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Enchanted Wave of the Yellow Sun from 29 November to 11 December 2023

Kin 40 - What is my goal? I unfold the sun in me, by my vibration of joy and love.

Kin 41 - What are the obstacles? I observe what feeds my inner sun

Kin 42 - Which energies should I activate? I communicate my joy and my love to dissipate

Kin 43 - What form will my action take? I deploy the matrix of the dream around me

Kin 44 - How to decide what is best for myself? With patience and confidence I go out of my zone of trust

Kin 45 - How do I organize myself for equity? I connect to my body, and deploy energy through that which unfolds the passion in me.

Kin 46 - How do I adapt and resonate? I let go and let the old one die.

Kin 47 - How to live my truth? I act to heal the places where I do not vibrate joy and love.

Kin 48 - How can I achieve my vision? I keep my gaze turned towards the star, towards the light, I choose to see the glass half full, I choose to see beauty in everything.

Kin 49 - How can I improve everything I do? I allow myself to feel my emotions fully.

Kin 50 - How to release and let go? I open my heart and connect to the strength of unconditional love within me.

Kin 51 - How can I dedicate myself to all that lives? I play with the illusion of life, in the wisdom of humor, which communicates love.

Kin 52 - How can I be present to all that is? I deploy human wisdom, using my free will with wisdom to radiate my highest reality.

Pulsar 1D Life

I observe what nourishes my radiance, or on the contrary what weakens it, in the dimension of life, I listen to the messages of the body and the energy flows through it, I am invited to let the flow of emotions flow in order to fluidify the energy of life.

Pulsar 2D Les Sens - The essence

I connect to my senses, in order to feel the presence of my divine essence, I learn to establish an aligned communication in the heart, in order to dispel all misunderstandings, I let go and let the old one die, the wind blows and scatters the clouds, in order to allow me to access a higher reality.

Pulsar 3D The Mind

The dream carries the field of all possibilities, and the mind is creative, what am I creating? my dreams or my nightmares? I act to heal and radiate in order to unfold a new reality, I connect to the power of the inner child, laughing, enjoying the illusion of life with humor and juggling with fluidity with time and events.

Pulsar 4D: Space Time

To reach my goal and radiate joy and love, I build on my roots so that I can grow energy with confidence and patience, I find solutions by directing my gaze towards the star, infinite light that guides me in the dark and finally I use my free will with wisdom to make decisions aligned with my highest vibration.

Radiating Joy & Love

In this somewhat peculiar time, more than ever our egos are being put to the test, and maybe we can begin to see behind the veil of illusion, that another reality exists, that we are more than our emotions, that we are more than what happens to us ... And maybe we already know, that part of us, vibrates love, joy and peace ...

It seems that everything is being put in place so that we experience these energies in a tenfold way.

I invite you to take the information from the blue hand wave before continuing and observe how these energies have been placed in your reality? What came to the surface to be healed?

The Sun is the highest energy, it is light, it warms us and accompanies us to come out of the shadows.

The sun is at the center of our solar system, like the solar plexus, the central chakra, it is the energy around which the planets move and the energy that creates life. It sets the world in motion in a harmonious way.

In ancestral cultures, the sun was perceived as a god, and today we often talk about our inner sun. What does our solar plexus teach us? Can we reconnect to the divine energy source within us?

During this period, we are invited to observe our radiation, what is the energy we are deploying around us? Have you ever noticed that when you smile at a person that person changes his or her attitude? Have you ever felt a tension when entering a room where there was an angry person? Our radiance has a direct impact on the people around us. What is the energy we wish to emanate? In the same way that light always prevails over shadow, if I am anchored in my solar center, in joy and unconditional love, bad moods, anger (the shadow of the other) will not reach me, I will surely even have the chance to see my good mood rub off on those around me.

Another message from the sun is that behind the shadow always hides the light, if you observe a shadow projected on the wall, it is because you are not looking in the right direction, the shadow is projected by the sun rays stopped by a physical form, in other words, the shadow is also the opportunity to observe the form of what is inside us and that does not let the light pass through yet. What in me still prevents me from radiating? What are my shadows? What are my fears?

It is interesting to observe the places where I don't want to shine or give love to someone, what are the places where I still have to forgive the other? The other being only the mirror of me loves me, it is a part of me that asks to be brought to light.

KIN 40 - 29/11

Yellow Magnetic Sun

Tone 1: Initiation: What is my goal?

I draw to myself situations that allow me to experience my divinity and my inner sun through the light of joy and unconditional love.

During these 13 days, let us learn to connect to our divine aspect, to vibrate the light of unconditional love for ourselves and for the other.

KIN 41 - 30/11

Red Lunar Dragon

Tone 2: What will be the challenge?

To experience my divinity and my inner sun through the light of joy and unconditional love.

The dragon accompanies us to observe our food, physical and psychic, we could complete the sentence, I am what I eat, by I am what I let enter and grow in my body.

How does what feeds me impact my vibration? How do I feed my thoughts, how do my thoughts become emotions and how do my emotions become moods? What is the energy that I want to grow in me? And in the other? We evolve in a space of constant co-creation, the energy that I deploy around me is the energy that I communicate to the other, I observe my conversations, my attitudes towards the other, are my words imbued with love? Let us nourish our ideals together.

Let's observe what goes into our body, the food of the mind (news, conversations, readings, etc...) But also the food of the body (food, water, tobacco, etc...) it's a good time to make some tests, and observe how our body, our energy reacts.

Guided by : The traveler of the red sky, I am invited to empty my bag, to refocus and move forward lighter, what are the habits that I want to get rid of? What are the new eating habits (body / mind) that I want to put in place?

KIN 42 - 01/12

Electric White Wind

Tone 3: How do I improve what I do? I identify solutions...

To experience my divinity and my inner sun through the light of joy and unconditional love.

Sometimes clouds loom on the horizon, blocking the sun, the wind is that light energy, which blows and moves the clouds. It speaks to us of communication.

I am becoming aware that the way I communicate influences my inner state, and my resonance outside, if clouds are present in my life, my communication can either trigger a storm, or make the clouds move away.

It is not a question of telling the other what he wants to hear, but of being able to express our truth without offending.

When I am connected to my heart, and my words are aligned with love for myself and the other, I can allow myself to express myself smoothly. 

Guided by the Embracing of White Worlds: I am accompanied to let go, perhaps on my need to be right? To convince? I let the messages get through by letting go of my expectations of results.

KIN 43 - 02/12

Self Existing Blue Night

Tone 4: How do I shape the process? What form will my action take?

To experience my divinity and my inner sun through the light of joy and unconditional love.

I connect to my inner world, to the dream space within me, I can visualize how I wish to live, what I wish to materialize, the dream space is an unlimited space, where we can draw, test, visualize sketches of what we wish to see materialize in the 3D plane.

I visualize how I wish to make my inner sun shine, what needs to be transformed in my reality to allow me to live my waking dream?

Guided by the blue storm: I would be guided towards transformation, sometimes the changes may seem chaotic to me, so I stay centered and confidently let go, the dream needs room to manifest itself, sometimes it is necessary to destroy to rebuild... What am I ready to let go?

KIN 44 - 03/12

Harmonic Yellow Seed

Tone 5: How to choose the best? What are my resources? My potential?

To experience my divinity and my inner sun through the light of joy and unconditional love.

The seed is the perfect representation of the pure potential contained within. Seeds are everywhere during the winter, underground, dormant ... They remind us of patience. When the sun comes closer in spring, the shell that protects the hidden potential softens. 

I observe how the sun softens my resistances, how with patience I can use this energy to blossom, to unfold my potential, I find security in my roots, anchored to the earth.

Under the sun, energy of unconditional love, ideas unfold. And if I doubt my connection, I remember that in the present moment, by living from day to day everything is perfect, the seed feeds on sunshine but also on rain.

Guided by the yellow human, I would use my free will by connecting to my inner wisdom to do the right actions, which unfold the light and potential within me.

KIN 45 - 04/12

Red Rhythmic Snake

Tone 6: How do I find balance and organize my resources?

To experience my divinity and my inner sun through the light of joy and unconditional love.

I observe what unfolds my desires (in life), what makes me vibrate, what warms my body, I listen to this inner wisdom, like sexual energy, linked to passion, it propels us forward.

Like the molting of the snake, we are invited to transformation. This glyph takes you to discover the strength of your vital energy, of your desires, it is linked to the energy of the kundalini, the energy which crosses the body. It is in my body that I find my resources to light the fire of the sun within me.

Guided by itself its power is doubled, I gain confidence in my inner guidance, in the messages of my body, I question what animates my body, a shiver? The beating heart? The depth of my breathing? A feeling of warmth? Cold? I am learning to trust my feelings.

KIN 46 - 05/12

Resonant White Worlds Interlacer

Tone 7: How do I resonate and open my perceptions?

To experience my divinity and my inner sun through the light of joy and unconditional love.

What is it that demands to die in me? Around me? What are the places where I still need to let go in order to release my resonance and radiance? I let the old die by asking myself the right questions, what are the patterns I wish to leave behind, what are the doubts, fears, habits, attitudes, that nourish my shadows? 

What are the places where I still try to keep control? I am invited to let go and put control back into the hands of the universe.

Guided by the white mirror: I observe in the mirror of the other and of the situations that present themselves to me the places that lack light and that require me to let go of my beliefs, my identifications or my attitudes.

KIN 47 - 06/12

Galactic Blue Hand

Tone 8: How do I integrate this learning to live my reality?

To experience my divinity and my inner sun through the light of joy and unconditional love.

How do I act to heal my limitations? The galactic blue hand speaks to us about how to live our reality immersed in light, if a barrier stands between you and the sun, between you and your joy, your inner love, it is important to identify it, and just like the previous wave taught us, to unravel the ball, where do the knots in me come from?

Guided by the blue monkey, it is often simple to heal a situation with a touch of humor. The blue monkey reminds us that "problems" belong to the world of adults who take themselves far too seriously. I connect with the joy of my inner child, to bring ease and lightness to any situation.

KIN 48 - 07/12

Yellow Solar Star

Tone 9: How do I give the impulse to realize my vision? Are my intentions clear?

To experience my divinity and my inner sun through the light of joy and unconditional love.

I give the impulse to the joy and love within me by deploying my creativity.

The star, since the dawn of time it has been a guide, like the North Star, which indicates the north, it reminds us in which direction we should look. It is an invitation to focus on beauty, on what makes our heart shine. Beauty is the form of sacred expression, the energy deployed to create, and in nature everything expands to create art ...

E^T=Art - (Energy Time Factor = Art)

Art is the divine expression of creativity through all that is, it reveals our solar nature ... or dark, like the artist whose moods we will guess according to the color and energy of his work.

I take responsibility for the colors I put in my life.

Guided by the yellow seed, I am accompanied to let my potential blossom, with patience and gentleness, to draw the work of my life with confidence in my creative ability and my inner beauty.

KIN 49 - 08/12

Planetary Red Moon

Tone 10: How do I do my best?

To experience my divinity and my inner sun through the light of joy and unconditional love.

The red moon speaks to us about emotions, it invites us to let our emotions flow with fluidity. It tells us about how we deal with our emotions, and how we can learn to improve our relationship to our emotions.

The moon invites us to free ourselves from it, to dare to express ourselves, everything we keep secretly inside us is only a poison that spreads slowly. To express ourselves is not to project our frustrations, our anger onto the other person, to express ourselves is to observe what is going on inside us consciously and to take responsibility for it.

Guided by the red earth, I observe the synchronicities, the messages of the earth, and the course of events in my life, which lead me to become aware of my blockages and limitations. Thus accompanying me in the deployment of my radiance.

KIN 50 - 09/12

Spectral White Dog

Tone 11: How do I turn difficulties into simplicity?

To experience my divinity and my inner sun through the light of joy and unconditional love.

What could be more normal in the wave of the yellow sun, that unconditional love is the tool that allows me to simplify all situations?

The white dog speaks to us about the energy of the heart, he speaks to us about fidelity to our heart, to the energy of love that emanates from it. I often use the image of the white wolf to talk about this glyph, which brings us back to the image of the clan to our partners of destiny.

One interesting thing between the wolf and the dog is that the dog may well be the evolution of the wolf. At what point do we decide to put away the fangs? Do you think the dog is submissive? or loyal? Or maybe he is crazy? Crazy to love? Mad to forgive? What are the places where we feel submissive? Locked in an imaginary cage?

When I let love pass through me, I realize that freedom is not something I have to fight for, or protect myself for... It is a state of peace and inner love.

Guided by itself its power is doubled, I learn to let my inner sun shine through unconditional love, there is no simpler way for peace within me.

KIN 51 - 10/12

Monkey Blue Crystal

Tone 12: How do I cooperate and interact with the other?

To experience my divinity and my inner sun through the light of joy and unconditional love.

What could be more normal for a child than to interact with the other, the image that comes to me is that of a child approaching an adult and saying "come and play with me?

For the child there is no doubt, no mistrust, there is only love and a thousand ways to express his joy of life ... He does not wonder if he should give love or not, he gives it when he feels like it, he is not afraid that his heart will be broken if he loves ... It is while growing up that the child loses his innocence ... Becoming each time a little more serious, a little more austere, a little more distrustful ...

The blue monkey invites us to connect to the innocence of our inner child, to his joy of life, to his authenticity, and to share this energy with the other.

The child stokes his inner fire, in joy, he plays the game of life with curiosity, without expectations, he is simply ...

Guided by the blue night: The child animates his inner fire, in the space of the dream, he dreams love, he dreams the game, he likes to dream, he likes to play, he plays continuously and creates a world in which he can dream and love.

KIN 52 - 11/12

Human Yellow Cosmic

Tone 13: How do I transcend the experience? To increase my joy and love?

Am I ready for the challenge? For 13 days I became aware of my inner sun, of my divinity, of my ability to unfold love around me. Am I ready to take responsibility for my free will?

It is the gift of human life, our greatest power, our free will, at any time we can choose how we interact with each other, how we make decisions, we have the choice and can experience absolutely anything we want.

Free will is the power of the human being ... 

"Great power implies great responsibility."


A bit of humor, but it is still an important message, our responsibility is to assume our choices, to assume the way we use our free will.

Are my actions and decisions in accordance with my heart? Do I live in the light of my joy or in the shadow of my remorse?

What's wonderful about this game ... is that we can change the course of history at any time, just take responsibility for our creation, 

So ready? Ready to play the human game? to make your choices? to let light and love vibrate through you in total responsibility? 

In awareness of who I really am

In lak’esh

(Mayan greeting: I am another you)

Alison - Magnetic Yellow Warrior

Galactic Activation Portal, days represented in green in the tzolkin, these days draw the pattern of the DNA helix present in the center of the tzolkin, they are considered as days where energies flow from different dimensions.

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