or they will abandon us ... to experience lasting relationships in love I learn to open my heart ... My heart brings energy balance to the flow of energy that passes through me ... It is the door between matter and the cosmos ...

Guided by himself his power is doubled, We can take the path (voice FBL) from the heart, he reminds us that we have around us beings who have come to guide us, to accompany us in our learning. Beings who love us, beings who confront us ... To allow us to choose ... and to open our hearts more and more ...

KIN 111 - 24/05

Blue Monkey Resonant

Tone 7: How do I resonate and open my perceptions?

To live the experiences, of purification, in order to experience in my body the energy of love that unfolds through my seven chakras.

Tonality 7 brings something mystical, which goes far beyond the boundaries of matter, a resonance in the field of informational creation.

To open our perceptions, we are invited to connect to the powers of our inner child... This dreamy monkey, who plays life with flexibility, welcoming each situation with lightness... Stuck in the adult character we too often forget that all this is just a game... And if the fire of the kundalini sets you on fire.., that the fears light up, or your resistances, open your perceptions... bring back a little lightness and stop taking things too seriously, remember, that all this is just a game, and that at any moment you can make things lighter and more fluid...

In the matter we remind you that the ultimate goal is to discover what unconditional love is, through all the experiences of transformation, through which we pass, we get closer and closer to our essence ...

Guided by the blue night : I rely on the power of my dreams, my thought is creative, I play to create my reality, I open my eyes in the dream of what I call my "reality" ... I become aware that I am the only master of the game ...

KIN 112 - 25/05

Yellow Human Galactic

Tone 8: How do I integrate this learning to live my reality?

To live the experiences, of purification, in order to experience in my body the energy of love that unfolds through my seven chakras.

Tone 8 invites me to find my energy flow, like the inhalation and exhalation, how does this flow allow me to live my reality and radiate who I really am? Infinity ...

In the previous wave we learned how to use human power, free will ... We are able to make choices, in consciousness, observing what guides our decisions, am I guided by my heart? or by my fears?

What are the codes, the limiting patterns, that I choose to continue to feed ... that block my energy, that prevent me from unfolding and that do not allow me to create my highest reality?

Guided by the Yellow Warrior: I dare to ask myself the right questions, with courage, in order to move forward and receive answers aligned with my higher being. I make the choice and ask to see things clearly. Am I, ready to accept the answers even if they confront me?

KIN 113 - 26/05

Red Sky Traveller Solar

Tone 9: How do I give the impulse to realize my vision? Are my intentions clear?

To live the experiences, of purification, in order to experience in my body the energy of love that unfolds through my seven chakras.

the solar 9 tone, is the tone of incorporation, it is a moment of fulfillment where we finally bring to light the learning, what is manifested to us on this day?

Our life is similar to a journey, we take the road, reach the crossroads, have to make choices ... On the road we learn a lot of things, we pick up things that we come to put in our bag, because it may well be useful for later.

These objects are our beliefs, our attitudes, our opinions, our judgements, our knowledge ... They are all the information we have received at one time and that allow us to analyse and understand what is around us.

All that we have put in our bag has been useful to us at one time, they are tools that have allowed us to move forward, to experience, our reality, at a given time.

To empty your bag is to thank our old patterns, to observe which are the attitudes and beliefs that allow us to move forward and those that keep us in characters that we no longer want to play.

The traveller has this adventurous energy, and this taste for the unknown, you never know what will happen on the way, are we ready to move forward towards the invisible? To take risks? To go beyond the barriers of our limitations? Of the mind?

Guided by the red moon: I purify and cleanse all the experiences I have had during my journey, my travels, in the multiverse, I let the flow of water accompany me to see what it is time to leave behind to move forward lighter ...

KIN 114 - 27/05

White Wizard Planetary

Tone 10: How do I do my best?

To live the experiences, of purification, in order to experience in my body the energy of love that unfolds through my seven chakras.

Tonality 10, planetary (Planet Earth), is the reliance between two worlds that align, between intention and manifestation, what the essence the 1 wishes to manifest in the field of possibilities the 0

What kind of magician am I? What do I manifest in my reality? Am I a white magician? Or Black Magician? I observe the situations that I manifest to myself, do I manifest my dream? Or my fears?

I take responsibility for my power.

Connected to the present moment, I observe what I manifest around me, am I supporting the programs of the mind and ego? Am I creating my highest reality? Or am I conforming to the encoding of the old matrix?

I create my reality from my beliefs, some beliefs come from my family, and some come from the social system I live in... It can be beliefs like "you're not smart enough to do this" or "you need a degree to succeed" or "to earn a living you have to work hard". All of these phrases make up the code of our limiting beliefs, if we can observe them, and realize that we create our reality from them, then we will be able to transmute our codes.

We can call upon the fire of transformation and ask for the cleansing of the old codes, we can choose the new codes ourselves in consciousness, or let the universe encode the highest programs in us.

Like a game in virtual reality, let us remember that we are the magician, the alchemist, the coder of our reality ...

Guided by the white wind: In inhalation and exhalation, when the mind is soothed, and the wind no longer blows on the surface of the water, I can finally observe my reflection on the icy lake, I can now express my truth, taking the time to catalyze my energies, taking the time to observe from which place in me I express myself ...

KIN 115 - 28/05

Blue Eagle Spectral

Tone 11: How do I transform difficulties into simplicity?

To live the experiences, of purification, in order to experience in my body the energy of love that unfolds through my seven chakras.

The spectral tone catalyzes the energy in letting go, it is the moment when we send energy to the universe, transforming the last resistances, with lightness and simplicity.

I let go and gain altitude, I observe situations, paths, the map of my life, from a higher point, everything becomes simpler when I observe myself from the outside, when I stop identifying with my body...

I observe whether my actions are in tune with the energy flowing through me, I observe the flow of energy in my daily interactions and actions.

Who is speaking? Who is acting? Wich part of me?

Guided by himself his power is doubled, I disidentify myself, to take my scope, leaving behind my conditionings, to find true conditionings and evolve with freedom aligned to the heart.

KIN 116 - 29/05

Yellow Warrior Crystal

Tone 12: How do I cooperate and interact with the other?

To live the experiences, of purification, in order to experience in my body the energy of love that unfolds through my seven chakras.

tone 12, crystal, energy of union, community of connectedness ...

Dare to question yourself without fear, and assert your worth. Observe what you can bring to others, when you are aligned with your heart.

Question yourself, honestly, for you love me. Are there still places where you don't dare to be yourself? What are the places of insecurity in you?

Through questioning, I find the courage to move forward, by regaining my integrity, my righteousness, I dissolve the lies by the sacred verb (it creates), I denounce my limiting characters.

I center myself in self-confidence, I dare to move forward with courage, I become again the solar human, affirming the values of my heart, to deploy abundance through the reconnection to my value.

Guided by the yellow star: When I dare to shine, I share my beauty, I become a source of inspiration, the mirror guide, to awaken the star asleep in the heart of the other.

KIN 117 - 30/05

Red Earth Cosmic

Tone 13: How do I transcend the experience? To increase my joy and love?

We take flight, letting ourselves be guided by our body instinctively, being fully tuned in, letting the energy flow through, to be guided towards the synchronicities of life and let the magic unfold.

The snake wave accompanied us for 13 days towards a renewal, to the moult, to the disconnection with our senses ... Our senses, which give a meaning ... a direction ...

Let the body's radar guide us, confidently...

Guided by the red dragon, I observe what feeds my energy and the synchronicities around me ... What I look at is indicative of the direction I am taking ... We are creators of synchronicities at every moment ...

I observe how the energy of the sacred fire of the serpent awakens in me, and how it unfolds through my chakras, the wisdom of the dragon reminds me that I am my priority, and that I must first fill myself up before pouring my energy on the world... Feed myself before feeding the other... Like a fountain that offers with generosity and abundance everything that overflows from it...

It's time to move forward on earth, guided by our senses, by our essence...

I wish you all a beautiful cosmic flight, and that the activation of your seven chakras and the connection to the body, to your deepest desires, to your intuition, to the love lived during these 13 days, allow you to take the road towards the manifestation of a new reality, the manifestation of your highest inspirations < 3

In awareness of who I really am

In lak’esh

(Mayan greeting : i'm another you)

Alison - Yellow Magnetic Warrior

*FBL : French Birds Language

: Galactic Activation Portal, days represented in green in the tzolkin, these days draw the pattern of the DNA helix present in the center of the tzolkin, they are considered as days where energies flow from different dimensions.

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