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The desire to die - Human programming

Dernière mise à jour : 10 avr. 2022

Recently I realised that human lives with the desire to die.

And I have lived like this for so long,

Forgive me, but I have tried to turn this sentence upside down and I couldn't think of any other way to start this article.

But when do you stop wanting to live?

I've been going around in circles on this subject for a long time now, and I've been observing the different mechanisms that have bound us to this fate.

So we are born, we grow up, we grow old and we die. That's the well-defined programme that sounds like a fatality. If we push a little more, we are born, we grow, our cells develop, and then after 18 years, we begin the process of self-destruction of the body, if so, Science course first year secondary school, after 18 years even our brain begins to disintegrate slowly by losing grey matter.

So on that basis we live, with the underlying idea that we have to prepare ourselves to die. I don't know if you can feel the impact this has on you, on your cells. It's like a gradual numbing.

On a spiritual level, human lives with the desire to die, as if this life is a prison, in which he comes to atone for the sins of past lives, so the goal is to endure the unbearable, to face the worst horrors while remaining in faith and love, hoping to get out of this karmic experience, and return to the source, to return to the divine, to paradise, to a place where everything will be much more peaceful. In short, I will endure for as long as it takes but the grail is death. All this smells of joie de vivre, don't you think?

Today, at no time does the idea of living, of living long, really long, cross our minds, so if thought is creative and if the belief of death creates our reality... What are we creating?

In the Middle Ages human lived an average of 25 years, since then our bodies have evolved to reach 100s of years, there seems to be a natural movement towards life taking place, and yet death remains the only destination we consider.

There is a question I have been asking myself for a long time,

why does the soul agree to return again and again to this infernal cycle, why do we keep reincarnating?

To suffer? to experience trials? to learn? really? Do you believe it? Do you honestly believe that you, up there, if you were told that you were reincarnated to do experiments, would you sign the contract? Or that you would get good points in front of your divine father?

The day I received the answer, everything became so clear to me...

"To Live"

the soul wants to live!!! The souls want a body !!!

When I connected with this information my whole internal structure started to be transformed, it was as if a wave of joy started to run through my body, I could feel this joy inherent in the soul, in life.

And the soul loving this body, merging with this body, trying to keep it alive, to regenerate it.

For years now, we have had proofs, testimonies, of extraordinary healings, as if human was capable of activating the regeneration of his tissues, of his bones. As if inside oneself, life, could be the reason for all pathologies and all wounds. As if something always contained the information of a healthy body and could come and inform the body and activate all the healing processes. So why shouldn't it be the same for regeneration?

As I looked at the body's feelings, I began to wonder what it feels like to be a newborn baby, to have your eyes opened to life, I felt like I was touching a familiar sensation, a desire to live, I realised that the reason children inspire us so much is because of their innocence and purity, but also because of the incredible gleam of ecstasy in their eyes, a desire to live life to the fullest, a wonder and a full and deep joy of owning a body, of exploring it.

And one day something happens, a bereavement, and we are told, that's life. Like an inevitability, an obligatory path. It is the activation of a program of a belief that will begin to create our reality, this belief shared by all, clearly feeds our collective consciousness

"At present, it is believed that the surrounding world exists independently of us, that it exists itself, that it exists, so to speak, objectively, and all that is left for human is to study this world, to study its regularities so that they can be used for the benefit of the population. In reality, this is not quite true.

Why is such an idea widespread?

"Every morning human sees the sun rise and every evening he sees the sun set, human sees a regular change of seasons, and the seasons alternate in one and the same order, the North Star and the other stars are always in the same places in the sky; if we drop an object, it, like Newton's famous apple, always falls downwards. All these phenomena occur again and again and this gives human the impression that they occur independently of his existence, that they are objective phenomena beyond his control, and that he is dealing with an objective world, existing independently of him. And this is a great mistake in human's understanding.
In order to know the real situation, it is necessary to introduce the concept of collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is the fusion of the consciousnesses of all individuals. We will see later that the collective consciousness should include the consciousness of other beings, for example, animals and, on the whole, the consciousness of everything that exists.
In the collective consciousness there are certain stable and persistent opinions. These opinions are stable because they are formed from the average of the ideas of the entire human population.
Each person has their own beliefs, their own opinions, their own view on each subject, and they may be very different from those of another person. But if you look at all the people, and there are a lot of them, and you average out those opinions, the collective consciousness will have some consistent idea about all things. And it is these same collective beliefs about different things that people perceive as objective reality. The illusion is created by this same persistence of belief which results, although it is only the average of a large number of objects; in this case it is the average of the beliefs existing in people's consciousness. "
Grigori grabovoi

What would happen if we started to open ourselves to another possibility, that of living? The first point is to want to, because the world we have created feeds this desire to "get out".

In the last century we have begun to admit the eternity of the soul, or the eternity of that part of us that never disappears even after death, could we admit that this part is fundamentally linked to a deep desire to live?

Recently I understood an important point which lies in the notion of choice, the choice to live, but also the choice to leave a body to reinvest in another one later, or not, in the end, the deeper we enter this field, and the greater the feeling of freedom, there are no more limits, rules, simply those we impose on ourselves, and only one law, that of the heart.

I believe that the vibration I wanted to carry is a re-connection to the desire to live, fully. It is a decision, it is also a decision to no longer take the road of our suffering, to continue to feed "processes", experiences of suffering, with the underlying belief that these processes will make you grow, that the way of the cross will lead you to enlightenment.

Look for a moment, if I have the belief that painful processes make me grow, or awaken, and I want to move forward, grow, awaken, then what am I going to create?

There is a great deal of responsibility for our lives, what benefit do we consciously or unconsciously get from a life full of trials? What beliefs still need to evolve? for me, and for the collective consciousness.

What if it were possible to live forever? What would my life be like? What would my days look like if I did not plan my death?

What if paradise was really here?

Alison Sarah

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