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Enchanted Wave of the Yellow Seed 20 August to 1 September 2020

(Retrospective of the previous wave: Blue Monkey)

The confrontation of the game of illusion seems to be more than ever at the rendezvous, between the creation of dreams and the creation of nightmares ... It is by experiencing the shadow that humans awaken to their own illusion.

During this wave of questioning, many questions will have arisen on my own way, in the line of the article I posted on the exit of the mind and 5D ... Surprisingly (or not) the information has come back to me in a loop and I see that many of us have received the same messages in the last few days on Youtube, during my consultations or through conversations in my everyday life ... I hear more and more about the "glass ceiling" and the "false light" ... Which represents in both cases the loop of the mind and the New Age glume, which I also call therapeutic loop ... I won't go back on it here but I will give you the link of my article:

It seems that we have reached a threshold, "it doesn't work anymore", "it doesn't make sense" ... And I hear the laughter of the reasoned blue monkey ... Because we believed for a long time that with the help of "techniques" we will reach perfection ... We poisoned life by searching for more and more ... And when the night comes, we are always looking for more, the nightmare and despair takes hold of us, that there is no way out... Then this laughter sounds... Like a liberation... This moment when we realize that all this is just an illusion...

The only barriers are the ones we create for ourselves ... and when they shatter ... The seed unfolds ...

Enchanted Wave of the Yellow Seed - Blossoming of the Being

Just like the seed and its hard and solid shell, protecting the full potential of creation ... We spent the last months inside in a phase of introspection ... And we prepared the ground, we cleaned and ploughed the field, in order to come and root ourselves in a fertile soil ...

By observing the tzolkin it appears that the wave of the yellow seed after passing through the central column, marks the tilting of the DNA helix, from the inside to the outside ... a wave composed of 10 Galactic activation portals, which activate our codes, activating our full potential ...

Yellow Magnetic Seed: Aim - Flowering - Consciousness

The art of manifestation is the art of making our internal value, our potential blossom ... From what space does the manifestation spring forth? From the ego? From the I want? Or from being ... When we leave aside the mind, the I want, or I don't want ... When we go to experience life ... From this space of absolute emptiness, the soul crosses and manifests itself through us ...

It is hard to conceive for the mind that we have nothing to do ... and yet like the seed, the only thing we have to do is to let our barriers, our mind soften, to let life flow ...

Accepting what is ... In confidence, detaching oneself from the when, the how ... With the certainty of trust, that at the right moment everything will open, everything will blossom ...

We are entering a magical period, the manifestation of being ... Everything is possible, because everything is already there ... The mystery unfolds ... Who creates?

The seed contains the hologram of its completion, the process of manifestation follows a natural order. In this process of gestation, our intention is accelerated by the Spirit. The charged seed, of our true desire or vision, becomes the center of germination.

When the feeling that "it is possible" comes over us ... the seed receives the invitation to open, to grow, to blossom ... Our highest aspirations and dreams come from an innate wisdom that goes far beyond the hard ground of our belief systems.

The creative process calls upon this life force within us that is just waiting to be tapped, and the uneasiness, sadness, depression that we may feel is nothing more than the manifestation, the repression of this potential, of who we are.

"Don't give a shit and start living"

It's funny when in synchronicity of all these understandings, a friend tells you through a conversation "look at what I'm reading" without having read the content, the message will have been very clear.

Take advantage of this strong period to make your projects blossom and let your creativity blossom..

KIN 144 - 20/08

Yellow Magnetic Seed

Tone 1: Initiation: What is my goal?

I draw experiences to myself, which push me towards the deployment of my full potential and manifest a new reality.

Tone 1, Magnetic, is the tone of the vibration of the creative heart, it is the energy that informs the quantum field, it is the starting point, the return to unity, it is the perfect moment to place your intentions. The magnetic tonality brings us curiosity, the ability to gather and condense energy through magnetization, to make a new start, to make choices and take new initiatives. It can also spread dispersion and impatience in its shadow, raise fear of moving forward, reflect places where we lack will and determination.

The universe is the garden of consciousness and our intentions are the seeds ready to germinate ...

I observe how, as if by magic, I sow the seeds of my reality... I take root in fertile soil, in confidence and awareness, and deploy energy through my power of vision.

With Patience and Confidence the energy grows and the wonderful unfolds ...

I observe the places where I still create situations, which are not aligned with my highest aspirations, the places of my fears that push me to remain frozen, to navigate in the field of my comfort zone...

During our journey to the heart of ourselves ... There comes a moment when the shell around us becomes too narrow ... And life pushes us and expels us out of the egg ... This moment when our life seems to explode into a thousand pieces ... Or we break the glass ceiling ... to access a new reality ...

A new field of possibilities ...

Guided by himself: His power is doubled I rely on my potential (french bird language "Pote En Ciel" : buddy in the sky) .

KIN 145 - 21/08

Red Lunar Snake

Tone 2: What will be the challenge?

To live the experiences, which allow me to deploy my full potential and the manifestation of a new reality.

In tonality 2, Lunar, we experience duality, the challenge of matter, the polarization that reveals our inner conflicts, the places that need to be balanced. We will be led to face extremes, and to consider the challenge as a new adventure. Be careful not to fight or refuse the obstacles of duality, it will be necessary to observe our shadows and to learn how to position ourselves in the balance...

Sometimes we go through phases where our lives seem boring and joyless, or we struggle to find the motivation and why we get up in the morning, it is time to observe our habits, our attitudes, and dare to explore out of our comfort zone...

The energy of life can be held in two ways, either we simply do not use it and get stuck in our routines, we lose our vitality... Or we disperse it, being in perpetual movement and preoccupation, disconnected from the body, from the natural flow of life, we exhaust ourselves and lose contact with our sensations and intuitive guidance.

Excess manifests itself by excess weariness or excess action ...

When I allow this powerful life force to flow through me, I regain the energy necessary to realize my ideals (high ideas).

The red snake, represents this sacred energy within us, the energy of kundalini, often misinterpreted, the energy of sexuality and desire have often been used to satisfy the needs of the ego. But when I am aligned with myself (love myself), I can deploy this energy through me to find inspiration, towards the realization of the desires of my higher self, my divinity.

The ascent of kundalini, has often been described as a fire that sets the chakras ablaze, connected to the earth we receive the energy of transmutation, which awakens our senses, the cleansing by the sacred fire allows us to clean our channel, to finally clear the way, and let the cosmic energy infuse in us...

What is this divine energy? If not love? Love is in everything, in everything. So if we have to do something do it with love or not at all, making love becomes an everyday act, a perpetual ecstasy, a pleasure that we find in each of our words, each of our gestures, each of our actions.

Guided by the red earth: I observe the synchronicities, the messages of love, which guide me and allow me to deploy my creativity.

KIN 146 - 22/08

White World Bridger Electric

Tone 3 : How do I improve what I do? I identify solutions...

To live the experiences, which allow me to deploy my full potential and the manifestation of a new reality.

In tone 3, Electric, the energy is diffused, it is the creative principle, the trinity, the passage from immobility to movement. It accompanies us in the activation of our creativity in order to identify the solutions at our disposal. In the shadows, we may tend to forget ourselves, or not to respect our inner rhythms, to want to put ourselves into action too quickly pushed by an electric dimension of hyperactivity.

What still needs to be let go? What old patterns still make up the hull, the limitation to the germination of my potential?

Sometimes we want to see changes in our lives, but we are not ready to let go, to make room. To let go is to have full confidence in life, to trust that the universe takes care of everything.

We are often afraid of the unknown, afraid of renewal, afraid of change, and even if our hearts yearn for these changes, for a better life, we sometimes settle for mediocre situations, for fear of letting go...

We wrote our wishes on balloons that we still hold firmly in our hands to keep our lives under control, it's time to loosen our fingers and let the wind take our wishes with it.

When we want to welcome a newcomer in our house, we make room, we give or throw away what is no longer useful, when we want to move to the other side of the world we do the same, or simply to put a new table in our dining room ...

Renewal requires a space to flourish ... it is up to us to create that space.

Guided by the white dog, I am supported by my family of souls on all levels, I attract to me the beings who support me and bring me the energy of love necessary for my blossoming. I open up and receive in confidence.

KIN 147 - 23/08

Blue Self Existing Hand

Tone 4: How do I shape the process? What form will my action take?

To live the experiences, which allow me to unfold my full potential and to manifest a new reality.

Tone 4, Self-Existent, speaks to us of alignment, of foundations, of a solid base, it is the moment to manifest, to create, to develop our projects. On these solid foundations, this tone accompanies us to regain autonomy and efficiency by demonstrating practicality and determination. Beware of places where in the shadows I could be self-exempt, where sometimes stuck in my old patterns, my need for control could manifest itself.

I act, I take action, hands weave and untangle the web of our reality, they give and receive ...

The blue hand brings the concretization of our projects, they give them forms in the material ...

People who are used to working with energetics, know that they can become a channel for cosmic energy, which passes through their hands and allows them to come and heal the subtle bodies and by resonance the physical body.

Healing goes far beyond what we can perceive, but at the same time is much simpler than we think ...


(French Bird Language)


The blue hand invites us to heal illusory limitations, to let our fears to side to deploy energy.

Guided by the blue night: I rely on the power of my dreams, on my power of visualization on my imagination (image - in - air) ... to create my highest reality.

KIN 148 - 24/08

Yellow Overtone Star

Tone 5: How to choose the best? What are my resources? My potential?

To live the experiences, which allow me to deploy my full potential and to manifest a new reality.

The 5 harmonic tone, the first bar, it speaks to us about stability, what can we rely on to move forward? This tone invites us to grow, to have confidence in ourselves. It can also awaken our doubts or the abandonment of our power of decision that we may tend to entrust to the other.

For the small Anecdote, it is the day I write this article, with the flow of life and synchronicities, it took me 5 days to integrate the understandings related to this wave and receive the energy, the guide, the inspiration to be able to materialize it, to make it germinate ...

Everything is perfect, and beyond the judgments of time, the star teaches us to see beauty and rightness in all that is.

(E)^t = Art - Energy Time Factor = Art

In our world of matter, 3D, the energy that passes through everything needs time to unfold and create art and beauty, like a flower blooming in spring, like mountains, canyons, The storms polish the surface of the ego, like the work of art already present in the heart of the marble, the artist breaks the raw envelope afterwards, to let appear the masterpiece, the divine being already present in the heart.

The guide is present in everything that is ...

In lak'esh - I am another you

Namasté : The master and the student in me, recognize the master and the student in you.

When I connect to the beauty that emanates from all and everything, then I allow myself to be guided and inspired to manifest a new reality.

Guided by the Yellow Warrior: I dare to ask myself the right questions, with courage, in order to move forward and receive the answers aligned with my higher being, what still prevents me from seeing beauty?

KIN 149 - 25/08

Rhythmic Red Moon

Tone 6: How do I find balance and organize my resources?

To live the experiences, which allow me to deploy my full potential and the manifestation of a new reality.

Tonality 6, Rhythmic speaks to us of dynamic balance, how to find our center, it is the stability of the being in movement. This tone allows us the realization of our wishes, provided we do not fall into the shadow of the restless mind, which can overwhelm us and make us lose our balance.

In order to activate the growth of our potential, our projects and our manifestations, it is necessary to find the balance of our emotions by letting them cross, without resistance, you will observe that they are waves, which come and go gently, if I do not erect a barrier they will not break violently in me, they will not hit me, they will continue their way, gently.

The moon causes the tides to rise and fall within us, to accompany us in the purification of our being, overflowing the overflows, lifting our shadows, sending back to the beach the wounds that need to be healed.

In the inhalation and exhalation of the tides, I accept my vulnerability and sensitivity, in order to regain the flexibility and fluidity to move forward.

Guided by itself its power is doubled, the water of the tides is also what will soften the hull of the seed, in order to allow the first roots to unfold.

KIN 150 - 26/08

Resonant White Dog

Tone 7: How do I resonate and open my perceptions?

To live the experiences, which allow me to unfold my full potential and to manifest a new reality.

Tonality 7 brings something mystical, which goes far beyond the boundaries of matter, a resonance in the field of informational creation. This tone connects us to our intuition and resonates with the needs of the heart. In its shadow we can be blinded and not see the signs by disconnecting ourselves from our real needs under the influence of our expectations.

The white dog speaks to us about the energy of the heart, it speaks to us about fidelity to our heart, to the energy of love that emanates from it. I often use the image of the white wolf to talk about this glyph (sirius), which brings us back to the image of the clan to our partners of destiny. I enter into resonance through the vibration and wisdom of the heart. The White Dog speaks to us of unconditional love.

Scientifically our body has 3 brains

(These are the 3 centers in which we have neurons)

The first is located in the head is the analytical brain (the mind).

The second is located in our intestines, the emotional brain.

The third one is located in our heart...

Which of these three brains is the one that guides our lives?

The white dog reminds us, that within our heart are all the answers ... I come back to the center ... Not too high in my head, not too high in my belly ... I come back in my heart ...

When I enter into resonance and open myself to my partners of destiny, I deploy and increase the energy around me.

sometimes we advocate solitude, for fear of being hurt, for fear of hurting, for fear that if we let a person inside us, he will take advantage of us, or he will abandon us ... to experience lasting relationships in love I am learning to open my heart ... My heart brings energy balance to the energy flow that crosses me ... It is the door between matter and the cosmos ...

The white dog is the archetype of the spiritual master, inspiring through love, he reminds us that this guide is present in us and in the other at every moment. Each relationship takes us toward healing fear patterns to increase our ability to love. And it is this capacity to love, to make love to life that allows us to be and to unfold the potential contained in the seed.

One interesting thing between the wolf and the dog is that the dog may well be the evolution of the wolf. At what point do we decide to put away the fangs? Do you think the dog is submissive? or is it loyal? maybe it is crazy? Crazy to love? Mad to forgive? What are the places where we feel submissive? Locked in an imaginary cage? The dog is crazy, he believes, he believes in love, he forgives again and again because deep down he knows ... He knows that everything is an illusion ...

When I let love pass through me, I realize that freedom is not something I have to fight for, or protect myself ... It is a state of peace and inner love ... Acceptance and integration of the other, of myself (loves me).

Guided by the white wind: I am supported towards a communication aligned with the heart.

KIN 151 - 27/08

Galactic Blue Monkey

Tone 8: How do I integrate this learning to live my reality?

To live the experiences that allow me to deploy my full potential and to manifest a new reality.

the tone 8 invites me to find my energy flow, just like the inhalation and exhalation, how does this flow allow me to live my reality and radiate who I really am? Infinity ... I act with coherence and integrity, when my heart and mind are aligned towards a common goal. In the shadows I could cut off the flow by a feeling of injustice, or suffering that pushes me to stop listening to my heart or to act selfishly. By letting love flow through with confidence I maintain my connection to the source.

Reflecting the previous wave, I use blue monkey learning in my reality to integrate movement and act with fluidity and agility through the path of illusion.

In order to live this reality and manifest the best of us, of our potential, we are invited to connect to the powers of our inner (inner) child... This dreaming monkey, who plays life with flexibility, welcoming each situation with lightness... Stuck in the adult character we too often forget that all this is just a game... That fears ignite our resistances... bring back a little lightness and stop taking things too seriously, remember, that all this is just a game, and that at any moment you can make things lighter and more fluid...

Guided by the blue eagle: I am invited to take a step up to see things from a higher point of view, from the soul each event, each encounter has been planned, in the game of illusion to help us remember the hidden potential buried within us.

KIN 151 - 28/08

Human Yellow Solar

Tone 9: How do I give the impulse to realize my vision? Are my intentions clear?

To live the experiences, which allow me to unfold my full potential and to manifest a new reality.

the solar 9 tone, is the tone of incorporation, it is a moment of fulfillment where we finally bring learning to light, what is manifesting itself to us on this day? It invites us to align ourselves to our will with motivation to set the movement in motion. In the shadows it can bring out the places of impatience, anxiety and impulsivity, if our intentions are not clear before we put ourselves into action.

The impulse lies in our power of decision, in our free will ... the universe responds to our requests, but we still have to formulate them, choose to receive ... The universe respects our free will and our choices unconsciously we choose the comfort of the limited matrix of illusion. According to the law of free will, each one chooses the rhythms and modalities of his evolution, as well as his own thoughts and actions.

The first step in the impulse that creates the manifestation is to make a choice .

At every moment we make the choice of limitation or potential.

Guided by the yellow star: I let my choices be guided by art and beauty.

KIN 152 - 29/08

Planetary Red Sky Traveller

Tone 10: How do I do my best?

To live the experiences, which allow me to deploy my full potential and the manifestation of a new reality.

The tonality 10, planetary (Planet Earth), is the reliance between two worlds that align, between intention and manifestation, what the essence 1 wishes to manifest in the field of the possible 0. This tonality allows me to anchor myself solidly and to go beyond the duality of judgments, of good and evil, it invites us to enter a space of acceptance. In the shadows I observe that the places of requirement and search for perfection, could take me away from the inner harmony.

Our life is similar to a journey, we take the road, arrive at a crossroads, have to make choices ... On the road we learn a lot, we pick up things that we come to put in our bag, because it may well be useful for later.

These objects are our beliefs, our attitudes, our opinions, our judgments, our knowledge ... They are all the information we have received at one time and that allow us to analyze and understand what is around us.

All that we have put in our bag has been useful to us at a time, they are tools that have allowed us to move forward, to experience, our reality, at a given time.

To empty our bag is to thank our old patterns, to observe what are the attitudes and beliefs that allow us to move forward and those that keep us in characters that we no longer want to play.

The traveler has this adventurous energy, and this taste for the unknown, we never know what will happen on the way, are we ready to move towards the invisible? To take risks? To go beyond the barriers of our limitations? Of the mind?

Guided by the red dragon: I observe what feeds me, what nourishes my journey, what nourishes my womb, my creation.

KIN 154 - 30/08

White Spectral Wizard

Tone 11: How do I turn difficulties into simplicity?

To live the experiences that allow me to unfold my full potential and to manifest a new reality.

The spectral tonality catalyzes energy in the letting go, it is the moment when we send energy to the universe, transforming the last resistances, with lightness and simplicity. This tonality accompanies us to open-mindedness and allows us to live the changes with greater ease, accompanying us to release blockages. In the shadows we may feel lost in the face of change or loss of control.

The white magician is the archetype of the shaman, the creator, the consciousness, calling us to the discovery of the self, of the soul to recover confidence, and explore the sacred dimension of our being.

Which magician am I? What do I manifest in my reality? Am I a white magician? Or Black Magician? I observe the situations that I manifest to me, do I manifest my dream? Or my fears?

I take responsibility for my power, I take responsibility for my illusion ...

Connected to the present moment, I observe what I manifest around me, am I supporting the programs of the mind and ego? Am I creating my highest reality? Or am I conforming to the encoding of the old matrix?

I create my reality from my beliefs, some beliefs come from my family, and some come from the social system I live in... It can be beliefs like "you're not smart enough to do this" or "you need a degree to succeed" or "to earn a living you have to work hard". All of these phrases make up the code of our limiting beliefs, if we can observe them, and realize that we create our reality from them, then we will be able to transmute our codes.

Guided by Himself his power is doubled: Like a game in virtual reality, let us remember that we are the magician, the alchemist, the coder of our reality ...

KIN 155 - 31/08

Crystal Blue Eagle

Tone 12: How do I cooperate and interact with the other?

To live the experiences, which allow me to deploy my full potential and the manifestation of a new reality.

tone 12, crystal, energy of union, of the community of connectivity ... By recognizing the other as part of me, I learn to integrate myself into the collective, to put myself at my service through service to the other. In the shadows I could isolate myself, withdraw into myself, losing confidence in the other and in myself.

In this tone that activates the planetary service, the collective, the eagle reminds us of our common goal of elevation, through the elevation of our vision, we become visionaries (vision - era).

The expansion of our consciousness, allows us to feel connected to undo the illusion of separation. Our thoughts impact our reality but also that of the other, of others, through a collective vision and a global dream, we create a network of creative thoughts, which initiate the switch to a new reality ...

The tipping point, the critical mass ... when the weight of a thought tips humanity over.

Believe in ourselves, believe in our dreams, believe in our ideals, believe that it is possible ... The vision of the eagle and the strength of our dreams, make our reality germinate.

Guided by the blue hand: the full consciousness of our thoughts becomes the lever for action and healing of the planetary dream "plan - ether".

KIN 156 - 1/09

Cosmic Yellow Warrior

Tone 13: How do I transcend the experience? To increase my joy and love?

To live the experiences, which allow me to unfold my full potential and manifest a new reality.

The righteousness of the warrior is equal to his nobility, through his ability to question himself in a fair way and without fear of answers, he lets the wisdom and energy conducive to the growth of the being flow through and infuse in him. The warrior is a mystical archetype, combining wisdom and courage, he defends his convictions with righteousness and inspires confidence.

The blossoming of our potential undoubtedly passes by the recovery of our dignity, our nobility, to become warrior of light.

"The Warriors of Light are recognizable at first glance. They are in the world, they are part of the world. Often they find that their life has no meaning. But they have not given up on finding it. They question themselves. They refuse passivity and fatalism. That is why they are warriors of light. »

- Paulo Coelho

The 29 principles of the Manual of the Warrior of the Light - Paulo Cohelo

  1. A warrior does not try to appear, he is.

  2. A warrior of light is in the world to help his brothers, not to condemn his neighbor.

  3. The warrior knows that a great dream is made up of a multitude of elements, just as sunlight is the sum of the millions of rays that make it up.

  4. The warrior of light shares his knowledge of the path with others.

  5. The Warrior of Light gives before being asked.

  6. A warrior of light has no "certainties"; he follows a path to which he seeks to adapt himself permanently.

  7. A warrior does not care about coherence. He learns to live with his contradictions.

  8. A warrior of light never remains indifferent to injustice. He knows that everything is one, and that each individual action affects all men on the planet. So when he is faced with the suffering of others, he uses his sword to put things in order. But although he fights against oppression, at no time does he seek to judge the oppressor. Everyone will answer for his actions before God, and - for this reason - once his task is accomplished, the warrior makes no comment.

  9. The warrior concentrates on the small miracles of daily life. If he is able to see what is beautiful, it is because he carries beauty within him - since the world is a mirror that reflects the image of one's own face back to each person.

  10. A warrior of light needs time for himself. And he devotes this time to rest, to contemplation, to contact with the Soul of the World.

  11. When the warrior assumes responsibility, he keeps his word.

  12. The Universe does not judge: it conspires in favor of our desires. Therefore the warrior has the courage to look at the shadowy areas of his soul; he strives to illuminate them with the light of forgiveness. And he always pays close attention to what he thinks.

  13. When we desire something, the whole Universe conspires in our favor. The Warrior of Light knows this.

  14. The Warrior of Light knows the value of perseverance and courage.

  15. A Warrior of Light knows the power of words.

  16. A Warrior of Light applies himself to a powerful exercise of inner development: he pays attention to the gestures he makes mechanically - like breathing, blinking his eyes or observing the objects around him.

  17. There are moments to act and moments to accept. The warrior knows how to make this distinction.

  18. A warrior of light is wise. He does not comment on his defeats.

  19. A warrior of light is pure as the dove and cautious as the snake.

  20. A Warrior of Light is trustworthy.

  21. A warrior achieves a balance between loneliness and dependence.

  22. A warrior of light can choose loneliness, but does not suffer it.

  23. The warrior of light always seeks to improve.

  24. The true Warrior of Light accepts forgiveness.

  25. The warrior knows that forgiveness does not force him to accept everything.

  26. The warrior knows that he is not in charge of judging the dreams of his fellow man, and he does not waste time criticizing the decisions of others.

  27. A Warrior of Light knows that in the silence of his heart there is the order that guides him.

  28. A Warrior of Light does not stain his heart with feelings of hatred.

  29. A warrior knows how to distinguish between what is temporary and what is permanent.

Are you ready to regain the nobility of the Warrior of Light?

Dare to question yourself, to question yourself, in an honest way, for you loves me. Are there still places where you don't dare to be yourself? What are the places of insecurity in you?

Through questioning, I regain the courage to move forward, by regaining my integrity, my righteousness, I dissolve the lies by the sacred verb (it creates).

Guided by the Yellow Sun: The warrior unfolds his radiance, by the love he emanates and inspires around him.

I wish you a beautiful cosmic flight, and the blossoming of your true being

In awareness of who I really am

In lak'esh

(Mayan greeting: I'm another you)

Alison - Yellow Magnetic Warrior

: Galactic Activation Portal, days represented in green in the tzolkin, these days draw the pattern of the DNA helix present in the center of the tzolkin, they are considered as days where energies flow from different dimensions.

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