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Enchanted Wave of the White Worldbinder from 25 December to 06 January 2024

Kin 66 - What is my goal? I let go and let the old one die.

Kin 67 - What are the obstacles? What do I refuse to see? To face? To take in hand? What are the places where I procrastinate in taking action and/or neglect my needs?

Kin 68 - What energies should I activate? I am guided to deploy my creativity in order to manifest and see beauty in everything.

Kin 69 - What form will my action take? I let the flow of emotions flow, I allow myself to express myself and to show my vulnerability.

Kin 70 - How do I decide what is best for myself? I connect to my heart and act with love for myself and for others.

Kin 71 - How do I organise myself for equity? I stop taking life, this game too seriously I move forward with humour and simplicity.

Kin 72 - How can I adapt and resonate? I use my free will wisely

Kin 73 - How to live my truth? I empty my bag, leaving behind me all limitations, beliefs, which weigh me down and restrict my potential.

Kin 74 - How can I realise my vision? Connected to the present moment I manifest my reality at every moment.

Kin 75 - How can I improve everything I do? I take a step up in order to see the big picture.

Kin 76 - How do I release and let go? I move forward with courage by positioning myself, by questioning myself, faithful to my values.

Kin 77 - How can I dedicate myself to everything that lives? I let myself be guided by the flow of synchronicities, which leads us to adapt together, towards a higher reality.

Kin 78 - How can I be present to all that is? I observe in the mirror the manifestation of my reality, I observe what I have let go and the illusions that have vanished.

Pulsars 1D Life

I open my arms to life, I act, I heal, by playing the game of illusion I gain height, I see the whole, I stop taking things too seriously, I broaden my vision, to live, play, create.

Pulsars 2D The Senses - The Essence

Connected to my senses, I look at what unfolds the energy in me, what manifests beauty, what makes me happy, and allows me to shine even in a dark sky, I choose, use my free will wisely by asking myself the right questions. Will I have the courage to manifest my highest reality?

3D Pulsars The Mind

I let the tides of emotions flow, I empty my bag to reconnect with who I am between heaven and earth, embodying on earth my highest vision, out of time, guided at every moment to the present.

Pulsar 4D: Space Time

To reach my goal and let the old one die, I rely on the wisdom of the heart, connected to love at every moment I find solutions by connecting to the present moment and realise that I am the creative magician of my reality and finally I clean the canvas and look at the mirror of my new reality.

Wave of The White Worlds Bridger : Letting Go and Let Die The Old One

The interlacing of worlds activates our ability to move between the different planes of existence, but we still have to accept to let go of our old patterns, and let the negative ego, attached to its physicality, die. It is almost a dizzying feeling, to observe matter becoming subtle... Because somewhere the concrete will have this reassuring aspect.

The interlacing of the worlds accompanies us to find more lightness, to soften us to be able to create with more fluidity. I am invited to observe the places of control, the places of resistance.

Letting go is a term often used in psychotherapy, in personal development coaching, and yet many of us hear it, without really knowing how to do it.

"Letting go" does mean that we are clinging to something, why? Because it reassures us. Before we can let go, we need to observe the places where we lack confidence, the places where we feel insecure, because they will go hand in hand with this process. There is therefore a notion of confidence, in oneself, in the universe, of Faith.

Once again I share with you these two texts, which are a perfect illustration of letting go.

"As children bring in their broken toys

With tears to repair them,

I brought my broken dreams to God

Because he was my friend.

But instead of leaving him

And leave him in peace to work alone,

I stuck around and tried to help.

With my own means.

Finally I took them back and cried,

"How could you be so slow"

"My child," he says, "What can I do?

You never let go."

lauretta P. Burns

"Holding on to something is like holding your breath. You will suffocate. The only way to get something in the physical universe is to let go of it. Let go & it will be yours forever." Deepak Chopra

If we can accept that we can't control everything, but that from our human point of view we are certainly not in the best position to decide what is best for ourselves, then perhaps the invitation to let go is also an invitation to go for what is best for us.

The symbolic death of what surrounds us, reassures us, of the old, of the past, leaves room for a more flourishing renewal! We cut the branches of the trees well in autumn, so that they can start again in spring.

Coming back to life is not giving up, it is simply stopping wanting to control, it is letting things go.

In this life, you are asked to free yourself and surrender. Surrender is the opposite of abandonment. It is freeing yourself from the desire to control things, to let go of the way you think things should be. Surrendering is being free. You are invited to free yourself from the slavery of preconceived actions, to let everything go as it should be, so that you can live a more inspired life in the moment!

KIN 66 - 25/12

Magnetic White Worlds Interlacer

Tone 1: Initiation: What is my goal?

I attract to myself situations that allow me to let go and let the old one die.

Tone 1, Magnetic, is the tone of the vibration of the creative heart, it is the energy that informs the quantum field, it is the starting point, the return to unity, it is the perfect moment to place your intentions.

During these 13 days, many initiations can be placed, whether they are of the order of karmic resolution, forgiveness, acceptance, surrender, we are invited to regain faith and trust, in the universe and in ourselves, everything is perfect, everything is right and to its purpose, when I let go of control I surrender to life, and I let the flow of life pass through me, I let the mystery, the wonderful unfold.

I am invited to observe my places of rigidity, the places where I am sometimes still stubborn, attached to my beliefs and concepts.

I invite you to reread the article on the illusion of rejection, where I develop the concept of our idea of matter and separation, the interlacing of worlds invites us to become aware of the worlds that surround us beyond matter, to connect to the subtle informational field, which holds 99.9% of our experimentation. To let go of the material dimension, to reconnect with who we really are.

When the hold we have been clinging to for so many years gives way to vertigo and fear, by maintaining (here and now) this state long enough, without trying to cling to new concepts, we learn to spread our wings and let ourselves be carried along by the currents of life.

KIN 67 - 26/12

Blue Lunar Hand

Tone 2: What will be the challenge?

To let go and let the old one die.

In tonality 2, Lunar, we experience duality, the challenge of matter, the polarisation that reveals our inner conflicts, the places that need to be balanced.

The challenge is to act, to heal. The current enchanting wave invites us to let go, and we will be led towards the understandings necessary for this process. In order to anchor these understandings, I will be asked to act to heal.

The healing action is always connected to the present moment, what at the moment T. makes me happy, raises my vibration, if I have been thinking the same thoughts for a long time, it is time to make the choice, to act towards what heals me, towards what makes me feel better, more joyful.

Guided by: the blue storm, I receive the support necessary for my transformation and my liberation, I am invited to remain centered, in my heart. With Confidence, to let my fears and doubts be side by side, the storm takes with it what is no longer necessary for us, it is the opportunity for renewal in the midst of chaos.

KIN 68 - 27/12

Electric Yellow Star

Tone 3: How do I improve what I do? I identify solutions...

To let go and let the old one die.

In tone 3, Electric, the energy is diffused, it is the creative principle, the trinity, the passage from immobility to movement.

The yellow star invites us to see the art that unfolds around us, how to make our reality more beautiful? If I let myself be guided by the star, the beauty, this beauty that speaks to the heart, then I find the solutions to be reborn to myself (loves me).

Let's see our life as our personal masterpiece, what do I want to create, deploy, shine around me?

Guided by the Yellow Human: I activate the wisdom within me, in order to use my free will to unfold more and more beauty around me.

KIN 69 - 28/12

Red Moon Self Existing

Tone 4: How do I shape the process? What form will my action take?

To let go and let the old one die.

Tone 4, Self-existent, speaks to us of alignment, of foundation, of a solid base, it is the moment to manifest, to create, to develop our projects.

The red moon, invites us to let our emotions flow, to stop blocking, to release the pressure.

The moon acts on the seas, just as on the water of the body, it is possible that the impact of the moon, and the swell caused, carries away on the beach, on sight, what we still have to solve.

Let's remember that tonality, self-existing by definition, leads us to regain our autonomy, our stability, the moon and the night, invite us to introspection.

Guided by the red serpent: We are accompanied in the alignment of our subtle bodies, to integrate within us the energies of transformation, by the sacred fire and the awakening of dreams and desires of the heart. Let us take care of our bodies, physical and subtle, for they are the sacred temples guardians of information.

KIN 70 - 29/12

White Overtone Dog

Tone 5: How to choose the best? What are my resources? My potential?

To let go and let the old one die

The 5 harmonic tone, the first bar, it talks to us about stability, what can we rely on to move forward?

The White Dog speaks to us here of unconditional love, partners in destiny, loyalty to the heart. He is a reminder that we can choose to act for the best by taking the path of the heart, he reminds us that we have around us beings who have come to guide us, to accompany us in our learning.

In this wave where we experience letting go, what are the places of love and dislove, of myself and of others? We choose our life partners, long before our incarnation, to learn acceptance, forgiveness, to learn to go towards more and more love.

Love is my primary resource to fluidify my experience.

Guided by the White Mirror: I remember the other and the mirror of my shadows and lights, I am guided to perceive the places of lack of love of myself (loves me) through the mirror, to clean the canvas, and to break the karmic loops.

KIN 71 - 30/12

Rhythmic Blue Monkey

Tone 6: How do I find balance and organise my resources?

To let go and let the old one die

Tonality 6, Rhythmic speaks to us of dynamic balance, how to find our centre, it is the stability of being in movement.

When I lose my balance, I am invited to connect to the power of laughter, to stop playing the overly rigid and serious adult, like the monkey, I regain my flexibility of action. Connected to my inner child, I regain my joie de vivre and my innocence.

Guided by himself his power is doubled, I am invited not to take situations too seriously, nor too much to heart, I learn to laugh at myself, at my attachments, my dependencies, my fears, my doubts.

KIN 72 - 31/12

Yellow Resonant Human

Tonality 7: How do I enter into resonance and open my perceptions?

To let go and let the old one die.

Tonality 7 brings something mystical, which goes far beyond the boundaries of matter, a resonance in the field of informational creation.

Wisdom, is the learning of the human being, thanks to his free will he plays the game of life, the game of learning (apprenti-sage) the free will allows him to choose his reality, taking the responsibility of who we really are, we take the game in hand, every action leads to a reaction in the quantum field.

what are my actions? My decision making?

I gain self-confidence, there is never a good or bad decision, there are only new learning paths, but do I want to play the same roles? To repeat the same situations? What is the path I want to follow?

Guided by the yellow seed, I become aware of my hidden (rainbow bud) potential, and I activate the flowering of my true being, rooted in my values, I dare to grow with confidence.

KIN 73 - 01/01

Galactic Red Sky Traveller

Tone 8: How do I integrate this learning to live my reality?

To let go and let the old one die

the tone 8 invites me to find my energy flow, just like breathing in and out, how does this flow allow me to live my reality and radiate who I really am? Infinity ...

It's time to empty our bag, of our beliefs, attitudes, opinions, judgements, knowledge... Everything we put in our bag was useful to us at one time, they are tools that allowed us to move forward, to experience, a reality, at a given moment.

By emptying my bag, I move forward lighter, without prejudices, I deploy my adventurous energy, and my taste for the unknown.

Pillar between heaven and earth, the traveller is the invitation to connect to our multidimensional aspect, to leave behind the beliefs that keep us stuck in a 3-dimensional world, to use our subtle senses ... to perceive our essence ...

Guided by the red earth: I observe the synchronicities that unfold before me and guide my journey.

KIN 74 - 02/01

White Solar Wizard

Tone 9: How do I give the impulse to realise my vision? Are my intentions clear?

To let go and let the old one die?

the solar tone 9, is the tone of incorporation, it is a moment of fulfilment where we finally bring learning to light, what is it that manifests itself to us on this day?

What kind of magician am I? What am I manifesting in my reality? Am I a white magician? Or a black magician? I observe the situations that I manifest to me, do I manifest my dream? Or my fears?

I take responsibility for my power.

Guided by the white dog: I am invited to connect to the heart, to unconditional love, to manifest my highest aspirations. I connect to my heart to manifest what is right.

KIN 75 - 03/01

Planetary Blue Eagle

Tone 10: How do I do my best?

To let go and let the old one die

Tonality 10, planetary (Planet Earth), is the reliance between two worlds that align, between intention and manifestation, what the essence 1 wishes to manifest in the field of possibilities 0.

How did I create my reality? What is my vision?

The blue eagle invites us to take a step up, to observe situations where our point of view is fixed, limited by our beliefs or by the events that manifest themselves, how our conditioning influences our creation. We are invited to use our capacity of vision, to leave the ground, to observe the whole of the path, the paths, which are offered to us, to visualise what we wish to manifest, what are my highest aspirations? What do I still have to let go of, what prevents me from going higher? Further?

Guided by the blue night: I am invited to connect to my inner world, to the dream space within me, I can visualise how I wish to live, what I wish to materialise, the dream space is an unlimited space, where we can draw, test, visualise sketches of what we wish to see materialise in the 3D plane.

KIN 76 - 04/01

Spectral Yellow Warrior

Tone 11: How do I transform difficulties into simplicity?

To let go and let the old one die

The spectral tonality catalyses energy in the letting go, it is the moment when we send energy to the universe, transforming the last resistances, with lightness and simplicity.

Dare to question you, to question you, in an honest way, for you love me. Are there still places where you resist? Are there places where you hold on? What are the places of insecurity?

Through questioning, I regain the courage to move forward, by regaining my integrity, my righteousness, I dissolve the lies by the sacred verb (it creates), I denounce my characters.

Guided by himself his power is doubled, connected to the heart, the warrior, receives cosmic information, and solutions, which allow him to move forward with fluidity.

KIN 77 - 05/01

Terre Rouge crystal

Tonality 12: How do I enter into cooperation and interact with the other?

To let go and let the old one die

tone 12, crystal, energy of union, community of connectivity ...

During our journey, the earth unfolds before us the messages to guide us, listening to the heart, we always have the opportunity to explore the longest or the shortest route, sometimes we choose winding paths, which are wonderful opportunities to learn, to remember.

Sometimes people come into our lives as if by magic, at the perfect moment. In awareness of the uniqueness of the primordial crystal, we know that the other is a part of us (in lak'esh), the earth unfolds its signs, both through facts, and through those around us, if I open myself to listen to the other, as if it were the earth itself speaking to me, perhaps I would find there keys to co-creation, to planetary collaboration.

Guided by the red moon: I am accompanied to liberate and dissolve the emotions, which still separate me from the other and prevent us from advancing together towards a common ideal.

KIN 78 - 06/01

Cosmic White Mirror

Tone 13: How do I transcend the experience? To increase my joy and love?

Mirror Mirror ... What has placed itself in my reality in the last 13 days?

What places have I liberated? What is reflected in my reality? Have there been any changes? What is my relationship to the other today? What am I reflecting in the mirror of my reality?

After this wave where we have drawn to ourselves the experiences, necessary to let go and let the old one die, I observe the mirror to discover my new face.

Guided by the white wind: I am accompanied towards a liberating communication, in order to make the surface of the mirror ever brighter. I receive from the subtle planes the celestial (food-wise) messages.

In awareness of who I really am

In lak’esh

(Mayan greeting: I am another you)

Alison - Magnetic Yellow Warrior

Galactic Activation Portal, days represented in green in the tzolkin, these days draw the pattern of the DNA helix present in the center of the tzolkin, they are considered as days where energies flow from different dimensions.

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