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Enchanted Wave of the Red Moon from October 24 to November 5, 2020

Dernière mise à jour : 28 oct. 2020

(Retrospective of the previous wave: Yellow Warrior)

How has life accompanied you to question yourself these last 13 days?

The wave of the warrior can be a confronting wave, with its questioning, it aims at realigning, putting our being, our life back in the axis of our being...

Only ask the question if you are ready to hear the answer?

In my own experimentation, one sentence stayed with me during a conversation ... We asked for awakening ... and sometimes we still try to close our eyes ... This sentence as a message stuck in me, and came back again through the reading of the third volume of O'manuscript of Lahrs Muhl ... It speaks of this awakening and the descent into the depths that allow us to reach the light ... A sacred balance between shadow and light ...

There are a few things in these achievements that bring me back to the warrior, being ready to move forward with courage, never giving up, staying connected to the heart, and daring to ask the right questions to move forward ...

The yellow warrior, solar warrior ... Bearer of shadow and light ... It seems that the strength of our light is equal to the shadow we carry, accepting our share of shadows is also part of the game, accepting that we are not all white or all black, but tinged with colored shades ... And yet choosing, again and again, how we will use our energy ... With compassion for ourselves, realizing that we always do our best, with the level of consciousness we have available at a given moment.

Another question came to me, about this notion that everything is perfect... If everything is perfect and if we always act in the perfect way, then what prevents us from doing harm? It is for me a strong question of meaning and really related to the energy of the warrior, in the end when we act in a certain way, even when we hurt a person, something in us was based on a good intention, to protect us for example, when we hurt someone, there is always that part of us, our conscience ... Who knows what is right for us or not ...

The warrior does not speak to us of moral and societal values, like those we have been taught, inculcated, they are much deeper values ... Much more anchored, and they are ours, we share some common values, and others not, for some it is right to be in relationship with several people at the same time, for others it is the value of the commitment to one person that will count. In the questioning of the warrior we will have been able to observe what are our values? What are the values we have been taught that do not belong to us? It is here that the energy of the warrior becomes confrontational, when we realize that there is no right or wrong answer ... there is only one answer ... and it is only found within ourselves ...

Enchanted Wave of the Red Moon - Empty your cup by letting the flow of emotions pass through

Through the cleansing and flow of emotions, the red moon is an invitation to connect with the cosmic seed within us.

the moon is a satellite, of emission and reception between the divine in us and the divine in everything.

The glyph of the red moon is deeply connected to the wisdom of the great masters and their teachings of self-control. When the moon raises the emotional tides of the waters within us, what will be our reaction. The moon causes the tides to rise and fall within us, to accompany us in the purification of our being, overflowing the overflows, lifting our shadows, sending the wounds that need healing back to the beach on sight.

Connected to myself, to my emotions, I let the flows of life flow through me, I let myself be guided at every moment,

In the inhalation and exhalation of the tides, I accept my vulnerability and sensitivity, in order to regain the flexibility and fluidity to move forward.

The red moon also represents the will to devote all the time necessary to the practice of certain spiritual disciplines until they become a part of you.

"Life happens through you, not to you"

The energy of the moon invites not only to the cleansing of our emotions, but also of all the programs and blocking energies that limit our connection to the divine at the source within us, to the cleansing of all the false beliefs and false light that cloud our judgment ...

It is sometimes difficult to clean up our beliefs ... to let them go ... We build towers, knowledge, beliefs to secure ourselves between what is real and what is not ... And when that tower collapses ... We can feel lost, drowned in the flood of information ... It's pretty close to breaking with a religion ... Our personal religion, or the beliefs we have made ours... It's hard to question everything... because nothing seems stable ... nothing seems to make sense anymore ...

Purify the space ... in order to leave more room or renewal ... to our being ...

KIN 209 - 24/10

Red Moon Magnetic

Tone 1: Initiation: What is my goal?

I attract to me the experiences that allow me to let my emotions flow by emptying my cup.

Tone 1, Magnetic, is the tone of the vibration of the creative heart, it is the energy that informs the quantum field, it is the starting point, the return to unity, it is the perfect moment to place your intentions. The magnetic tonality brings us curiosity, the ability to gather and condense energy through magnetization, to make a new start, to make choices and take new initiatives. It can also spread dispersion and impatience in its shadow, raise fear of moving forward, reflect places where we lack will and determination.

You may feel on edge during this period, the red moon carries the invitation to let our emotions flow through us, to feel, to feel, to express our emotions, our feelings, while fully accepting this soft vulnerability, our sensitivity.

Very often in front of a situation that is difficult to bear, a part of us learns to keep our emotions silent, in order to protect ourselves, and to avoid feeling pain, anger, hatred, humiliation. The other side of the coin is that we do not choose which emotions we keep silent, we simply become hermetic to feel, hermetic to life, because if we keep silent the sadness, the emotions of joy, of pleasure will also be passed under silence.

Body water encodes the secrets of our emotions, and fluidifies each exchange in our body. In the energy of the present time, the vision I received is that of a pressure cooker, where the water brought to boiling is also put under pressure ... Between the different current events, and the reflection in our personal lives, I feel this period as an intense moment, we are brought to boiling, so that the overflow is extracted, the cup is full and this is the whole message of the red moon "I let my emotions flow by emptying my cup".

KIN 210 - 25/10

White Dog Lunar

Tone 2: What will be the challenge?

To live the experiences that allow me to let my emotions flow by emptying my cup.

In tone 2, Lunar, we experience duality, the challenge of matter, the polarization that reveals our inner conflicts, the places that need to be balanced. We will be led to face extremes, and to consider the challenge as a new adventure. Be careful not to fight or refuse the obstacles of duality, it will be necessary to observe our shadows and to learn how to position ourselves in balance .

The challenge will be to stay in love, even in times of emotional turmoil.

I observe the places where I lack fidelity to my heart, or I act and express myself from the places of the wounds within me. What are the relationships that I attract to me? What am I creating?

During this time I would be invited to reconnect to my heart, guided to recognize my partners of destiny, and to see beyond my emotions, to cleanse the past, to cleanse false beliefs of what love is, to get a little closer to what it truly is.

What are the places where I attract to me situations that lack love? Which corroborate my limiting patterns and lack of self-esteem?

What are the unloving attitudes that I tolerate? What are my attitudes that the other tolerates?

The white dog is the archetype of the spiritual master, inspiring through love, he reminds us that this guide is present in us at every moment.

Each relationship takes us toward healing fear patterns in order to increase our capacity to love.

The white dog speaks to us about the energy of the heart, he speaks to us about being faithful to our heart, to the energy of love that comes from it. I often use the image of the white wolf to talk about this glyph (sirius), which brings us back to the image of the clan to our destiny partners.

One interesting thing between the wolf and the dog is that the dog may well be the evolution of the wolf. At what point do we decide to put away the fangs? Do you think the dog is submissive? or is it loyal? maybe it is crazy? Crazy to love? Mad to forgive? What are the places where we feel submissive? Locked in an imaginary cage?

When I let love go through me, I realize that freedom is not something I have to fight for, or protect myself ... It is a state of peace and inner love ... Acceptance and integration of the other, of myself.

Guided by the white wind: I observe the way I communicate, and even if I'm on the edge of my skin, I'm asked to watch my words, staying connected to the heart.

KIN 211 26/10

Electric Blue Monkey

Tone 3: How do I improve what I do? I identify solutions...

To live the experiences that allow me to let my emotions flow by emptying my cup.

In tone 3, Electric, the energy is diffused, it is the creative principle, the trinity, the passage from immobility to movement. It accompanies us in the activation of our creativity in order to identify the solutions at our disposal. In the shadows, we may tend to forget ourselves, or not to respect our inner rhythms, to want to put ourselves into action too quickly pushed by an electric dimension of hyperactivity.

The monkey is the archetype of our inner child... he invites us to reconnect to the innocence within us, to stop taking this game too seriously.

It is also the representation, of the conscious self, beyond matter, the one who plays life with simplicity, confidence, fluidity, who marvels at the magic it accomplishes ...

What we are struggling to conceive ... It is that the illusion of matter, as tenacious as it is, is nothing but an illusion.... To recover our innocence is to leave behind us all grounds for judgment, and to open the door to life ... To be open to receive all that we deserve ...

In the depths of our hearts, lives the inner child ... Wisdom, innocence, trust, simplicity, joy ... A magical state from which everything is possible ... It is the forgotten secret ... Forgotten by the adult who thinks he has to protect himself ... It is the secret of invulnerability ... In his state of innocence, of "TRANSPARENCY", the blue monkey becomes invincible, there is no possibility to reach him, the arrows, the blows, the evils, the trials of the outside world become his playground, he makes his way in this world, a luminous path, a path of consciousness ...

We have forgotten why we are here, we have forgotten what it is to be human... We are adults, far too serious, far too adult... Rigid under our masks, under our protections, looking for stability, security... Building a monolithic structure... Cold... More like death than life...

Life is movement, unforeseen, beauty, fluidity, torrent... Life expresses itself in the unexpected (one expected) ... Reconnecting with the inner child, is letting life pass through us again, with confidence, regaining joy and spontaneity, in order to live fully, and vibrate each moment intensely.

Guided by the blue eagle: I am invited to take a step up in order to observe each situation from a higher point of view.

KIN 212 - 27/10

Self Existing Yellow Human

Tone 4: How do I shape the process? What form will my action take?

To live the experiences that allow me to let my emotions flow by emptying my cup.

Tonality 4, Self-Existent, speaks to us of alignment, of foundations, of a solid base. It is the moment to manifest, to create, to develop our projects. On these solid foundations this tone accompanies us to find autonomy and efficiency by showing practicality and determination. Beware of places where in the shadows I could be self-exempt, where sometimes stuck in my old patterns, my need for control could manifest itself.

I learn to let my emotions flow by using my free will wisely.

What if we really had the ability to choose? What if by a simple choice we could completely change our reality? I can already hear the mind getting restless ... no it's not possible, it would be too easy ...

To whom have we entrusted our decision-making power? Where is the lack of love for ourselves, the lack of self-confidence that has led us to let others make decisions for us?

For far too long humans have handed over the keys of their power and their ability to decide to masters, sages, priests, churches, kings, governments ...

Today we complain that we live in a world that does not suit us, even though we prefer to leave the responsibility of running our lives to others.

It would be unwelcome for us to feel guilty, just to recognize that we refuse to take responsibility ... That we are afraid to make decisions, to make mistakes ...

The yellow human teaches us the power of free will, the power of the human, the universe to a total respect for this law ... "asks and receives" ...

By his free will, Midas, the golden human, transforms everything into gold, he becomes the philosopher's stone of his life, by our choices, our actions, our decisions, our thoughts, we create a new reality, a new dream ...

Guided by the yellow star: I am invited to see the beauty in everything, to make the decision to turn my gaze in the direction that raises my vibratory rate.

KIN 213 - 28/10

Harmonic Red Sky Traveler

Tone 5: How to choose the best? What are my resources? My potential?

To live the experiences that allow me to let my emotions flow by emptying my cup.

Tonality 5 harmonic, the first bar, it speaks to us about stability, what can we rely on to move forward? This tone invites us to grow, to have confidence in ourselves. It can also awaken our doubts or the abandonment of our power of decision that we may tend to entrust to the other.

Our life is similar to a journey, we take the road, arrive at a crossroads, have to make choices ... On the road we learn a lot of things, we pick up things that we come to put in our bag, because they may well be useful for later.

These objects are our beliefs, our attitudes, our opinions, our judgments, our knowledge ... They are all the information we have received at one time and that allow us to analyze and understand what is around us.

All that we have put in our bag has been useful to us at a time, they are tools that have allowed us to move forward, to experience, our reality, at a given time.

To empty our bag is to thank our old patterns, to observe what are the attitudes and beliefs that allow us to move forward and those that keep us in characters that we no longer want to play.

The traveler has this adventurous energy, and this taste for the unknown, we never know what will happen on the way, are we ready to move towards the invisible? To take risks? To go beyond the barriers of our limitations? Of the mind?

Guided by the red dragon: I observe what feeds me and unfolds in my womb.

KIN 214 - 29/10

White Rhythmic Wizard

Tone 6: How do I find balance and organize my resources?

To live the experiences that allow me to let my emotions flow by emptying my cup.

Tonality 6, Rhythmic speaks to us about dynamic balance, how to find our center, it is the stability of the being in movement. This tonality allows us the realization of our wishes, provided we do not fall into the shadow of the restless mind, which can overwhelm us and make us lose our balance.

The white magician is the archetype of the shaman, of the creator, of the conscience, calling us to the discovery of the self, of the soul to recover the confidence, and to explore the sacred dimension of our being.

Which magician am I? What do I manifest in my reality? Am I a white magician? Or Black Magician? I observe the situations that I manifest to me, do I manifest my dream? Or my fears?

I take responsibility for my power, I take responsibility for my illusion ...

Connected to the present moment, I observe what I manifest around me, am I supporting the programs of the mind and ego? Am I creating my highest reality? Or am I conforming to the encoding of the old matrix?

I create my reality from my beliefs, some beliefs come from my family, and some come from the social system I live in... It can be beliefs like "you're not smart enough to do this" or "you need a degree to succeed" or "to earn a living you have to work hard". All of these phrases make up the code of our limiting beliefs, if we can observe them, and realize that we create our reality from them, then we will be able to transmute our codes.

Guided by himself his power is doubled, I observe the way I create my reality, if I am the creator of my reality, I am also the creator of my emotions ... What do I create in consciousness to make my cup overflow?

KIN 215 - 30/10

Aigle Bleu Résonnant

Tonalité 7 : Comment j’entre en résonance et ouvre mes perceptions?

Pour vivre les expériences qui me permettent de laisser s’écouler mes émotions en vidant ma coupe.

La tonalité 7 apporte quelque chose de mystique, qui va bien au-delà des frontières de la matière, une résonance dans le champ de création informationnel. Cette tonalité nous connecte à notre intuition et entre en résonance avec les besoins du coeur. Dans son ombre nous pouvons être aveuglés et ne pas voir les signes en nous déconnectant de nos besoins réels sous l’emprise de nos attentes.

L’aigle bleu nous rappelle que nous faisons partie de la même famille mondiale, que nous sommes tous reliés, et que notre vision impact la globalité, j’observe les flots des émotions en moi, fractales des eaux émotionnelles du collectif…

Nous n’avons rien d’autre à faire que de revenir au centre, en nous-mêmes, pour laisser jaillir notre essence et l’offrir à la planète. En choisissant ce que nous décidons de voir dans notre réalité, en croyant en nous-mêmes, en croyant en nos rêves, pour tisser la matrice du réseau cristallin connecté au coeur de lumière.

Je prends de la hauteur, j’observe les situations, les chemins, la carte de ma vie, depuis un point plus élevé, tout devient plus simple lorsque je m’observe sans m’identifier.

Guidé par la main bleue : Je suis accompagné à agir pour guérir et déployer ma vision

KIN 216 - 31/10

Yellow Warrior Galactic

Tone 8: How do I integrate this learning to live my reality?

To live the experiences that allow me to let my emotions flow by emptying my cup.

Tonality 8 invites me to find my energy flow, just like breathing in and out, how does this flow allow me to live my reality and radiate who I really am? Infinity ... I act with coherence and integrity, when my heart and mind are aligned towards a common goal. In the shadows I could cut off the flow by a feeling of injustice, or suffering that pushes me to stop listening to my heart or to act selfishly. By letting love flow through with confidence I maintain my connection to the source.

Reflecting the previous wave, The Yellow Warrior questions our values, and our integrity. Dare to question yourself, question yourself, honestly, for yourself (loves me). Are there still places where you don't dare to be yourself? What are the places of insecurity in you? What are the places where you are not yet aligned with your heart?

Through questioning, I regain the courage to move forward, by regaining my integrity, my righteousness, I dissolve the lies by the sacred verb (it creates), I denounce my limiting characters.

I center myself in self-confidence, I dare to move forward with courage, beyond the mind, the ego ... Beyond my emotions ... connected to my heart.

Guided by the yellow sun: I am accompanied to radiate my highest vibration connected to the values of the heart.

KIN 217 - 01/11

Red Earth Solar

Tone 9: How do I give the impulse to realize my vision? Are my intentions clear?

To live the experiences that allow me to let my emotions flow by emptying my cup.

the solar tone 9, is the tone of incorporation, it is a moment of fulfillment where we finally bring learning to light, what is manifested to us on this day? It invites us to align ourselves to our will with motivation to set the movement in motion. In the shadows it can bring out the places of impatience, anxiety and impulsivity, if our intentions are not clear before we put ourselves into action.

(Portal 111 - 01/11/2020 = 7)

1 Portal for new beginnings, new start, success, uniqueness. Inner wisdom, intuitive, rapid manifestation of thoughts in our reality.

7 Awakening of consciousness, awakening of our perceptions, connection to the soul, to our life path.

In reflection of the previous wave, I use the learning of the red earth, I synchronize myself to the cosmic and galactic rhythm, to the rhythms of the heart to receive synchronicity.

The red earth tells us about the thread of synchronicity ... Who creates synchronicity?

We have often tended to trivialize the unbelievable, reducing synchronicities to mere coincidences, luck, Murphy's law and others.

If we have the capacity to create our reality, wouldn't it also be possible that a part of us is at the origin of these synchronicities? A superior "I" ? an inner guide ...

Guided by the traveler of the red sky: I empty my bag, empty my cup, to travel light, pillar between heaven and earth.

KIN 219 - 02/11

White Planetary Mirror

Tone 10: How do I do my best?

To live the experiences that allow me to let my emotions flow by emptying my cup.

Tonality 10, planetary (Planet Earth), is the reliance between two worlds that align, between intention and manifestation, what the essence the 1 wishes to manifest in the field of possibilities the 0. This tonality allows me to anchor myself solidly and to go beyond the duality of judgments, of good and evil, it invites us to enter a space of acceptance. In the shadows I observe that the places of requirement and search for perfection, could take me away from the inner harmony.

I question what is reflected in my reality?

By observing everything as part of us, we take back the power over our creation, we take responsibility, realizing with compassion that we are the cause of everything we manifest, what surrounds us is only the effect of the energy we diffuse around us. The trap of the mirror, is to project on the other, judging, criticizing, what we observe, holding the other or situations responsible, for the cause, for what lives inside us, forgetting that the other does not exist, that there is nothing outside but the reflection of what lives inside.

Face yourself ... Face your own reflection, in each situation, in the other ... What are you creating? Truth, beauty, love or illusion ... The mirror will show you the places where you need to be discerning, to clean the web of illusion, to leave more room for truth, love, in your reality.

Guided by the Yellow Warrior: We are invited to use our free will with wisdom and courage in the service of the values of the heart.

I observe the mirror, what is reflected back to me by the other and what surrounds me, I observe events, how I create my reality, what is happening around me, am I satisfied with my reality?

The mirror invites me to clean the canvas, becoming aware of my responsibility, what I see in the mirror is none other than the reflection of my own thoughts. The mirror is a gift, a powerful tool to observe and improve what surrounds me.

The mirror allows me to observe and question myself, what are the places where I do not feel aligned with myself, the places or situations that still lack love, or anchoring, so that I can align myself with the path of life, the most peaceful for me.

Guided by the interlacing of the white worlds: I let go and let the old one die, in order to access new spaces in the mirror of my reality.

KIN 219 - 03/11

Spectral Blue Storm

Tone 11: How do I turn difficulties into simplicity?

To live the experiences that allow me to let my emotions flow by emptying my cup.

The spectral tonality catalyzes energy in letting go, it is the moment when we send energy to the universe, transforming the last resistances, with lightness and simplicity. This tonality accompanies us to open-mindedness and allows us to live the changes with greater ease, accompanying us to release blockages. In the shadows we may feel lost in the face of change or loss of control.

And if the vase of our emotions has not overflowed enough, the blue storm will activate the necessary transformation and transmutation ...

The storm will come to confront us, asking us once again to let go of what we no longer need in order to access this space of transmutation within us.

The storm rises, and creates two spaces within us, a space where water and winds rage and ravage ... And a space in the center of the storm ... Where in the eye of the storm reigns a space of peace and absolute silence, from which I can observe in confidence, this great cleansing, in gratitude ...

It reminds us to remain centered so as not to be caught in illusion, doubts, fears, attachments, it also accompanies us to observe our limits.

In spite of the apparent chaos... It is a space of rebirth...

And what is chaos? If not a point of view of the ego ... The ego, the mind ... That part of us, who thinks he knows ... Who thinks he knows what is best ... for us ... for the planet?

Guided by itself, its power is doubled: I accept the transformation by letting myself be carried by the current at the bottom of the wave, I hold my breath, I stop struggling, I let myself slide in confidence.

KIN 220 - 04/11

Sun Crystal Yellow

Tone 12: How do I cooperate and interact with the other?

To live the experiences that allow me to let my emotions flow by emptying my cup.

Tonality 12, crystal, energy of union, community of connectivity ... By recognizing the other as part of me, I learn to integrate myself into the collective, to put myself at my service through service to the other. In the shadows I could isolate myself, withdraw into myself, losing confidence in the other and in myself.

What do I radiate? What is the energy that emanates from me? What deprives me of my light? How do I restore the balance within me to move forward each day?

If I observe my energy, I can see how my posture impacts my energy, how a smile can change my vibration.

The highest energy and the highest radiance that I can emanate through the presence "I AM" is the energy of love, through my radiance and the energy of love that I deploy, I activate the transmutation of energy in me and around me.

The sun reminds us that if I see a shadow cast, it is because I am not looking in the right direction. What is it in me that still prevents me from radiating? What are my shadows? What are my fears?

It is interesting to observe the places where I don't want to radiate or give love to someone, where I still have to forgive the other person? The other being only the mirror of me loves me, it is a part of me that asks to be brought to light.

Guided by the yellow human: I use my free will wisely in order to shine for the collective.

KIN 221 - 05/11

Cosmic Red Dragon

Key 13: How do I transcend the experience? To increase my joy and love?

To live the experiences that allow me to let my emotions flow by emptying my cup.

What am I creating in my matrix? Within the cosmic egg? Now that I have cleansed my matrix?

The dragon is the representation of the primordial matrix ... How do I feed myself, how do I feed the other, how do I feed my projects? What is the energy I offer myself to advance on my path ?

What do I nourish around me ? à What do I give my energy ?

Do I nourish joy and love within me? or do I nourish fear, anger, sadness?

Do I feed my fears? Or my dreams?

Just like certain foods that make us heavy and prevent us from moving forward physically, I observe the way I nourish my body and my psyche, what really gives me the energy, the desire to move forward?

Do I use my energy to co-create in love and peace? or do I co-create through defiance, revenge, strategy, protection and fear?

Consciously or unconsciously, we nourish the manifestation of every situation, every relationship that presents itself to us, we create our way step by step. We can make the choice at any moment to continue to nourish our old patterns, these characters in our lives. Whether we are for or against, something or someone, we feed the pendulum movement that keeps the system in place. The only way to stop the movement is to consciously choose what we want to nourish, and no longer give our energy to the parts we want to see disappear.

In consciousness of who I really am

In lak’esh

(Mayan greeting: I am another you)

Alison - Magnetic Yellow Warrior

: Galactic Activation Portal, days represented in green in the tzolkin, these days draw the pattern of the DNA helix present in the center of the tzolkin, they are considered as days where energies flow from different dimensions.

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