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PRESENCE - Love Of Ignorance


KNOWLEDGE Definition

sth. that we identify and take for granted as real

To my experience, there's only one word to express this concept in English,


whereas we have two in French

SAVOIR - VOIR ÇA (French) To know = I see that

language of the birds

I see so I think I know

I don't question what I see

What I see is the truth


Connaître : Co-Naitre (French) language of the birds

to be acquainted with/be born together

How about bringing something to life together ...

Now? I don't want to KNOW who you were yesterday.

I want to know you...

I want to know everything

In the Now...

And if I look into the void and admit I know nothing...

Then maybe I could know love...

I don't know what love is

But I can know it in the peace of presence...

If you discover your ignorance and integrate it, you stop fighting against it, and when you stop fighting, you enter into peace.

When you enter into peace, you discover that within human ignorance lies universal wisdom.

Wisdom that, when you reach it,

You reach it, united with all.

It's not a wisdom that excludes others

To make you believe that you are a wise, superior being,

and that others may need 5 or 6 more retreats.

That's not wisdom.

It's hiding my own ignorance

Pretending that I know, that I've understood, that I can see what others can't, when I haven't really managed to get by

Because I AM, in the present, and a human present means I know nothing.

A human present implies that I know nothing because human knowledge is based on the past.

If I'm in the present, it means I don't know how to behave with anyone.

I don't know

I have memories

But memories don't tell me how to relate to you now.

My memory of the relationship with a human being, my memory of the relationship with the participants, my memory of the relationship with my friends, my family...

I only have my memory of how to feel you,

how to feel...

My memories have no informative value

to learn how to relate to the present

because none of these memories make sense

To live the present experience

but we must assume this ignorance

many cultures have turned ignorance into a monster

Imagine realizing that your life is a mirage, that what you need to know about living in the present is not a monster, that you need to run away from it.

Because everything you need to know about connecting with yourself is already here.


You're in bed, you wake up, you roll over, you see your partner and you realize that you don't know how to behave at this moment.

Everything you knew is useless right now...

Everything is built around personal ideasHave you ever thought through and rehearsed in your thought space everything you wanted to say to someone... And by the time you told them, it was all gone?

Because what you're planning has nothing to do with the present...The present holds all the necessary information, it's absolutely perfect...



The Presence

Are we ready to assume that we know absolutely nothing, that everything we think we know is just an interpretation of reality?

Not long ago, I was watching a baby, screaming and crying ... And I could hear my own thoughts and those of the people with me ... Oh, how difficult this little one is ... He looks anxious. I was struck by what I saw ... Did we really know what this little one was feeling? Or do we think we do? And the intelligent mind will say ... Ah, yes, yes ... I felt it ... From birth, we're taught what we must be and what we must not be, we're taught to reject ourselves and others.And if I look carefully, it's a thought, a thought that runs throughSo if my thought tells me that such and such a person is like this? Is this reality? As I thought it then it becomes real?

We don't have the ability to see you through our thoughts

You don't have the ability to see others through your thoughts.

A thought is a single point of view

An interpretation

My thought at this moment is not this moment.

A thought is an imagination

Can you imagine having an experience with yourself based on an imagination?

I meant ... a Thought

I know my name and I know who I am

And what's more, I have a very clear idea of who you are.

Yes, that's what I'm thinking.


That I imagine

"I know who you are

And the way things are

They are as I tell you

And I have the truth

And you must see it"

Can you imagine putting up with that? Yet that's what we do all the time We see the other person and impose our thoughts on them as reality

Ah yes ... I know ...

If I'm in a relationship

I have to behave as I think a relationship should be,

In the end, I miss the possibility of a relationship between you and me

Relationships break down because we don't let them transform us

To be what they should be

It's better to leave the relationship

And love

Leaving the relationship means abandoning the idea of what I believe a relationship to be.

Everything has meaning, only the meaning I choose to give it...

A Meaning is an idea I have about how things should be.

I can't love if I have an idea of love

There's always something missing...

Where does this idea come from

That something is missing

Something to come

Something big

Something who must change

Can you imagine if we said something on a retreat that could really change your life?

What if I had the power to change something in you?

Can you imagine?

Do you understand?

There's nothing to change

Nothing to do

You're waiting for answers, to understand yourself?

To know who you are?

What you need to do?

If we wait to understand life before living it

When we can't understand it

Or understand an emotion or situation in order to live it

We generate unnecessary latency

If I enter into presence ...

Then maybe I can start to observe

Is there a broader way of looking at this situation that benefits everyone?

There's no one here unless you start thinking

Before thinking, there is a complete void

The moment I think

I think you're like that

And if I think I'm like that, I'll be trapped

Because I'll start acting the way I think I am

We've forgotten that we think in a way that's optional it's not my way of being

I'm not happy because something external is causing it

It's never me

that's the pattern of suffering

Am I ready to live in this moment of presence, where I know nothing?

Yes, I've done a lot in my life

But... I know nothing...

Too simple?

If I discover my presence, will I lose myself?

We think that presence is immobility...

No ... presence is pure life ...

Surrendering to life...

Every moment is charged with life

And we spend our time trying to be a better person, without realizing that in trying, we despise what we are now.

So yes, we can tell the other person

You're mediocre, you don't want to change

No, life will take care of that

I accept the way I am now

Shadow and light

I observe myself

Without judgment

I trust

I surrender

I stop trying to control, to mentalize

If not ...

I despise my presence

What is the most authentic and loving thing in the universe?

That which is capable of transforming anything

That which is capable of letting life in, touching you, overtaking you

When you stop defending yourself against life itself

In the face of Love

We constantly defend ourselves against what threatens our hearts

We don't let our emotions touch our hearts

Because we're afraid of it

I think about something, I don't want to think about it

I feel something and I don't want to feel it

Our life becomes a constant refusal

We don't want life

Because we constantly reject it

As everything is pure life, manifesting itself in every moment

I reject life through everything

Every situation, every person

I don't like this person, she has to change....

I don't like this situation, it has to change...

We are puppets of our Mind,


We think we know how things should be

You are in this moment

Always have been

Think about it

When have you not been in this moment? Never

Everything calls you to be aware

That here, now

everything is perfect

Only you ... your pattern of suffering ... prevents you from not enjoying this moment ...

Because you keep believing that something has to be different...

Because you make your own laws

The laws of healing, of personal development, of relationships, you decide.

And we like other people to be part of our creation...

There aren't any... sorry... There are no laws...

Only you decide...And what you decide will be your reality...

But you also want to impose your laws on others...

Because you hold the truth, you know it, you've lived it.

And so it must be.


It's very difficult to begin to understand

That you live alone,

in your life in your head

Under your own interpretations

That you listen to your own thoughts

Or the thoughts you think about what others think

And if you return to presence

You enter a void

A feeling no one wants to experience

We cling to our own way of thinking

Because beyond

there's absolutely nothing

Opinions and thoughts are alive in our experience

We ignore consciousness and the present whenever we express an opinion about what's going on

We can observe how

A thought

The one that generates pain

Or the one that generates joy

We can make decisions within our minds

When the thought arises, we can't do anything about it

Because it's already there

We've thought it

We've already given birth to it

Imagine giving birth to a child and saying: "No, no, no, I don't want it".

But we give birth to thoughts and we want to kill them

We give birth to thoughts all the time

And we don't know if they're true or not

They're there so that you can become aware of something

And if we navigate this space, we can see the places where our thoughts create conflict.

If you love a conflict from the depths of your being

you welcome it

And that conflict ceases to be in conflict with you

Because you stop being in conflict with it.

And this conflict becomes a moment

In which you learn to love what you didn't know how to love before.


There are no conflicts in your life

There are only moments

When you love ... or learn to love

And we've invented a third option

Either I love

Or I can learn to love

Or I Run away

Everything unresolved

Comes back into consciousness to be observed

For you to become aware of

Take pleasure

Enjoy being aware

Aware that you're having an experience you don't like

Enjoy not wanting to experience it

Everything you experience, you want to experience

Absolutely everything

Enjoy it

Love it

And that's how you love life

Welcome your anger, and ask your heart how it feels about your anger? It feels love

And when you fall in love with anger

It transforms All is energy, and energy can never disappear

Energy transforms, you can't destroy anger, you have to transform it

And fall in love with anger

Because you're here to learn to love everything

And the magic in this moment?

I don't have to pretend

And I have the luxury of being honest Of being me

Because I'm not who I think I am

How much time have you spent searching for something?

Have you heard of the spiritual quest? How many years have you spent in therapy? And yet it's so simple

To understand that we know nothing

And that there's nothing to be done.

The voice of the mind interprets everything

And interpretation is a lie

What I see is based on what I interpret

And what I interpret comes from the mind

How can I believe a system that lies to itself?

If I feel bad, I look for who or what is the cause of what I'm feeling Oh, I've picked up an energy from the other and I'm sure that's why I feel bad!

Or I look for who or what can satisfy me

Go away, you don't bring me satisfaction

Don't go, you bring me satisfaction

I'm FEARFUL of him/her touching me, of him/her getting to me

FEAR of losing you

What dynamic Fear - fear

How much energy do you spend every day trying to figure out what's going on?

Have you ever noticed that what you're feeling doesn't make sense until you give it the meaning you want it to have?

What happens when you realize that you're lying to yourself?

Nothing happens...

Because if you try to change it, you're lying to yourself.

When a thought uncovers itself and you try to change it, it locks itself in.

So if you're here because you're looking for a technique, a therapy, to change something, to manipulate yourself.

I'm sorry... it's not working.

You have nothing left... embrace everything...

You don't know who you are...

It's so hard... to dwell on how you feel, to let yourself be completely overwhelmed, to stop in the present.

Definition of Adult: A being who lives in an imaginary world of right and wrong. Of what should be, of what should or shouldn't happen.

It's very painful to think that what happens shouldn't happen.

It's so painful that we can't bear it, and we vomit it out onto others.

The natural state of human beings is to be in love, to feel in love with their own existence and their own life.

Others are part of our lives, and that's why we love others.

This is the natural, simple state of being human.

We complicate it by interpreting it

by believing that it's difficult to love

When we love from the depths of our being

We welcome the other

The other can no longer be in conflict with you

Because you stop being in conflict with them

You live in the moment

in which you learn to love what you didn't know how to love before.

From the otherFrom youThe other is me

For he is the mirror of my thoughts

But it's easier to think that the other is

That we're right about what we see

Asking the other to change

Instead of looking at ourselves

The part of ourselves we haven't yet learned to love

And if there's anything in this text that you think someone else needed to hear ... it's that you were the one who needed to hear it so badly ...

Alison Sarah

I'd like to add here a text that for me is the perfect definition of free will and a gateway to presence


"God created you in His image. The rest is a choice you made and forgot.

The only way to be happy is to love...

Everything that stands between you and the action of loving everything you see, feel or hear is the result of your ability to choose to experience something other than love.

It is this choice that generates a state of mind in which you can perceive yourself as still separate from your reality...

It's you who evaluates whether a situation can be loved or not, or whether someone deserves to be loved or not. Love doesn't do that; love simply loves."

Sergi T.

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