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The Illusion Of Rejection

The quantum leap from separation consciousness to fusion consciousness

The rejection is the result of the five wounds of the soul, even if we look more closely at the main, original wound.

In a way this wound is inherent in our life experience, we go from a state of fusion with unconditional love, with the universal womb, with the womb, to a state where we are expelled, REJECTED, from this womb of this state of fusion.

What is incredible is that we will spend years of our lives recreating this wound, in all possible and unimaginable forms, we will feel rejected by our parents, not being able to be what we want to be, rejected by others because we don't act in the same way, we will reject the other because something is bothering us. In the end if we look at the 5 original wounds studied in psychotherapy :






We can see that the 5 stem from the wound of rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal and injustice are ways of experiencing rejection.

We can stay a long time on a loop, on all our wounds, through therapy, coaching, personal development methods, ayahuasca sessions etc... We will therefore spend our lives consciously or unconsciously trying to heal the wound of rejection. But it is important to understand why?

If we become aware that rejection comes from separation from the original state of fusion, then what we are looking for :

Return to fusion, to a state of unconditional love.

In a way, this places the whole paradox of human life, in a world where we are physically separated from each other, how can we return to the original state of fusion? If love and sexuality remain pillars of our existence, it is because they send us back to this need to merge with the other. However, this remains quite meaningless as long as we experience this on a physical level, because the separation through the body barrier is always present, and the feeling of rejection manifests itself again and again. And in the end no relationship can fulfil this need for fusion as long as we live in illusion.

We perceive rejection as the end of fusion.

Like a newborn baby comes out of its mother's body and therefore stops merging with her (on a physical level).

We repeat this rejection, this end of fusion, through our relationships. We repeat the original wound.

If we use the principles of quantum physics, it is quite a paradox to live in a world composed of 99.99% emptiness, and only 0.01% matter. This "void", which is not empty, is actually composed of an informational field of energy. So if the matter we perceive represents only 0.01% of what surrounds us, and if 99.99% of what surrounds me belongs to the information field, we begin to see that this 0.01% of matter may not be as real as it seems...

One could say that if 99.99% of my information field, is in a state of fusion, but I only perceive 0.01% of this information field, which makes me believe in an illusion of separation and rejection. Then I live in the illusion of rejection.

It is now accepted in the scientific community, that our thoughts influence the quantum energy field around us (I invite you to look at the work of Gregg Braden or Joe Dispenza on this subject). That is to say that if I believe in something, I influence the quantum field around me which resonates with this message to send back to me through the 0.01% of the emitted information.

If I believe in the illusion of rejection and separation, I will automatically manifest it in my life. The space of the 0.01% acts as a mirror that reflects back to me the reality I create, thanks to the emission of thoughts in the informational field...

What happens if I realise that rejection is an illusion? That separation is an illusion?

I become aware of what is around me, in a way I change my mode of consciousness.

I call this the quantum leap from separation consciousness to fusion consciousness. Because this awareness has an almost immediate effect on the way we perceive our reality.

Any awareness brings the necessity of a certain inner work, let's be well aware that it's been a few decades since we installed mechanisms, automatisms, habits, functioning according to a paradigm of separation. It will therefore take a little time for our brain to function in a different way, that is to say, to install security and confidence in the 99.99% of subtle, energy around us. This is what religions call faith.

It is a choice, to have full confidence in this informational field, to be open to our perceptions and to feel it. There is a very powerful effect that I observed when I began to place this fusion consciousness in my reality, it is a rebalancing, of giving and receiving.

Because if before, when I focused my attention on the 0.01% I had the impression that I had to "DO", therefore "GIVE" externally, in action (all this is linked to the belief that we reap the fruit of our efforts) giving, doing, acting so that something takes place. I was also able to realise that in this permanent dynamic of action towards the outside, I left absolutely no room for receiving. When I began to focus my attention on the 99.99% I realised that by simply emitting the intention to receive in the quantum field, I was finally leaving room for extraordinary things to take place in my life.

The balance to be found between doing and doing nothing, between giving and receiving, between the position of action and waiting is a subtle discipline.

When we wish to make the quantum leap to fusion consciousness (unconditional love) we go through different stages,






If they are first lived in this order, afterwards they regularly come back to readjust us, and ask that this pact with ourselves be regularly renewed.

In lak’esh

(Mayan greeting: I am another you)

Alison - Magnetic Yellow Warrior

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