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Resistance to change, a sign of transformation

the barrier of the mind facing an imminent transformation

There is "this" moment, this moment, when something deep inside us, this awaken ... This feeling becomes persistent, and questions follow one after the other ... Dozens of whys ... Dozens of misunderstandings ...

Something tells us, you're on the wrong road, but we keep going headlong, the alarm clock will still ring at 7 am tomorrow morning, and we'll go sit behind our desk, repeat again and again the gestures we've already repeated so many times that they become automatic, like those moments driving our cars, when we start daydreaming, our mind escapes for a moment, on a road we know by heart, a road we already know the destination ...

And the conversations follow one another, the "coincidences", these moments or by chance appear in our actuality file, information about consciousness, about energies, about ancestral plants ... as messages on our road ... So many signs, so many signs, so many signs that we will continue to ignore ...

Until one day ... Something happens ... an accident, a trauma, a loss ... And our quiet little life is completely turned upside down ... And that's when ... we start to think about all these signs, all these moments ... Wondering if we could not have done things differently?

The parallel of human consciousness development on a personal level is found on a planetary level ... The signs are there, we know that something has to change, we burn and consume our planet in the same way that we consume excessively all the products at our disposal ... Because nothing, no nothing satisfies us ... Nothing is ever enough, we want more ... And yet we don't know what we want ...

Just like our way of life, our way of consumption, where we seem determined to go all the way, to destroy ourselves completely until we have no more choice ... when we have no more oil? no more water? No more forest So what? And in us, what happens to us? Are we waiting for despair? The fall, the death? before we start the transformation process?

Unconsciously, many are the mechanisms that we have put in place to keep us in our comfort zone (or rather discomfort zone), to keep us within our limitations, to stay the same.

Just like those people seeking to open up to love and constantly running away from it, opening up in the morning with an "I love you" and running away from the relationship in the evening, convincing themselves that this is not the right path and if we were responsible for the failures in our lives? For our relationship failures? Professionals? Because something inside us refuses to change, refuses to believe that we deserve better?

What are these two parts of us in constant struggle? These two characters who seem to be living our lives? One seeking evolution and one seeking involution ... Can you feel it? Those moments when you wake up one morning full of energy ready for anything, with confidence you know you will make it! And suddenly, another person takes the place, and fear rises, doubts, analyses of "why" it won't work ...

These two people live in us, at every moment...

Mind : Beware I get nervous

Heart: Relax

Mind: Where are you going?!?

Heart: I follow what I feel, trust me!

Mind: The last time you said that, things went wrong.

Heart : Relax ! ! Let me feel !

Soul : If you calm down, I will show you the map


To reconnect to our soul, to reconnect to the self ... to reconnect to the unaltered and unalterable part of ourselves ...

We are looking for the connection to this space of calm, fullness, immobility ... Without knowing what it means ... And until we experience it ... These parts of us will continue to doubt ...

When we are about to begin a big change in our lives, all our resitances, all our doubts are triggered... We find a thousand excuses, you know there is this retreat, this course, this training that you want so much to do, but no, it's not the time, I can't go, I can't do it, I can't get someone to take care of my children, who's going to take care of my cat... I wouldn't be able to afford it, and if it doesn't suit me? What if I'm not ready?

If you are here reading these lines, then it is not a coincidence... Whether you are aware of it or not, the transformation is already happening...

Take a moment here ... Breathe ...

The transformation is already happening ...

How do you feel when you read these words?

What are your thoughts?

What are your resistances?

Try to answer these 3 Questions before continuing to read this article ...

Our resistances are magnificent indicators of what remains to work within us, observe the reasons why you don't allow yourself to take the plunge? Whatever it is, I often see it in the conversations I have with participants before a retreat, but it can also be a travel you want to do, a job change, a move, or anything else that moves your heart.

Why don't you allow yourself to do it? Are you your priority? Sometimes we prevent ourselves from doing something because we think we can't afford it, just as love, abundance is an energy flow, do we feel worthy to receive? do you put another person's needs before your own? A relative? A spouse? A friend? A child? An animal? There are also those moments when fear invades us and we find a thousand reasons not to take the leap,

"it's too risky."

"What if it goes wrong? »

"What if I can't succeed? »

One of the first steps when we recognize this mechanism in us ... is to be able to dissociate ourselves, to disidentify ourselves from this limiting part in us ... It is not who we are ... It is not the "self" that refuses change ... Who prefers to remain in discomfort rather than take the risk of losing everything ... This part of us belongs to the mind, and tries to protect us ... Sometimes it is enough to disidentify ourselves from it, and with love reconcile with this part of us, reassure it, everything will be fine ... the best is at hand ...

Transformation is a small death, like the snake's moult, some cells of our being die, to give way to renewal, it is those parts of us who are afraid to disappear, and yet ...

Behind the door ...

There's more than you can imagine


In lak'esh

(Mayan greeting: I am another you)

Alison - Magnetic Yellow Warrior

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