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2021 Reconciliation - Merger of Yin and Yang

Duality - Paradigm Shifts

For several days, and even months, I have been receiving more and more information on the energies in progress, on what is happening around us. I think that like many I could not escape the wave of information of all kinds concerning the twin flames, leaving me at times caught up in this movement, which has unfortunately become a new dogma, a new belief.

What I have observed in me and around me is that many of us have received this call. Behind the concept are promises, unconditional love, fusion, self-alignment and awakening.

What energy higher than love could bring thousands of people to question themselves? To look inside, to reach this fusion space of well-being, of love.

It doesn't matter to me if what is said about it is true or not, because beyond any concept what appears to me is the link between all the information and energies that we can perceive.

In recent years, we have been hearing about the transition from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. And if we look at the graphic symbology of these two astrological signs, what we can see is a passage from duality to fusion.

PISCES : Two fishes turning their backs

AQUARIUS : Entry into the current, flow

What is happening in our relationships?

The last 20 years have marked a turning point in the family model, with a rising divorce rate, and an increasing difficulty to connect with those around us in the long term.

What creates the relationship?

In French, we have an expression to define our bonds, we say, we have "atomes crochus". In the analysis of this expression, it appears that the atoms of two people resonate, attract each other. And yet we have all already experienced, these relationships where we have been attracted, hooked into a toxic relationship. It is while trying to understand more about the concept of the body of pain, developed by Ekhart Tolle, that I began to understand that our "hooked Atoms" could also come from these two bodies of pain that enter in resonance.

My feeling is that the old relational paradigms were based on the compensation of the bodies of pain. Each partner clinging to the wounds of the other: "I take care of your wounds and you take care of mine".

My understanding of the Twin Flame paradigm is that in this new relational model, the bodies of pain no longer resonate but energetically repel each other. It is no longer a question of compensating for the other's wounds, it even becomes impossible, the resonance would take place at the level of the soul, the connection would remain permanent, but the bodies of pain would prevent this fusion.

The most meaningful image for me would be summed up in this way.

Yin and Yang cannot melt as deformed by the energetic bodies of pain spreading around.

This intense relational experience would awaken the primordial wound, the separation.

Plunging the ego into what we call the dark night of the soul that causes the collapse of many of the walls that had been built, in this space of intense fragility it seems that something takes place and begins to infuse.

The body of pain being also assimilated to certain parts of the wounded ego. Certain parts of the dynamics intervene as protections. The wounds of the soul have been precisely described by Lise Bourbeau, five in number, rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal and injustice. From these five wounds arise various egotistical behaviours. Who observed more closely, are protective mechanisms that we have put in place to protect ourselves in order to no longer relive these traumatic experiences and suffering.

Seen from this space, it seems that the ego is a loving ally and not an enemy. Doing its best in all circumstances. Whatever egotistically driven action comes from a source of love within us, a source that thinks it is acting for the best, consciously or unconsciously, this source tries to bring us back to love, to fulfill our needs. A wounded ego that acts as it can, with the cards at its disposal.

Allegorically, the ego has lovingly built our tower, placed all the necessary protections, dragons and other traps, to protect us from the outside. Leaving time for that part of us injured, our inner child, to grow, to learn, to wake up ...

What could happen if the ego began to dissolve, to become more malleable, to put itself at the service of the being, of the divine in the tower ...

It is only recently that I realized how our protection mechanisms work. About 2 years ago, I injured my hip during a yoga session. The pain was intense and it took me months to recover from the injury. Regularly this pain comes back to call me to order. About a week ago, during a training session with my coach, he asked me to take the same posture as the one that injured me (without knowing it), then he came towards me to support my stretching, and I immediately felt the fear rise inside me, the fear that he was pushing too hard, the fear of hurting myself again, For the first time, I observed this mechanism in confidence, and let it happen, and it was then that I realized that this wound no longer existed, yet the pain was still there, and I began to understand, how my body was generating phantom pain in order to prevent a new injury.

It's amazing how a life experience led me to understand a whole deep, subconscious mechanism, I then realized that the same mechanism of fear applied to all my emotional wounds, causing an imaginary pain, and reaction.

Our environment is designed to maintain and balance balance, which pushes us to act to restore the imbalances. In the case of danger, two reactions are possible : fleeing or fighting.

The problem is that the encoding in the reptilian brain of the danger has been distorted by some of our experiences. We react unconsciously to a similar situation, although it could be different.

It is here that I ask myself the question, should we heal our wounds? or realize that they no longer exist? become aware that they remain only scars, at the origin of our reactions.

What happens if we choose to surrender? to no longer fight? to no longer run away? And to face up to it? To face all the situations that present themselves to us?

In the world of personal and spiritual development, we very often hear about opening our hearts. Here we talk about opening our heart to life, to others to love. Going beyond our fears, and living, living each situation each experience, accepting that a person comes to lean on a wound, in confidence, can allow us to realize that the wound has disappeared.

The wound is already healed ...

The masculine and feminine in us are already healed, are already unified, complete, behind the walls of illusions.

In the energy that is spreading today, and this twin flame theme that keeps coming back, it seems clear that we are invited to pass through the veil of our pain, to answer the call of the heart.

My vision is that the harmonization of these two polarities, Yin and Yang, synchronizes and balances the natural cosmic energies, like the sun and the moon, in order to restore balance. To allow the exit from separation, duality, conflicts, balance, to restore a balance.

If what is at the most infinitely small is at the most infinitely large. Then what happens in us, in our relationships, reflects what is happening in the world.

It is more and more difficult to put words on what we live, each one according to his beliefs of his referential will try to explain it in one way or another, Aquarius era / fish era, Yin / yang, Masculine / feminine, shadow / light, Spirituality / economy, Fear / love.

We constantly experience extremes, looking for a compass point to find our center.

In the alchemical tradition, fire represents transmutation, beyond any concept, what is obvious is the change of paradigm, the transformation of our way of relating.

And this search for unity beyond the illusion of separation. Beyond what is right or wrong, beyond all duality. This materializes in different aspects of our lives.

Recently, many doors have opened to me, and I observe my fears and my resistance, of not being on the right path, of having made a mistake, or of not making the right decision. I observe my fears, those that prevent me from moving forward, but especially those that prevent me from opening up. And yet if I look back, everything seems incredibly perfect, every moment, every tear. Each step was necessary, each learning. How could I have known before I experienced it if it was right for me or not?

In this blue storm year, I have the feeling that the tower has collapsed. The energy that I perceive is going to take place, for 2021, is a paradigm shift, it's been a few weeks now that I've had this feeling of a cocoon around me, like being trapped, attached, from this feeling I've begun to realize that the feeling is taking me back to that of a cocoon, from this compressed space, which is beginning to tear, this feeling of transformation, of reconnection, of a new matrix, a new alignment and a new connection. An opportunity to move on to new projects, now that all our structural models, concepts of life have collapsed.

What are we connected to? To which matrix? To which energy stream? To fear? To love?

To make a device work, we need a positive pole and a negative pole, it is an electric current that circulates, just like our blood circuit, the clean blood travels through the body, then returns to the heart to be renewed... No question of working upside down, on a worn out energy, or on the past.

On which source of current do we function? What is the source? Where does the energy that motivates our actions come from?

What if the only choice, the only responsibility is to choose what we are connected to, and what if the rest is beyond our control?

Experiences and different awakening journeys, the Twin Flame Journey, or any other, call for a connection to the heart, to being.

And if beyond fears, we allow ourselves to experiment, to experiment through the heart, we cannot be wrong, because we always do our best ... Because we will never know what can happen before we try ...

All these memories of "past life" that we can draw from this collective consciousness already give us information about what we feel aligned or not ... For the rest, we have to discover it by ourselves.

The invitation today is a deep reconciliation of opposites, of the feminine and the masculine.

The fusion of opposites

Beauty in the difference

Deep acceptance of what is...

To experience everything that is not love in order to get a little closer to what it really is.

With Love


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