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Mayan Year 2021/2022 - Yellow Electric Seed

The year 2020 / 2021, will have been a year of the most stirring, under the sign of the blue lunar storm, it is by the challenge brought by the chaos that we have been pushed to the transformation.

On a general level, we have all seen how the health crisis has impacted our way of life, questioning our values, our freedoms, our choices. A year of turmoil that will have plowed the earth so that we can come and plant the seeds of a new year. I have been able to observe for a few weeks through the different people I accompany that the energy has increased, I believe that the last 15 days before the full moon of July 23 will have come more than ever to shake us up. In these stages of change, I was able to sadly note how fear leads to division, when humans get caught up in the energy of fear, our reactions become more unconscious, illogical and aggressive than the others. Fear divides us, each one being a little more afraid of the other, and being ready to project it aggressively, "it's the other's fault"... When our fears invade us, it becomes easier to project on the other than to take responsibility for our own creation.

When all our patterns, our beliefs, our ways of life are shattered, then it also reveals our darker sides, it is when we are faced with certain difficult situations that we have the opportunity to act or react, with fear, or with love.

I believe that it is the seeds we have planted in previous years that will take root and begin to bloom... what we have planted... and what will come out of the ground... And if events come to confront us again, will we take responsibility for our own seeds? Or will we blame our neighbors?

We are invited to remember that we create our reality, it is the white magician as a karmic glyph that will remind us, everything we manifest comes to resonate with what is inside us.

The blue eagle reminds us once again that it will be necessary to look at the big picture. Things could be very different from what they seem.

The star j'aune reminds us again and again that in order to make beauty grow, it is up to us to breathe this energy into it, by keeping our eyes fixed on the light, by breathing this energy into all that is.

Finally the red earth will come to accompany our manifestations, the energy catalyzed by our thoughts unfolds to create our reality.

Between July 26, 2021 and July 25, 2022, this energy will come to bring us the possibility of germinating, growing, blooming a new reality...

Again I will invite everyone to observe with responsibility what is happening in their lives ...

You are the one and only person who can nurture your reality, and if events come up to confront you, you are the creator. This year is an incredible opportunity to unfold your full potential, but it will also be revealing of all that nourishes your inner self.

The other does not exist, he is a mirror, a reflection of you that has come to show you what lives within you. To take back your power is to take back your responsibilities, on your life, your creation, your fears...

In what world do you live?

In fear?

In love ?

In joy ?

In resentment ?

In anger?

In dissatisfaction?

The trick is not to get into a loop of guilt or victimization, we chose each trial, each moment of our lives because we knew we had the capacity to face it.

Every situation that comes your way is an opportunity, to react with fear or with love.

The seed carries with it the innocence of creation, which unfolds constantly following the movement of energy in it, life is not responsible for the energy that is breathed into it, it grows by following the current.

To create one's reality in consciousness is to channel and grow the energy with which we wish to flood our reality.

Consciousness is a garden

And it is not by judging the other's garden that you will make yours more pleasant. Even less by projecting your anger, I believe that here is one of the lessons we will all have to pass this year.

A return to love, compassion, an awareness that we know nothing, the humility to question and not judge, the choices or actions of the other who is you.

The seed invites us to return to the center to oneself,

Unfolding the beauty

From the center of the mandala

Message from the Mystic Shaman Oracle


SIGNIFICANCE The Serpent is the life force of Mother Earth. The coiled serpent of the Kundalini brings passion, healing and renewal. It offers us the fruit of the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden, and reminds us to shed the past just as it sheds its tired old skin. The Serpent comes to offer you the forbidden fruit that will unleash your passion and creativity.

INTERPRETATION The power of the Kundalini snake vibrates in your chakras and asks you to gently embrace its mystery. Get rid of the old skin you are so attached to and enjoy the delicate pink skin of your lower abdomen that will allow you to experience new things in your life. Your passion and sexuality are awakening, and it can be scary. Trust the wisdom of the Snake to transform your sensual energies into a beautiful and original manifestation.

THE STRATEGY When you gracefully leave the past behind, everything will be much better and run smoothly, and that's exactly what you want. Don't use your energies to seduce others, or let yourself be seduced, even by your own ideas!

THE RATTLE SIGNIFICANCE The rattle is the instrument that implores the Spirit and spreads the shaman's prayer to the people on its axis. With the help of the rattle, the healer invokes what she wishes to see happen in her future and ends with the prayer: "Great four directions. The body of the rattle represents the Earth that Spirit, thy will be done!" The Rattle advises us to pray for all of the earth, not just our personal needs. When we offer our prayers for the greater good of all, everything we need is provided.

INTERPRETATION The Rattle comes to invite you to work with the tools of the Spirit, but be careful, for they are very sharp and can hurt you and others if not used with care. Put aside Your old tools and take up the drawing instruments of the Spirit. You are consciously engaging in a partnership with the divine. This is the time of courageous acts. Don't let your hesitation get in the way of your expression.

THE STRATEGY You want to get God's attention by whispering, not shouting. What you are trying to design according to your own desires and expectations is already there in front of you. Do not turn the world to your advantage alone, hand over the tools of the Creator, which are to be used to serve a divine purpose.

In awareness of who I really am

In lak’esh

(Mayan greeting: I am another you)

Alison - Magnetic Yellow Warrior

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